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Roscoe Township falls under the same ordinance as Winnebago County click here for more information

Mowing Weed Control

Winnebago Health Department 815-720-4100  

Sec. 50-295. - Authority of county to cut. | Code of Ordinances | Winnebago County, IL | Municode Library

  • Sec. 50-295. - Authority of county to cut.
    On subdivision lots in residential areas, when the owner, lessee, tenant, occupant or person in control refuses or neglects to destroy the weeds and vegetation within the designated periods, the enforcing authority may cut them and collect from the owner the reasonable cost thereof. Notice of intention to cut the weeds and vegetation shall be given to the owner of the subdivision lot involved at least 15 days before such action is intended to be taken, by mailing a written copy of such notice to the last known address of each owner. The cost to the enforcing authority for destroying the weeds and vegetation is a lien upon the property, and the enforcing authority may take all steps to make such lien of record.

    Sec. 50-296. - Penalty for violation of article.

    The failure to destroy weeds and vegetation declared a nuisance under section 50-292 within the designated periods shall constitute a violation of this article punishable as provided in section 1-11. Each day that the weeds and vegetation remain beyond the designated period shall constitute a separate offense.

A violation of this article is also subject to the code enforcement procedures set forth in chapter 4 of this Code.



In Roscoe Township trash service Is not a community service.  Each resident contracts privately through a selected trash service.

Advance Disposal

Hoff Disposal 

Rock River Disposal

Waste Management

Lentell's Disposal    Call for pricing  608-362-8471


Helpful Services

Village Of Roscoe                  815-623-2829

Roscoe Police Department           815-623-7338

Harlem-Roscoe Fire Department      815-623-7867

Roscoe Driver's License Facility   815-623-9063

Roscoe Post Office                 815-623-2500

Winnebago County Non Emergency     815-282-2600

Winnebago County Regional Planning

Zoning and Building Permits        815-319-4350

Winnebago Health Department        815-720-4100

Winnebago County Assessor          815-319-4460