Best Township Newsletter

1. Fremont Township/Lake County; population: 25,000-50,000

Electronic Newsletter - View here 

Message: Inform the community of events by email. Conserve paper.
Method of Distribution: Once a week, depending on current events. Go to our website (right side of page to view archived newsletters.
Distribution: Email address sign up. 5,000 township and Lake County residents.


2. Ela Township/Lake County 25,000-50,000

Ela Township Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter

Message: This spring we changed the format of our newsletter from a cumbersome fold-out to magazine style, which is easier for residents to flip through and less likely to end up in the trash. Our four-page (eight pages front and back) newsletter is colorful and filled with helpful information from every township department. We also included a community calendar. Supervisor Lucy Prouty used her page to convey the value of townships, which as you
know are under state scrutiny. A timeline is used to highlight many township milestones over the years. To further engage readers, the back of our spring/summer newsletter featured a needs assessment survey for the Ela 55 Plus senior program.
Method of Distribution: Our seasonal newsletter is mailed biannually
(spring/summer, fall/winter). Residents can also view the newsletter online and we have copies available at the Ela Township Hall and Ela Community Center.
Audience: The newsletter is mailed to approximately 20,000 township households.


3. Wheeling Township/Cook County; population: 50,000+

Quarterly newsletter – The Wheeling Township Report, available online and in print, view here

Message: Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Method of Distribution: 60,000 copies mailed quarterly, with availability to download from website
Audience: 60,000+ area residents and organizations. 


4. Hanover Township/Cook County, 50,000+

Hanover Happenings, Spring/Summer 2016

Message: The Hanover Township quarterly newsletter Hanover Happenings is mailed to over 40,000 households and businesses in six municipalities. The newsletter features columns from the elected officials, a community calendar, department news, and full page advertisements for upcoming events. The newsletter was recently redesigned to introduce a modern and engaging format for residents to enjoy.
Method of Distribution: Mailed to over 40,000, emailed to over 5,000 contacts, and posted for download on website.
Audience: Community residents and businesses. 


5. Maine Township/Cook County, 50,000+

Maine Township MaineStreamers Monthly Newsletter

Message: A variety of monthly activities offered to the MaineStreamers, including day trips, extended travel, informative programs, educational classes and timely articles of pertinent information on township happenings.
Method of Distribution: Printed monthly, can be downloaded from website
Audience: Registered members of the MaineStreamers, a group which is open to Maine Township residents 55 and older. Circulation is about 1,600 issues to reach the 3,000+ membership.


6. DuPage Township/Will County 50,000+

DuPage Township Newsletter

Message: DuPage Township is a hands-on township working to provide an comprehensive and extensive variety of services, activities, programs, assistance, and resources to all of its residents, with a special focus on those who are under-resourced in our township. Our residents are informed of what is available to them through the newsletter; highlighting different activities put on by the township as well as free activities for family fun! It also serves as a public relations piece.
Method of Distribution: “Working for You” is distributed quarterly, both by mail and by placing copies in local businesses, libraries, hotels, restaurants, and other locations where our residents live, work, shop and play.
Audience: The newsletter is mailed to every household within our township boundaries and is available on our website.

7. Elk Grove Township/Cook County 50,000+

Elk Grove Township Summer Newsletter

Description: Elk Grove Township Newsletter has been revamped over the past year to present information to residents in a clear and concise manner, and it is mailed to over 456,000 addresses (40,000 residential, 5,000 commercial). The newsletter includes updated from each office within the township such as clerk, assessor, general assistance, highway department, and youth services, along with a message from the supervisor. There are also periodic updates about our bike safety program, senior services, and programs or campaigns the township has currently initiated. It has also grown to include businesses serving as a medium for private companies to advertise within the township. This further cements the idea of public-private partnerships with the ability for businesses to market locally.


8. Niles Township/Cook County 50,000+

The Niles Township Report – View here 

Message: Lending a helping hand – articles in the expanded 6-page format are community centered.
Method of Distribution: Mailed, quarterly/Available on website
Audience: Residents and business owners in Niles Township. Copies are also provided to libraries, park districts and village halls.