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2021 Educational Conference


To our Members:

In June of this year, all of Illinois Township Officials celebrate the re-opening of the State of Illinois by transitioning into Phase 5 of the Restore Illinois plan by Governor Pritzker.  This is a celebration for us all as it has been quite a year.

However, some of the transitions leave unpredictable situations of re-opening or ramping up to the same level of service we are familiar with post pandemic.

The Annual Fall Educational Conference scheduled for November 2021 is the largest event of year for the Association.  We plan all year long for this amazing event benefiting YOU, our members.   This year, (2021) being the first year of the term of office, is usually the largest attended for the four-year term.  We anticipate attendance at just under 1,000.  The planning and accommodations for an event of this size takes a great deal of planning and orchestrating of the hotels, education programs, meals, refreshments, and overall accommodations.

Staffing levels in the hotel and hospitality industry continue to be struggling with ramping up to their capacity prior to the pandemic.  We all see this in our own areas of the state.  This combined with meal restrictions, room cleaning services, and other behind the scenes details just did not calculate to being fully able to provide the conference experience that you all expect. 

There is time between June 11th and November 2021 to gain full capacity, but we still have the threat of attendees not coming to the conference because of fear and non-vaccinated attendees causing additional threats to those in attendance.   TOI Staff and the Board of Directors decided in April 2021 to cancel this year, move to a virtual platform, and come back fully in person in 2022.

Please understand that we want nothing more than to be in person like we are all familiar with.  However, we also want your experience and health to remain safe as well.

Thank you for your patience during these cancelations.  We all cannot wait for the 2022 Schedule of events, and we look forward to seeing everyone in person in 2022.

Jerry B. Crabtree

Associate Director
Education Coordinator