Best Use of Social Media

31. Groveland Township/Tazewell County, 15,000-25,000

Visit Groveland Township Facebook page 

Description: We use our Facebook page to keep our residents informed of township meetings and activities.


32. Fremont Township/Lake County 25,000-50,000

Visit Fremont Township Facebook page 

Description: Keeps residents informed of events and programs throughout Fremont Township and Lake County.


33. Ela Township/Lake County 25,000-50,000

Visit Ela Township Facebook page

Message/Description: Earlier this year, we deactivated three Facebook pages
(assessor, community family services and youth) to make our main township page stronger. We found that few residents were visiting these extra pages and it detracted from our main page, which now serves as the hub for all township news and information. Though it is a work in progress, we’ve seen our “likes” and engagement steadily increase. Our posts are a mix of township events, news, photos and videos, along with posts shared from our community partners. Many entities also kindly share our posts, so it’s a win-win.


34. Hanover Township/Cook County 50,000+

Visit Hanover Township Twitter

Description: The Hanover Township Twitter account is active throughout the day and on weekends. The Township “tweets” information on Township, events, programs, and services to their followers. This is achieved through flyers, photos, or short videos. Residents who “follow” the Township’s Twitter can “like”, “retweet”, or respond to tweets so information is then shared with other Twitter users. Residents regularly “retweet” Township tweets to spread the word about upcoming Township events and programs. The Township’s Twitter is also “verified” by Twitter. This means our account is determined to be an account of public interest and has met the verified guidelines by Twitter showing that authorized Township employees are in charge of the account. This is shown by a little blue check mark, or “badge” next to our name on our Twitter page. The Township currently has 791 followers and on average, reaches over 20,000 Twitter users

35. DuPage Township/Will County 50,000+

Visit DuPage Township Facebook page

Description: We keep our parents/guardians and our volunteer staff informed of up-to-date information on our Youth Dept. programs in the township. If there are any changes in our programs, due to weather or other circumstances, we are able to quickly reach parents/guardians right away. Also included on the Facebook page are photos and videos from the DuPage Township youth events and programming for all to enjoy.


36. Wheatland Township/Will County 50,000+

Visit Wheatland Township Road District Facebook page

Description: Most people under the age of 55 have a cellphone on their person every day. The phone is the most effective way of communicating with people on a daily basis. Our Road District uses Facebook daily to notify residents of projects that might cause delays or road closures. It's also a great tool for severe weather notifications and emergencies. The cost of using Facebook over a printed newsletter has many advantages. It's cheaper, quicker and better received than a flyer that most people throw away before reading. We produce videos and other entertaining pieces to keep the residents entertained. All too often government takes themselves way too serious and that turns people off.