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Highway Commissioners

This website is dedicated to promoting the work performed by township highway commissioners in Illinois. As a division of TOI, we realize the importance of electronic communication. If not for ourselves for future generations of township government. Through this medium our board of directors hopes to pave the way to improve communication among and abroad in Illinois Township Road Districts.

HC Responsibility & Funding Diversity Film Project

The Film Project for the Highway Commissioners Division is complete and ready to be shared. Please take some time to watch and share this valuable tool for communicating what we do to serve our townships. All videos can be accessed here:

HC Responsibility & Funding Diversity Film Project


PSA for Highway Commissioners 

Never Drive or Walk into Flood Waters - Turn Around Don’t Drown!

Flooding is one of the leading causes of weather related fatalities in the U.S. On average, flooding claims nearly 90 lives each year. More than half of these deaths occur in motor vehicles when people attempt to drive through flooded roadways. This happens because people underestimate the force and power of water, especially when it is moving.

Just six inches of fast-moving water can knock over and carry off an adult. Twelve inches of water can float a small car. If that water is moving, it can carry that car away. Eighteen to twenty-four inches of flowing water can carry away most vehicles, including large SUVs. It is impossible to tell the exact depth of water covering a roadway or the condition of the road below the water. This is especially true at night when your vision is more limited. It is never safe to drive or walk through flood waters. Any time you come to a flooded road, walkway, or path, follow this simple rule: Turn Around Don’t Drown.

For more information and flood safety tips, visit 



Dear Fellow Illinois Township Highway Commissioner,

Welcome to the Township Highway Commissioners of Illinois Website Home Page.  This year is going to be another exciting year of “Serving the People” through Illinois township government.  We are the “closest to the people form of government”, as many of us visit with those people regularly at our churches, coffee shops, grocery stores or school activities.  The 2016 Township of Illinois (TOI) Education Theme “Neighbors Serving Neighbors”, so defined what we do.  With 2017 being an election year, the theme is appropriately titled; “BOOT CAMP, Newly Elected and Returning Township Officials”.

Your THCOI Board of Directors, along with your TOI Board and Staff are constantly working on your behalf, with legislative issues, as well as legal, safety, road maintenance and construction issues that we all deal with every day.  By being a THCOI member, you can take advantage of the free opportunity to have your own Township Road District Microsite linked to this THCOI Website, as well as attending our annual Summer Seminar at a reduced registration rate.

Please “Mark Your Calendars” for Monday, August 7th, Tuesday, August 8th and Wednesday August 9th to attend the annual 2017 THCOI Summer Seminar at the Peoria Civic Center & Pere’ Marquette Hotel in Peoria, Illinois.  If you have never attended the Summer Seminar, please plan to this year and if you have attended it, then please come again.  We have some FUN, Educational activities planned for this year’s event, beginning with our (Monday) Night  “Fun Night with The Vendors”, including some good-ole “country (& city) road” music, fun interactive skill testing activities with our Vendors, refreshments and a Raised Center Stage “Live” Presentation in the Vendor Arena on “Purchasing Township Equipment & Bid Lettings and Intergovernmental Agreements”.  We also have many Breakout Session learning opportunities including, Bridge Inspections Using Drones or Posted Road Weight Limit Law Enforcement or GIS Mapping of Signage & Culverts or a Q & A with an Illinois Farm Bureau Panel, not leaving out the learning opportunities by visiting with your fellow township highway commissioners around the breakfast & lunch tables. For your spouses - a Tuesday Ladies Event – Riverboat Cruise.

You will find your 2017 Dues Renewal for the (THCOI) Township Highway Commissioners of Illinois Division.  These annual THCOI Dues of just $60.00 are Divisional dues and are separate from the TOI dues that your Township pays annually, as well as dues for any regional Illinois Township Highway Commissioner Associations. You can pay them from your Township Road District Road & Bridge Fund.  Please download the THCOI Dues Form (from the link below) mail along with your Township check, made out to Township Highway Commissioners of Illinois to:

THCOI Treasurer Donald Goad
Greenwood Township Highway Department
5211 Miller Road, Wonder Lake, IL  60097

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 217-202-6198 or THCOI Treasurer Donald Goad at 815-347-7122.

Charlie Montgomery, President, THCOI
Monticello Township Highway Commissioner                                                                                                        

2017 HC Dues Form

THCOI Board of Directors

Charlie Montgomery
Piatt County/Monticello Township

Vice President
Darrell Maxheimer
Sangamon County/Rochester Township

Greg Menold
Tazewell County/Morton Township

Don Goad
McHenry County/Greenwood Township

Past President
Chris Filbert 
Rock Island County/Cordova Township

Gene Adams
Cook County/Palos Township

Rick Allinder
Peoria County/Limestone Township

Dean Buhrke
McLean County/Empire Township

Steve Helton
Douglas County/Bourbon Township

Les Hild
Mt. Pulaski County/Logan Township

Scott Kegarise
Cook County/Schaumburg Township

Glenn Kramer
Kankakee County/Limestone Township

Bill Kruckenberg
Lake County/Ela Township

Robert J. Miller
McHenry County/Algonquin Township

Terry Moore
Jefferson County/Mt. Vernon Township

Gary Muehlfelt
DuPage County/Milton Township

Denny Thorton
Cumberland County/Cottonwood Township

Arnold Vegter
Whiteside County/Union Grove Township

Ed Thoman
Marion County/Patoka Township

Bill Carlson
Will County/Frankfort Township

Highway Commissioner Division Mission Statement

  • Promote and protect the combined interests of all Illinois Highway Commissioners.
  • Disseminate information of interest and concern to all members.
  • Encourage uniformity of administration and increase operation among Illinois Highway Commissioners through educational seminars, programs, and printed materials for presentations to, and use by, THCI members.
  • Educate and inform the public, the Illinois Legislature and other citizens through programs, seminars and printed material of the responsibilities of Illinois Road Districts within the State of Illinois.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with the Township Officials of Illinois and other organizations for the purpose of strengthening Township Government in the State of Illinois.
  • Nominate and duly elect members of the Highway Commissioner's Division as representatives of said Division on the Township Officials of Illinois' Board of Directors.

Illinois Township Highway Commissioners Associations Presidents 

  • Township Highway Commissioners of Illinois President - Christine Filbert, Cordova Township/Rock Island County, Phone: 309-654-2113  Email:

  • Northern Illinois Highway Commissioners Association, President - Bob Miller, Algonquin Township/McHenry County, Phone: 847-875-4649 Email:

  • West Central Illinois Highway Commissioners, President – Dennis M. Gibb, Ellison Township/Warren County Phone: 309-371-8620

  • Northwest Highway Commissioners of Illinois, President – Arnie Vegter, Union Grove Township/Whiteside County Phone: 815-535-5170 Email:

  • East Central Illinois Highway Commissioners Association, President - Steve Helton, Bourbon Township/Douglas County Phone: 217-246-3424 Email:


Townships With No Elected Highway Commissioner

Adams County

Quincy Township

Champaign County

Champaign City Township
Cunningham Township

Cook County

Barrington Township
Berwyn Township
Calumet Township
Cicero Township
Evanston Township
New Trier Township
Niles Township
Oak Park Township
Proviso Township
River Forest Township
Riverside Township

Grundy County

Morris Township

Hancock County

Nauvoo Township
Warsaw Township

Knox County

City of Galesburg Township

Lake County

Moraine Township
West Deerfield Township
Zion Township

Madison County

Alton Township
Godfrey Township
Granite City Township

McDonough County

City of Macomb Township

McLean County

City of Bloomington Township

Peoria County

City of Peoria Township
Richwoods Township
West Peoria Township

Rock Island County

Moline Township
Port Byron Township
Rock Island Township
South Rock Island Township

Sangamon County

Capital Township

St. Clair County

Belleville Township
East St. Louis Township
Stites Township

Stephenson County

Freeport Township

Tazewell County

Pekin Township

Will County

DuPage Township

Townships with Shared Highway Commissioners

1389 Townships have their own Highway Commissioner
2 – Sets of Townships Share a Highway Commissioner
McDonough County
(Colchester Township and Tennessee Township share a Commr.)
Montgomery County
(Fillmore Township and South Fillmore Township share a Commr.)
39 Townships have No Highway Commissioner