Mighty Message 2016

Thank you for taking the time to participate as a judge in our 2016 Mighty Message Contest. We are proud to say this is the 20th year for the contest, which has served over the years to promote innovative, effective communication in local government across the board. These officials work very hard to make their voices heard and get their messages out to the public. With your help, this contest ensures their efforts are recognized.

Below, you will find links to each category; click the link to see all submissions. Please use your scorecard to keep track of ratings for each entry. 

Thank you again and we hope you enjoy each of these "mighty messages"!

 mighty message heading.JPG


1. Best Township Newsletter

2. Best Township Website

3. Best Use of Misc./Other Communications

4. Best Photo of a Township Event

5. Best Use of Social Media

6. Best Township Program/Campaign