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Stay up to date with current issues in Washington D.C. affecting township government with the NATaT (National Association of Towns and Townships) website. http://www.natat.org/ TOI Executive Director Bryan Smith serves on the NATaT Board of Directors as President

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  • Broadband Funding Guide for NATaT

    Find attached the Broadband Funding Guide for NATaT

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  • Prevailing Wage Act Changes Good News for Townships and Road Districts

    Each June, Townships, Road Districts, and all local governments in Illinois have been required to adopt prevailing wage ordinances “ascertaining” the applicable prevailing wages that the government must pay for public works projects. This requirement is contained in the Prevailing Wage Act, which also includes requirements for filing the ordinance with the state, publishing/posting the rates, and certain record-keeping requirements. This will all change with the enactment of Public Act 100-1177 in March, which becomes effective on June 1, 2019.

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  • Senate Majority Leader, Senator Kimberly Lightford to Speak at Topics Day 2019

    Senate Majority Leader, Senator Kimberly Lightford to Speak at Topics Day 2019, April 3

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