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On page 5 in the June, 2017 Township Perspective magazine regarding OMA/FOIA MANDATED TRAINING REMINDER.   

Newly elected (or appointed) officials have 90 days to complete OPEN MEETS ACT training and file their certificates with their public body. I incorrectly listed this as the Freedom of Information Act Training  

 Each public body is to designate an employee, officer or elected official to be the designated OMA representative. That designated OMA representative has to take OMA training every year. 

 Each public body is also to designate an employee, officer or elected official to be the designated FOIA representative. That designated FOIA representative must take FOIA training every year. 

Per page 106 Laws & Duties Handbook (Revised 2015), Required Local Training on the Open Meetings Act: “Every elected and appointed member of a township board or committee is required to take an electronic training course developed and administered by the PAC (Public Access Counselor). 5 ILCS 120/1.05(b). The training must be completed within 90 days after the township official took his or her oath of office. 

In addition, the township is required to designate an employee, officer or elected official to receive training on compliance with the Open Meetings Act and to submit a list of those individuals who have been so designated to the Public Access Counselor. Every new person designated must receive the training and successfully complete the course within 30 days after that designation. Every person who has received that training must thereafter successfully complete an annual training program. The training program, like a similar one developed for training regarding the Freedom of Information Act, is composed of a series of multiple choice questions, and is available on the attorney general's website. Each township is likely to make that decision based upon the manner in which employees and offices are otherwise selected.”

Each member successfully completing the electronic training curriculum shall file a copy of the certificate of completion with the public body. (Township Clerk).


We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. All training and requirements are provided on the Office of the Illinois Attorney General’s webpage located at