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The Township Officials of Illinois serves Illinois’ 1,431 townships, offering information on proper government procedures and in support of strong township government. TOI sponsors educational meetings for township officials, and is proactive with township-related legislation in the Illinois General Assembly and U.S. Capitol. TOI promotes the importance of townships in Illinoisans’ lives, mails the monthly magazine Township Perspective to its members, communicates through this website and publishes informational handbooks for township officials.

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Post-Accident Testing

IF your township is in the TOI/Midwest Truckers Random Drug & Alcohol Program and the township is involved in an accident, the township driver will be required to take a post-accident test if one of the following occurs: 1. Fatality 2. Township driver ticketed and a vehicle HAS to be towed 3. Township driver ticketed and someone is taken away by ambulance Midwest Truckers has a 24 hour answering service. It is imperative that you call immediately as testing must be done within a limited amount of time. Call 217.525.0310

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