Video Projects

I am happy to announce that the film project for the Highway Commissioner’s Division is completed and ready to distribute.  The efforts of all the participating divisions of the Highway Commissioner’s Board of Directors is reflected in this outstanding end-product. 

This video showcases the value, efficiency and commitment of Highway Commissioners in their role as elected officials among the four corners of the state. Below please find the completed video by location. Feel free to use these videos on your website or share on your township's social media page. 

The board is excited to provide the message and impact of this project with communities across Illinois.  It is my hope that we can distribute copies to members of the Illinois General Assembly, as well as local high schools.  It delivers the message that TOWNSHIP GOVERNMENT is the most efficient and cost effective government on the local government landscape. 

Charlie Montgomery

Township Association Overview

Mt. Vernon Township 

Bourbon Township 

Pilot Township 

Huntsville Township 

Guilford Township

Algonquin Township