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The Township Officials of Illinois serves Illinois’ 1,431 townships, offering information on proper government procedures and in support of strong township government. TOI sponsors educational meetings for township officials, and is proactive with township-related legislation in the Illinois General Assembly and U.S. Capitol. TOI promotes the importance of townships in Illinoisans’ lives, mails the monthly magazine Township Perspective to its members, communicates through this website and publishes informational handbooks for township officials.

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Legislative Update



  • Legislative Update - April 2016 4/21/2016

    Legislative Update - April 2016 Click here to watch Tim Bramlet speak about the most up-to-date matters in legislation regarding townships in Illinois.

  • State Board of Elections 3/14/2016

    State Board of Elections - New Resources Available

  • Certification of Pre-election Qualifications for the Office of Township and Multi-township Assessor 1/14/2016

    The Illinois Department of Revenue is required under Sections 2-45 and 2-50 of the Property Tax Code (35 ILCS 200/2-45 and 2-50) to certify assessor pre-election qualifications by February 1 of the year prior to the election. All candidates for the offices of township and multi-township assessor must satisfy pre-election qualifications based upon the equalized assessed value (EAV) of property in their assessment district.

  • TOI's Lunch & Learn Webinar Series Program 12/29/2015

    2016 marks that first year our association will offer webinars. The objective is to allow officials and interested parties an opportunity to eat lunch in at their desk while participating in an hour long program to benefit their responsibilities as township officials or staff in township government. More specifically, many of our members are unable to attend our district events and/or the annual educational conference for numerous reasons. These scheduled webinars are designed to reach them with an educational opportunity. The cost to participate is very low and all you need is a phone and an internet connection. A camera is not needed on your computer.

  • 2016 Mileage Rates 12/12/2015

    2016 Mileage Rate As of January 1, 2016, the new standard mileage rates will be in effect. The new rate is 54 cents per mile for business miles driven, down from 57.5 cents for 2015.

  • Volunteers needed for NATaT Fly-In! 11/25/2015

    TOI is seeking township officials from across the state interested in volunteering to participate in the NATaT Annual Legislative Fly-In, April 27-28, 2016 in Washington D.C.