Why Join TOI

The Township Officials of Illinois, headquartered in the state capital of Springfield, serves as a clearinghouse of information for Illinois townships. TOI was founded in 1907 as Township Government's liaison with state government and today represents 99 percent of the state's townships.

TOI monthly publishes Township Perspective, the official source of information about township government in Illinois.

As a service to its members, TOI also sponsors a risk management program, TOIRMA (Township Officials of Illinois Risk Management Association), that was established in 1986 to provide Illinois townships with a source of protection against costly liability claims. The program is available only to townships that are members of TOI.

TOI works through its legislative committee and contracted lobbyist to provide effective oversight on all legislative matters before the General Assembly that impact township government.

TOI provides educational programs to all interested townships to assist all elected officials in performing their job within the mandated statutory responsibilities.

TOI provides, free of charge, a phone number for elected officials to call and ask for information on any law, regulation or recommended practices being imposed on or used by a township. Although the opinions and statements of TOI are not to be considered as legal advice, they can assist in understanding where the intent of the required can be identified.

Currently, TOI represents 1,407 of the 1,426 townships in Illinois.