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Illinois T2/LTAP - NHI 133121 - Traffice Signal Design and Operation - June 4&5 - Schaumburg IL


Illinois T2-LTAP is excited to announce a FREE NHI 133121 Traffic Signal Design and Operation class to be held in Schaumburg, Illinois on June 4-5, 2020.

Course: 133121 Traffic Signal Design and Operation
Date: 06/04/2020 to 06/05/2020
Location: Schaumburg, IL

Please fill out enrollment form below and email back to Barry Kent at  Please do not register on the NHI website.  

  1. T2 will be taking the first 24 students. 
  2. The 24 students will be notified 10-14 days before the class with more information.
  3. Please keep the enrollments to 1-2 students per Local Public Agency. 
  4. Local Public Agencies will be given 1st priority.

Enrollment Form