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DOT Guidance on Compliance with Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol Program Process and Fees Through The Township Officials of Illinois/Midwest Truckers

When a township joins or a new driver is added, the driver must have a CDL license.  Each driver is charged a current fee of $90.00 for a random slot.  This slot fee covers any random tests administered for the calendar year (January 1 through December 31) whether the driver is selected once or several times.  This slot fee is transferable should a driver leave and another driver be hired during that current calendar year.  (This fee is renewable each year and you are billed sometime in late October or November of the prior year.)  However, all new drivers are subject to a pre-drug test unless an Attachment B form is filled out by the previous employer confirming the driver:

  • Is currently enrolled in another drug and alcohol testing program with another company that conforms with CDL driver federal regulation or;
  • Has been in a drug and alcohol testing program 30 days prior to coming into our program that conforms to CDL driver federal regulation.

New drivers taking a pre-drug test must fill out the Attachment A form.  The fee for a pre-drug test is currently $100.00/driver and never has to be repeated unless that driver is taken out of the program and is out for over 30 days.  The purpose of the pre-drug test is to make sure that the drivers are clear before entering the program.

Once the drivers are enrolled and the pre-drug test is done, the cost each year will be only the slot fee (currently the $90.00 fee) per driver.  The only time the program will cost additional is:

  • Tester has to wait or driver cannot produce specimen. (Shy Bladder Fee)
  • Driver does not show for scheduled test.
  • A positive test is received and the driver remains in the program. After rehabilitation, he is required to have additional testing (follow up tests) and there is a charge for each test.  New policy mandates that at least 6 follow up tests be done within a year.
  • A reasonable cause test is requested or a post accident test is needed.

You ask how the process works and the concerns that some are tested more than once and others not at all.  The guidelines for the Random Drug and Alcohol Program are governed by a Federal Mandate and DOT Regulations.  Since it is a Federal Mandate and not state controlled, trying to change the process would be very difficult.  Although the process does not allow for all drivers to be guaranteed a test, there are provisions that a person be tested should there be some suspicion in his/her actions.  All supervisors are required to watch the Supervisory Training video which shows signs that may require such a test.  Also, everyone has the same chance of being selected.  All names are put in the pool for possible selection.  If a driver is tested one month, he is not held out of the draw the next month.  His chances the next month is just the same, thus a “random” testing procedure.

The contact/supervisor is determined by the Highway Commissioner or in case of counties by the County Engineer.

The tester comes to the facility to do the test unless you would prefer to use a facility that meets the requirements.

Drug Program Process and Fees PDF

Drug Program Bits and Pieces for 2020

REMEMBER! According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, operators of motor graders and front-end loaders used on roads to remove snow and/or leaves do not need to obtain a CDL and are not subject to random drug and alcohol testing.  Trucks with snow blades having a gross combination weight or a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 lbs or more require the operator to be enrolled in the program whether they are full time or part time employees

Random Testing for Seasonal Drivers: If a driver is “seasonal” and not working at all that month he/she is chosen, is off on medical leave, is on active military duty, is off on workman’s comp or laid off, contact Pam at TOI to cancel the test for that month.

Reasonable Suspicion: It is mandatory that highway commissioners that have employees who drive trucks that weigh 26,001 lbs. or more, go through a reasonable suspicion (RS) supervisor training that includes 1 hour on alcohol misuse and 1 hour on controlled substances use.  They can view a DVD, listen on a webinar, or go to a classroom training as long as it covers the 2 hours as stated above. EXCEPTION:  If the highway commissioner is the boss and the only driver, he or she does NOT have to go through the RS training.  

Snow Emergency: An employee of a township or road district with a population of less than 3,000 operating a vehicle within the boundaries of the township or road district for the purpose of removing snow or ice from a roadway by plowing, sanding, or salting may hire a driver who is not covered in the program to help with a particular snow emergency because the regular employee who is covered under the program is unable to operate the vehicle or is in need of additional assistance due to the snow emergency.  This does not mean that every time there is a snow you may use this additional person.  If you use this driver as an on-call when needed basis, they should be enrolled in the program even though they are not full-time employees.  If they are called for a random test and they are not working that month, they may be excused from being tested that month.  However, if they work just one hour/day of that month, they must be tested if called to do so.  See page 141 and/or page 309 of the Laws and Duties Handbook (Revised 2017).

CDL Information: Did you respond to Midwest Truckers request for CDL information on each of your drivers?  If you have not responded, please take a minute and get that back to Midwest Truckers or send in with your renewal and I’ll see they get the information.

New Attachment X: Enclosed with your renewal statement and information is a copy of the revised Attachment X form asking for the CDL information as well as social security number.  Please make copies of this form and use it now.  Discard any blank old Attachment X forms you have on file.

Changes in Drivers: IF you are adding or deleting drivers when paying your renewal, PLEASE send in the proper paperwork to get that request processed.  Many wrote on the statement and despite numerous times contacted, did not send in the necessary paperwork, so the change was not made.  Changes will not be made without the proper paperwork.  If you are adding a person to the program who is currently in a program elsewhere or who has been in program within the last 30 days, send the Attachment B along with the Attachment X form.  Otherwise I will assume the person needs a pre-drug test.                                                                                          
If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Pam at TOI (866/897-4688).  A phone call can save both you and TOI lots of work and time.

Drug Program Additional Information 2020 PDF