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TO:            Division Members

FROM:       Highway Commissioners Division

RE:            Free Website for Members

This year as an added benefit to your membership, we are providing access to a free website component for your road district.   Information on this program is below. 

As a division, we encourage you to embrace change and utilize this free service to promote and improve communication with your community.  This program is easy to use and will most importantly promote your services.

Download and complete the participation form today:

Overview of the Program
As the statewide non-profit organization for township HIGHWAY COMMISSIONERS, we recognize the need for all road districts to have access to the Internet. Additionally, Road Districts may provide their information on the Internet to promote the services they provide as well as show a commitment to improving overall communication among townships. This program provides an Internet based avenue to highlight information from individual township road districts or highway departments. Further, participating road districts are able to avoid the high cost of server hosting and Web site development.

Program Fees
Currently, this program is being offered to all dues paying highway commissioners (road districts) free of charge. This is a direct benefit of membership with the Illinois Highway Commissioners Division.

Administration of site
You are responsible for providing all content and administration of your township site. Staff from the Township Officials of Illinois (TOI) is available initially to assist with the set-up of your program. However, you will be provided a password and account ID to access the information to assist when needed. The Internet server you have access to is the primary server managed by TOI through our contracted server provider. All possible security measures are provided for and maintained through this vendor and TOI. You have NO responsibility associated with the security, back-up or general maintenance of the server. The subscribing township is responsible for all content and updates associated with the information provided on your site. Please review our disclaimer for specific liability issues.