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The Township Officials of Illinois congratulate Representative Emanuel Chris Welch (D) 7th District on being elected as Speaker of the Illinois House. Pictured at the 2018 TOI Topics Day Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch with Carla Sloan, Supervisor River Forest Township (Cook Co.). Pictured at the 2019 TOI Topics Day (L to R) Allison Richards (Anderson Legislative Consulting, Ltd.), Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch, Wanda Sharp, and Letitia Anderson (Anderson Legislative Consulting, Ltd.).

The Township Officials of Illinois congratulate Senator Don Harmon (D) 39th District on being elected as President of the Illinois Senate.

Governor Pritzker has now signed Senate Bill 2135 into law (now Public Act 101-0640).  Here is a link to the full bill:  Senate Bill 2135 - PA 101-0640

The major part of this bill affecting local governments is revisions to the Open Meetings Act concerning remote attendance during a disaster declaration.

Some main points are:

  1. A quorum does not need to physically be at the meeting location
  2. At least one member of the public body, chief legal counsel, or chief administrative officer must be physically present at the regular meeting place.
  3. All votes held remotely shall be done by roll call vote.
  4. A verbatim recording must be kept of all meetings held in this fashion. 
  5. If public attendance is not possible, the public must be able to hear the meeting “contemporaneously”, requiring the public body to offer a telephone call in number or web link (i.e. Zoom) to hear the meeting.
  6. Nothing has changed regarding Public Comment at Board meetings so this must still be a part of any meeting held.

If you have any questions I encourage you to contact your township attorney

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TOI COVID-19 Pandemic Update May 27, 2020

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HB 2096 (Public Act 101-0632) Goes Into Effect (ANNUAL TOWN MEETING)

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Stay up to date with current issues in Washington D.C. affecting township government with the NATaT (National Association of Towns and Townships) website. http://www.natat.org/ TOI Executive Director Bryan Smith is the Immediate Past President of NATaT and serves on the Board of Directors representing Illinois.

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    Circular Letter CL2021-04“ REBUILD ILLINOIS BOND GRANTS TO LOCAL PUBLIC AGENCIES - FUND IMPLEMENTATION (INFORMATION EXCHANGE) & THIRD INSTALLMENT ISSUANCE” issued by the Central Bureau of Local Roads and Streets on January 12, 2021

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    Beginning January 1, 2021, the standard mileage reimbursement rate has been set at .56 cents per mile, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

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    The COVID-19 vaccine is a critical tool to safely reach the other side of this pandemic. Through efficient and effective distribution of the vaccine, we can suppress the spread of the virus, save as many lives as possible, and rebuild our economy. Illinois will only distribute a vaccine that is deemed safe. As we move through phases of vaccine distribution, the administration will ensure it reaches Illinoisans as quickly...

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