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The Township Officials of Illinois (TOI) Home page Governor Pritzker has now signed Senate Bill 2135 into law (now Public Act 101-0640). Here is a link to the full bill: Senate Bill 2135 - PA 101-0640 The major part of this bill affecting local governments is revisions to the Open Meetings Act concerning remote attendance during a disaster declaration.
HB 2096 (Public Act 101-0632) Goes Into Effect | Township ... The Governor has signed HB 2096 (Public Act 101-0632) effective immediately. After discussing the new changes with our attorney, TOI offers the following best practice interpretation of the new law specific to holding the ANNUAL TOWN MEETING. If you intend to have the Annual Town Meeting in JULY 2020, you may do so. However, there is a process you are required to follow to do so. Townships are ...
Chouteau Township Townships of Illinois Chouteau Township WELCOME . WE ARE OPEN... ***MASK MUST BE WORN TO ENTER BUILDING*** ***** ALL BULK/TV DROP-OFFS ARE SUSPENDED UNTIL JULY 8, 2020 ***** "Chouteau Township Senior Hall" is a Heating/Cooling Station from 8 am to 4 pm Monday - Friday.
Canteen Township Townships of Illinois Canteen Township Welcome! Monthly Township Meetings are held on are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every Month @ 5:30 pm. *CLICK the INFORMATION CENTER to find the AGENDA for upcoming TOWNSHIP MEETINGS.*
Coral Township Townships of Illinois Coral Township..."Smarter Growth" 6550 Olson Road Union, IL 60180. Welcome to the Coral Township website. We hope it keeps you better informed by providing pertinent information, dates and happenings in and around the Township.
Wood River Township Townships of Illinois wood river township. due to the covid-19 virus wood river township offices will be closed to the public but still conducting normal business. you can reach us during normal office hours at
Preemption Township Townships of Illinois Welcome to Preemption Township Townships of Illinois. Preemption Township Welcome! Preemption Township, , , | | |
Stookey Township Townships of Illinois Welcome to Stookey Township Townships of Illinois. Township Office: (618) 398-6925 or (618) 538-7700 ()Highway Department: (618) 538-5016
Cunningham Township Supervisor's Office About us. Cunningham Township Supervisor's Office provides a safety net for low-income households in Urbana. Funded by the residents of Urbana, we provide General Assistance, Rental Assistance, Transportation Assistance, Advocacy, and Grants to Social Service organizations serving Urbana residents.
Long Creek Township Townships of Illinois Long Creek Township, 2610 Salem School Road, Decatur, Il 62521 217.864.4182 Macon County, Decatur, Illinois. Governor Pritzker released Executive order 2020-22 this afternoon addressing the ANNUAL TOWN MEETING scheduled for April 14, 2020 or April 21, 2020. The order specifically states the following:
Jackson Township Townships of Illinois Welcome to Jackson Township Townships of Illinois. Jackson Township. Board Meetings: The regular scheduled town board meetings for Jackson Township are held at 6:30 pm on the second Wednesday of each month.
Peotone Township of Illinois - The Township Officials of ... Mission Statement: Working from the grass roots level of government for the people of our community. Information regarding the Illinois Freedom of Information Act and the FOIA Officers for the Township of Peotone can be found on the Download Center page.
Tuscola Township Townships of Illinois Welcome to Tuscola Township Townships of Illinois. Tuscola Township Welcome! The Tuscola Township performs three main functions: Administering a general assistance program to qualifying residents, maintaining township road district highway and bridges, and appraising property values in all counties other than Cook County.
Hebron Township Townships of Illinois Hebron Township WELCOME TO HEBRON TOWNSHIP. Hebron Township includes the Town of Hebron and the rest of its boundaries are located in unincorporated McHenry County, IL.
Assessors Townships of Illinois - Assessors. Hello. On behalf of the Officers and Board of Directors, I welcome you to our Division webpage. Assessors are charged with the tremendous responsibility of valuing all the real property in their jurisdictions.
Custer Township Highway Commissioners of Illinois Custer Township, Will Co. Welcome to Custer Township. Rick L. Hall is highway commissioner; call 815 693 5645.
Supervisors Townships of Illinois Supervisors. Welcome to the Township Supervisors of Illinois (TSI) Website! Revisions to the Township Supervisors of Illinois Bylaws will be presented and voted on at the Supervisors' Division Meeting at the TOI Conference in November.
Carbondale Township Townships of Illinois Carbondale Township "Working for You" Carbondale Township is a unit of local government and is funded by property taxes collected on properties within the Township boundaries.
Cunningham Township Assessor's Office Cunningham Township Assessor's Office Cunningham Township Assessor's Office Website. The above website attempts to answer some of the more common questions we hear from our friends and neighbors as well as providing some helpful links to other members of the tax cycle here in Champaign County.
Assessors Office - TOI Assessors Office . The data contained here is public record, made available by the Freedom of Information Act and Illinois Code. Use of this site is intended for research purposes only.
Illinois Townships Map Illinois Townships Map (Click on each county to view the townships in that county--townships with Web sites are underlined with direct links to those sites)
Fall River - LaSalle County - The Township Officials of ... Fall River Township LaSalle County, IL Welcome to Fall River! Fall River . Phone: 815-434-5325. Email: EVERY MONTHLY TOWNSHIP MEETING WILL BE HELD THE SECOND WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH FROM 6:30-7:30 UNLESS TOLD OTHERWISE.
Assessors Office - TOI Assessors Office Assessor's Office Information: Kevin Schnetzler, C.I.A.O 545 Brickville Rd Sycamore Illinois, 60178 Ph: 815-899-5313 Fax: 815-899-7088
Dry Grove Township Townships of Illinois Welcome to Dry Grove Township Townships of Illinois. The Town Board holds regular monthly meetings at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of each month at the Dry Grove Township Community Building, 8091 Old Peoria Rd., Bloomington, IL.
Board of Directors for the Township Officials of Illinois Find here the complete list of the currently serving in office Board of Directors for the Township Officials of Illinois (TOI).