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Illinois Modified Stay At Home Order 4/23/2020

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TOI COVID-19 Pandemic Update May 27, 2020

Pritzker Administration Announces $25 Million Fast-Track Grants to Accelerate Planned Infrastructure Projects in the Wake of Covid-19

State leverages Rebuild Illinois Dollars to Support Public Infrastructure Projects and Construction Jobs for Summer 

Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) today announced Fast-Track Public Infrastructure Grants, an initiative to accelerate work on planned public infrastructure projects around the state. The State is expediting $25 million of existing Rebuild Illinois funding to local public infrastructure projects that are ready to begin work this summer, as many local governments face lost revenues, impacting their ability to finance these projects.

While COVID-19 places a unique economic burden on communities across the state, this shift in grant funding will help accelerate construction on planned infrastructure projects, while helping return skilled labor to work.

“I’m proud to announce we are moving forward with $25 million in DCEO grants to help local governments jumpstart public infrastructure projects for the summer construction season,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “This will keep key public infrastructure projects in the pipeline, and support the return of skilled labor to job sites for the busy summer season. Starting today, local governments with shovel ready projects – including school districts, townships, and other entities – can apply for this funding.” 

The Fast-Track program leverages funding from Rebuild Illinois, the state’s multi-year capital plan, for allocation to shovel-ready projects just in time for the summer construction season. Fast-Track frontloads a portion of an existing Notice of Funding, to expedite funds available for grants ranging in size between $500,000 and $5 million. Funding will be awarded on a rolling basis, with projects submitted in underserved areas to be given priority. 

“We recognize the unique challenge and burdens that COVID-19 is placing on us all, and we are taking steps to provide relief to businesses and communities,” said DCEO Director Erin Guthrie. "Through the Fast Track Public Infrastructure Grants Program, the administration will provide a much-needed boost for workers across the state as well as the critical infrastructure projects our state depends on."

The Fast-Track grants will help restore key public works projects that may have otherwise been cancelled and will help skilled labor return to the job in time for the construction season. Funds can be used to support projects such as expansions of water and sewer systems and reinvestment to modernize schools and other public buildings.  

“This program is about putting people back on the job now,” said Illinois AFL-CIO President Tim Drea. “We applaud Gov. Pritzker for being proactive and innovative. The return of every dollar spent on public works is another brick in rebuilding our economy – both in terms of jobs created and economic development created by improved infrastructure.”

Eligible grantees are local governments and other public entities with significant public infrastructure projects that could commence work within 90 days of receiving award notice. Projects eligible for grant funding must be public assets, must be permanent in nature and must not have recurring project expenses. Fast-Track projects must meet shovel-ready criteria, as well as the minority business participation requirements of the State of Illinois' Business Enterprise Program. To apply for the grants, please visit https://bit.ly/2xqjOad.

These Fast Track grants accelerate a portion of an ongoing $50 million Notice of Funding Opportunity for public infrastructure. Communities that need more time or that do not have projects that meet the shovel-ready criteria may submit an application to receive a grant for the remainder of the funds by June 30.  

Source funding for the Fast Track grants is generated by Rebuild Illinois– a $45 billion plan passed by Governor Pritzker to provide the state’s first comprehensive capital plan in more than a decade. DCEO has been charged with spearheading a number of Rebuild Illinois programs, including investments to expand broadband capacity, fund new public works projects, incentivize business development, and other initiatives designed to promote economic growth for all communities across the state.

The Fast Track grants program is one of a number of economic assistance initiatives designed by DCEO to mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic—with relief programs making more than $100 million available to Illinois communities in response to COVID-19. These emergency relief initiatives include the Downstate Small Business Stabilization Program, Emergency Hospitality Grants, the Emergency Small Business Loan Fund, and other targeted assistance to serve businesses and communities with the greatest needs.

DCEO will conduct a series of webinars and outreach to local governments to provide information on the new Fast Track grants. For a list of upcoming webinars as well as a list of resources available to small businesses please visit DCEO's website.

FROM: Bryan E. Smith, Executive Director
DATE: May 1, 2020
RE: COVID-19 Update

I hope this finds you all safe. Remember that your Association is working daily to make sure that you have access to up to date, ACCURATE AND VERIFIED information regarding your responsibilities as an elected Township Official.
Today, May 1, 2020, Governor Pritzker issued Executive Order 2020-33.
Click on this link to view Executive Order 2020-33 Executive Order 2020-33
This new Executive Order provides continued, as well as, new requirements/obligations for all Illinois citizens regarding COVID-19 While this latest “stay at home” order does not specifically address Illinois townships, it still provides us with guidance, as it extends earlier executive orders on social distancing and public meetings/gatherings.
Regarding Township Board Meetings: Townships MAY still have meetings, but social distancing requirements must be followed (i.e., at least 6 feet between each person). A Township may need to reduce the room capacity limit to ensure minimum distance requirements are met, and their meeting notices should tell the public that they reserve the right to do so. HOWEVER, remember that you may NOT prohibit the public from attending a township board meeting. You MUST accommodate their participation in some way.
Should a Township desire to hold meetings electronically, our non-legal best practice interpretation is that Townships must do what they feel is necessary to conduct business and make efforts to pay bills necessary to maintain day to day operations. Please consult with an attorney to see if your meeting plan conforms with not just the Executive Orders, but the Open Meetings Act.
If a Township does not want to open its offices to the public (outside of its meetings), we are recommending that proper signage be placed on the door of the building with contact information for individuals needing Township services.
These are new and challenging times for every level of government. We encourage you to stay positive and work to ensure that your residents receive the same level of services previously provided in your communities. Regarding the Annual Township Meeting: This meeting is still suspended. TOI is working to amend the statute that would provide for a date in the future to hold the meeting. As new information is available, we will update everyone on our website at www.toi.org.
Should you have any questions, please contact our office.

April 30 Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation

Executive Order 2020-32

Executive Order 2020-33

Executive Order 2020-34

Message from the Executive Director 3/23/2020 regarding Shelter-in-Place Directive


Prevailing Wage Act Changes

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Stay up to date with current issues in Washington D.C. affecting township government with the NATaT (National Association of Towns and Townships) website. http://www.natat.org/ TOI Executive Director Bryan Smith serves on the NATaT Board of Directors as President

Free Training opportunities from the Illinois Department of Transportation announced for 2018 - click the link below:


COVID-19 Response: Cutback Budgeting for Local Governments

Friday, June 5 at 12PM CST

Hosted by: Illinois Extension, Illinois Association of County Administrators, Illinois Association of County Board Members, Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies, Northern Illinois University School of Public and Global Affairs   

Presented by: Michael C. Van Milligen, City Manager for the City of Dubuque, IA; Chris Goodman, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, Northern Illinois University; Kurt Thurmaier, Distinguished Engagement Professor and Chair, Department of Public Administration, Northern Illinois University

When local governments suddenly face recessions there are pressures to react swiftly. Oftentimes, the reactions are based on cutback budgeting habits instead of careful management of the current or expected budget deficit. This presentation will suggest three points to guide cutback budgeting based on research on how local governments managed previous recessions. The focus is on leadership and management of cutback budgeting decisions, framing cutback discussions, and thinking about immediate and long-term strategies.

Illinois Association of County Boards will provide an update on legislative issues and federal funding.


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