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Annual Treasurer’s Report Published

Thursday, September 30, 2021 12:00 am - 11:55 pm

30 ILCS 15/2
60 ILCS 1/70-30

Last day to publish Annual Treasurer’s Report in an English language newspaper. Must be published within 6 months from end of fiscal year and filed with county clerk’s office. Supervisor must provide each board member with copy of report as soon as possible after filing. However, such publication requirement shall not apply to any county funds or county offices or funds or offices of other units of local government when an audit of such funds or offices has been made by a certified public accountant and a report of such audit has been filed with the appropriate county board or county clerk and a notice of the availability of the audit report has been published one time in an English language newspaper published in the town, district or municipality in which that public officer holds his or her office, or, if no newspaper is published in such town, district or municipality, then in a newspaper printed in the English language published in the county in which that public officer holds his or her office. The notice of availability shall include, at a minimum, the time period covered by the audit, the name of the firm conducting the audit, and the address and business hours of the location where the audit report may be publicly inspected.