Best Use of Misc./Other Communications

16. Groveland Township/Tazewell County, 15,000-25,000

View Promotional Flyer for Township Day

Groveland Township Flyer.jpg

Description: The Township will host an open house for the residents and vendors of Groveland Township. We will host this event every year on the Annual Township Day. This flyer was posted on Facebook and our township website.


17. Rock Island Township/Rock Island County, 15,000-25,000

Electronic Message Center

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 RI Township 5th Ward Meeting compressed.JPG  RI Township Cooling Center compressed.JPG    RI Township Library compressed.JPG 

 RI Township Food Pantry compressed.JPG  RI Township Rock School Year compressed.JPG  RI Township School Open compressed.JPG

Description: Used to inform and educate the public about events, programs, meeting, etc. This highly visible and popular sign has gotten positive public comments. Double sided, full color LED message has many examples of its use.


18. DeKalb Township/DeKalb County 25,000-50,000

Cemetery Restoration Videos

Description: While working to restore our cemeteries, which date to the 1850s, we wanted a way to share what we were doing with the residents in our community. Working with a local creative agency, we created these short videos to share on social media to alert the public. Since the cemeteries are somewhat hidden in town, this has led to more people going out to observe the restoration process.

19. Ela Township/Lake County 25,000-50,000

Ela Township residents guide.JPG
Ela Township Resident Guide

Description: Our very first resident guide was printed earlier this year following several months of planning. It includes an overview of all township departments, programs and services, along with helpful contact information not only for the township but the community at large. Ela Township is committed to meeting residents’ needs through exceptional services and program, dutiful leadership and community partnerships.
Method of distribution: The resident guide is available at all township offices, Ela
Community Center, Ela Library and village halls. The guide is also distributed at various community events.

20. Palatine Township/Cook County 50,000+

Property Tax Assessment Information Pages

Information sent via email to subscribers can be viewed here

Message: Uses Constant Contact to communicate information: (1) Senior Citizen Exemption; (2) Property Tax Appeal Seminar; (3) Last day to file an appeal
Method of Distribution: Emailed, currently sent to 4,815 taxpayers/residents

21. Hanover Township/Cook County 50,000+

Visit Hanover Township Instagram Page

Description: Hanover Township launched an Instagram account to offer residents an additional social media platform to follow and learn about all the great services and programs we have to offer. Instagram allows us to share pictures and short videos to our followers that are then able to “like” and “comment” on our posting to increase community engagement. Instagram has 300 million active monthly users and is quickly expanding in popularity. According to a recent report, Instagram is considered the most important social network by more American teens than any other network. A key demographic for Townships with youth services.


22. Maine Township/Cook County 50,000+

MaineStay – Youth and Family Services e-newsletter

Description: This e-newsletter features a visually appealing design and contains brief, clear descriptions of MaineStay services as a way to communicate with township residents and help them actively engage with our website and learn about available services. The e-newsletter was recently redesigned and now features and now features a mobile-friendly responsive design so it looks good on any device, including tablets and smart phones.
Purpose: The MaineStay e-newsletter is designed to quickly and easily inform township residents about upcoming events, programs, and educational items of interest in a cost effective manner with results that can be measured using online reporting tools to gauge reader interest and engagement.
Method/Frequency of Distribution: The MaineStay e-newsletter is sent on a monthy basis via email.
Audience: The MaineStay e-newsletter is emailed to over 2,000 township residents who have signed up to receive it. MaineStay has been sending out this e-newsletter for the last 8 years and it began with only a handful of subscribers. Its readership has grown exponentially since that time.


23. DuPage Township/Will County 50,000+

Can’t Stop this Feeling, Video

Description: Our motto is “DuPage Township is WORKING FOR YOU! RIGHT NOW!!” This video is a way for us to show how we are always working for our residents providing a number of different services and resources. Distributed online, social media, and by DVD.

24. Elk Grove Township/Cook County 50,000+

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Elk Grove Township Logo

Description: Empowering people through community is the overarching theme integrated into the design and message of the revamped logo for Elk Grove Township. The six stars signify the five villages of the township, plus a star for the township itself. The logo communicates the message the township portrays towards empowering people through the community with services, programs, and resources aimed at enhancing quality of life for our residents.