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Annual Financial Report

Annual Town Meeting

  • Moderator Oath of Office Download
  • Transfer Resolution Download
  • Annual Town Meeting Public Notice Download
  • Powers of Electors Download
  • Annual Town Meeting - Power of Electors Download
  • The Electors Present at the Annual Town Meeting. Download
  • ST IL Exec Order 5 Covid 19 Download
  • Clerk Script for Annual Town Meeting Download

Appointing Officials

Assessor Information


  • Audit Certification for Townships With Less Than $850,000 Revenues Download
  • Capitalization Policy Resolution Download
  • GASB Checklist for Townships Download
  • Audit Report Sample Notice Download

Budget & Levy

  • Annual Treasurer's Report Download
  • Road District Forms for Computer Download
  • Township Budget Process.pdf Download
  • Understanding the Township Budget Process.pdf Download
  • TOI 2019 - Township Levy Download
  • Township Budgeting Program Download
  • 2020-2021 Township Budget and Levy Form Download
  • 2020-2021 Road District Budget and Levy Download
  • 2020-2021 Road District Forms Download

Clerk Information

  • New Law on Clerk Attestation of Signature Download
  • Freedom of Information Request Download


General Assistance

General Township Topics

  • Job Description Template Download
  • Job Description TOIRMA Handout Download
  • Investment Policy Download
  • Local Govt Guide to Tax Allocations Download
  • Notice of Public Hearing Download
  • Oath of Office Download
  • Open Meetings Act Download
  • Personal Property Replacement Tax Download
  • Property Tax Extension Limitation Law Download
  • Qualifications-Based Selection Guide Download
  • Sample Meeting Agenda Download
  • Special Town Meeting Public Notice Download
  • Transfer Resolution Download
  • Truth in Taxation Download
  • About Towns and Townships (NATaT) Download
  • IL Dept of Labor Posters Download
  • IL Township Code Download
  • Cox Report Brochure 2011 Download
  • Intergovernmental Agreement Sample Download
  • Transfer Resolution Download
  • Special Township Meeting (Transfer) Petition Download
  • Township Basics Video Download
  • Affordable Care Act Requirements for Townships (Video) Download
  • Sample Bid Package Download
  • Economic Development Agency Investment Programs Download
  • 30 Common Law & Tort Immunity Act Defense Rules, part two Download
  • 30 Common Law & Tort Immunity Act Defense Rules Download
  • Appointment Warrant Download
  • Employer Provided Health Insurance - Tax Forms Download
  • Townships - Government Closest to the People Download
  • TOI Model Ordinance - Travel Expenses Download
  • Grantwriting 101 handout.pdf Download
  • 2019 Township and Road District Checklist Download
  • 2020-2021 Township and Road District Checklist Download
  • NATaT Rural Grant Guide Download

Highway Commissioner Information

Identity Theft

Illinois Attorney General's Office



NATaT Grant Funding Guide

NATaT Stormwater Funding Guide

  • Federal Funding Opportunities for Stormwater-Related Activities Download


Supervisor Information

  • Annual Treasurer's Report Download
  • Supervisor's Statement of Financial Affairs Download
  • SNAP handout.pdf Download


  • TOI Mission Statement Download
  • Associate Company Membership Benefits Form Download
  • Associate Member Form Download
  • Social Media Policy Download
  • TOI Website Information: How to Use Pages.pdf Download
  • TOI Website Information: Uploading and Inserting Resources Download

Township Record Retention

General Topics Presentations

  • Prevailing Wage handout.pdf Download
  • Tips for Effective Media Relations.PDF Download
  • Grantwriting 201 handout.pdf Download
  • 2019 TOI Public Comment Handout Download
  • 2019 TOI Township Government Handout Download
  • CL2019-18 Local Govt Component of REBUILD ILLINOIS Download
  • INtergovernmental Agreements handouts Download
  • Overview of Township Government Download
  • Public Comment Slides Download
  • Social Media Guidelines - 2019-TOI Presentation-Handout version Download
  • TOIRMA handouts Download
  • IHDA TOI Presentation 11-11-19 Download
  • Medical Marijuana & Youth Impact Presentaton 211-7 (50m) Download
  • E-Cigs and vaping Presentation 1. included) Download
  • IHDA TOI Presentation 11-11-19 Download


Township Cemeteries

Cox Report

Township Human Resources