Highway Commissioners - Letter from the President

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Township Highway Commissioners of Illinois “SurveyMonkey Questionnaire”                        
Illinois Township Highway Commissioner Efficiency (Generic) “Letter to The Editor” 
Illinois Township Highway Commissioner “Legislator Talking Points”

Greetings Township Highway Commissioner of Illinois,

We value what you do as a Highway Commissioner.  We also value your feedback on how we can better serve you as the Highway Commissioners Division.

IN addition to our request for you to complete the survey from the link provided, we are including a generic Letter to the Editor & a Legislator Talking Points provided by the division for your use locally.

Survey Monkey Questionnaire

As Illinois Township Highway Commissioners in local government, we cannot “lay low” any longer. We must do all we can right now to educate our constituents and our respective District Office Legislators on the efficiency of our services that we provide to them every day.

Please take the time to study these documents that we have provided for you. We are encouraging all township and road districts to make an appointment to personally meet with your respective Illinois Legislators and possibly using the Legislator Talking Points document to better educate them on what we do and how efficiently we do it. Also, possibly meet with your respective County Engineer working with him or her together to maybe personalize the generic Letter to the Editor more towards your township road district and submit it to your local newspaper for publication to better educate your constituents on the efficiency of township road districts.

Letter to the Editor - Original

Letter to the Editor - Short Version

Legislative Talking Points

If you have questions, or would like to discuss any of the information provided, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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Charlie Montgomery
President of Township Highway Commissioners of Illinois