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Monthly Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 11, 2019
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Roll call (Trustee Newton)
In attendance were Trustees Newton, Standish, Hellriegel, Commissioner Massat, and Supervisor Nolan.
Trustee Wagner, and Clerk Coffey were not in attendance.
Clerk Coffey submitted the minutes of the regular meeting held October 14, 2019. (via email as well as hard
copy to Trustee Newton). There was a motion to approve the minutes submitted, by Trustee Hellriegel with a
second by Trustee Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried.
PUBLIC COMMENTS-Nolan: No one here.
PLANNING COMMISSION-Murday:Two matters up. With the passing of Mr. Norkus there is a vacancy as a
result. Mark Walczak ( remember for a few years) has asked to resign. So there are a few openings. Ralph
Dietz (present) is interested, we have met a couple of times and he attended the meeting last Monday. Sat with
Commission in no official capacity, thought better to come before board to approve & appoint to Planning
Commission. Ralph is a longtime resident of Green Garden and a neighbor of Jane. I would ask the board to
approve him as a member of the Planning Commission. Nolan: Anyone have a question for Ralph? Hellriegel:
Any neighbor of Jane’s has to be a good guy (laughter). Nolan: can I have a motion to approve Ralph to the
Planning Commission? Standish:I make a motion to approve Ralph to Planning Commission. Nolan: Second?
Newton: I'll second it. Nolan: All in favor: Aye. Opposed? (None). All: Welcome aboard Ralph.
Murday: Second matter, passed out paperwork from last Monday's meeting, property zoned A-1 to I-1. I-1
designation, if County approves, from that point forward I-1. To talk about what plans are currently for the
property, the attorney representing the Tracy family is present. The property is located on LaGrange Rd.
landscaping company that's been there for years (refer to map & use chart). Attorney Wennlund provided
evidence to Planning Commission stop posting send notifications to contiguous landowners. For the record, no
one appeared other than Tom Pleckham ( property owner to the north) also approved in the past from A-1 to
I-1. he also appeared recently for Special Use to sell existing building. Already I-1. Cass Wennlund (attorney)
& Mark Koenig (realtor): The Tracy's want to lease for rental income, currently 45 Acres zoned Ag, 10 to 11
acres segmented off to rezone I-1. Anticipated parcel in red on diagram. Murday spoke to the Village of
Frankfort (who contacted Don due to being within their mile-and-a-half footprint) expressing some reservations.
concerned about number of driveways leading to LaGrange. They have put together their comprehensive plan
for 2040 envisioning more of an industrial park type (multiple buildings like off Center where the streets head
east). Murday:I expressed my view of Green Garden’s Comprehensive Plan, commercial and Industrial
envisioned on Lagrange Rd. helping the tax base move from Ag to Industrial I have business present at
location. County has not taken a position. won't hear anything until January, working to get partial configuration
established,because to keep Ag, needs to have 300 ft frontage on LaGrange, with the remaining portion to be
Ag. Request of Tracy family, longtime residents running their business out of Green Garden we're going to get
out of landscaping but still need income. Wennlund to talk about application, Koenig about efforts they made in
past to try to lease as Ag designation vs. industrial. Wennlund: Explains split in parcel with 300-foot frontage
currently Ag, entrance on existing parcel in red, there is existing entrance on Route 45 similar to approved
parcel I-1 to the north. They're not going to approve any more entrances on 45, not adding any entrances.
Hellriegel: That's why he had to put one entrance for two buildings. Wennlund: Correct, we don't intend
applying for more accesses. Tracy family began, before retirement to try to lease A-1 Special Use for
landscaping Garden business, as they try to lease, it's a lot of property for landscaping company it wasn’t any
interest essentially. When Mark (Koenig) brought the Tracy's to me, I said what I don't want to bring into Green
Garden is a 45 acre Industrial Park, opposite to what Frankfort is saying. I don't intend to bring 45 acres
industrial Green Garden. What we want to be able to do is utilize property without having a white elephant.
property has been well-used, well-maintained, and well landscaped. Ran Harvest Fest there so looking to
utilize and get income out of it, and not run Landscape Company anymore. over to Mark about trying to lease.
Koenig: Mark Koenig of the Koenig Group Commercial Real Estate broker consultant. started working with the
Tracy six months ago, initial broker residential broker, hard get anyone to look at zone Ag. the number one
issue zoning, needed to get zoned I-1 in unincorporated Will County. sofas Will County that could be a
possibility because of property to north, also mentioned property on Monee Rd. started getting together for
process in the meantime. There was interest by different companies, once rezoned, how to get sprinkler install
(per Fire Dept. code). Two big companies very interested, one australian-based kind of Ag use with a lot more
to it. Wetlands Restoration, restoration of primarily wetlands, plant trees, forests, restore floodplains, very good
company. Another company has multiple locations, a few in the US, Upfitter- it's a customization different types
of service vehicles, like Com-Ed trucks with buckets (work with municipalities). Two very good to start. waiting
on zoning, awesome starting point for the Tracy's. Wennlund: Trying to bring in under lightest Industrial as we
can, same category as to north. Koenig: Property to north has great company going in, still needs Special Use
through Will County. Murday: So record reflects, I-1 designation most restrictive of the Industrial zoned parcels.
I-1 defined as primarily intended to accommodate low impact industrial uses. Industrial Park development that
have very limited adverse visual & operational impacts. Mark will continue farming property in back, probably
still have some toys sorry moving around dirt and some of that. Nolan: Any questions from board? Standish:
Just on,how much traffic you think that will increase? Answer: Compared to in its heyday, I would think less
than what it was when they were running crews out of there. Access to north (Ag entrance) not saying Tracy's
won't use. Nolan: Was that done by state ? Wennlund: That's original farm access (100 years?) culverts
replaced over the years (referring to map) that's overwhelmingly what you see in that sliver, 300 ft is all in
floodplain, grade level access over floodplain. Nolan: Do you foresee a problem with County with this?
Wennlund: Not so far, is Frankfort's worry is access,no worry, no intent. (Discussion about how it fits into the
Comprehensive Plan) Hellriegel: Taxes go up. (discussion: upscale building, nice looking) Nolan: Can I get a
motion to approve Map Amendment A-1 to I-1 for said parcel? Bushong: For clarification, it started as 55
acres? Wennlund: Yes, just over 11 acres being parceled off, essentially where existing business was (refer to
ariel). Hellriegel: We’re approving 11 acres? Wennlund: Correct. Hellriegel: I make that motion. Nolan: Can I
have a second? Standish: I'll second it. Nolan: All in favor say aye. Response: Aye. Nolan: Opposed? (no
response). Thanks guys. Bushong: All buildings going into industrial area? Murday: Time being, all one Pin
number, until County splits off and it gets a separate pin.
Murday: There's a gentleman Sue referred to me expressing interest on Planning Commission. If anyone has
interest, put the word out, keep on website. Even with Ralph's acceptance, would like one more person.
Newton: I reached out to one person I know, gave her your info. Nolan: For record, who resigned? Murday:
Mark Wolczak.
HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER’S REPORT-Massat: Nothing. Nolan: Doing stuff, salt? Massat: Snow & ice, salt,
that’s it.
Nolan: I'm not even going to ask Jane for Assessor's report. she's been busy last 2 months like crazy. you want
me to read off what you got? Bushong: A lot of appeals, really got hit was quite a few, still coming in. We were
able to handle a lot of them without having to go to hearing, which is good. Few still going to hearing, won't be
finished until close to mid December. Nolan: October 27th was the cutoff? Bushong: that was when I had to
submit last of my evidence but there is a second round of appeals coming in. getting slightly hit again, not as
bad as the first time. Hearings from first-round, still not all of them done.I think the last hearing is December
10th now. A couple commercial, most residential, a lot of subdivisions. This next year I really have to look at
subdivisions, make sure we're equal across the board. Nolan: Out of appeals we did, majority went down?
Assessed value? Bushong: Not necessarily, quite a few did, few very obvious, fair is fair. Comparisons were
obvious, in which case we took care of them right away. Vacant lots in some subdivisions very close and some
were very off. Worked with County and just went across the board to equalize them, took care of that right
away. A couple went up, most brought down. Some interesting challenges if you might. Nolan: Does PAMS
system help? Bushong: Tremendously, although I have really got to put more data into it. Really have to put
more data into it to make my life more simple, a ton of data still needs to be put in. I can barely keep up. every
month I get permits, new sales, basic stuff, inquiries, FOIA,and appraisal requests. That's not counting the
appeals keeping me busy right now, so I'm having trouble. I have to get past all of that, then I can get a day
and start inputting regular data, backtracking, and putting in property data. Once I have all that property data
put in for everybody's parcel, then I can just run reports, make it much more simple. Nolan: Once in the
system, we are probably a year out, starting from scratch, the real estate offices will be able to eventually get
online and look at, themselves? Bushong: It would be my personal goal, once all the data is in there, I'll
probably come to you and say, how do you want to do this? Ideally, another challenge, if we have our own
website, where we could link it, and it's capable of doing that with the PAMS system,they can pull up any piece
of data. Nolan: Can't they do that through County’s system? Bushong: Not completely, it does give a lot of
data, doesn't give you square footage, basement square footage. Nolan: Will it though? Bushong: Can it? Yes,
once I get all data in PAMS, we have capability if we choose to, set up a website to do that. Nolan: We have to
do it? Not County? Bushong: We have to do, and I don't believe, don't quote me, I don't believe that's going to
be like TOI. Not like our current website, more custom for that to happen. That's a direction a lot of the
townships are going. Taking PAMS system and linking to custom websites, so residents and everyone can
look up their own. Nolan: I thought that's what County was supposed to have, so everything was linked into
County. when we sat down with Rhonda Novak, that's what she said. Everything linked to County, everything
gonna come out of County. Bushong: It is, how do I say, it is linked right now, you can pull up your own parcel
or your neighbor's parcel. Nolan: Through County website? Bushong: Correct. County Supervisor of
Assessments website, you can pull up a lot of data, but not linked to my PAMS data. It's not going to give you
everything you want. There is a limit as to how much you're going to get out of it. It's still our data though, not
County’s, does that make sense? Hellriegel: That's why there's a separate Assessor. Nolan: It's not that Don,
it's when you start getting into running your own servers and all that, running a business, you probably have
your own server don't you? (unidentified): We just buy off other houses. Nolan: Posts and all that, you start
running websites, and all that, it's not as easy as people think at times. That's why I get concerned about
people getting into servers and that. Bushong: That's why I said I'm not dictating how we should go, just
saying, at some point, I might say “OK, everything's in there, what do you want to do next?” And you’d have to
make a decision at that time. Nolan: Gotcha. Bushong: Just wanted to make sure everyone is aware,on the
website this month, assessor's office has supper phone number, and a PO Box. So if anyone asks or inquires
they can call me, or email me. On website under contacts, that's about it. Nolan: How many real estate people
call a week? Bushong: On a busy day, probably about 5. Today was slow probably with the Holiday, I only got
1. Nolan: Ok, but average of 5 a day? Bushong: Can be, a few a week, that's for sure. With each one, it's not
just a phone call, or email, I have to do the leg work, pull up, and reply. Nolan: By law you have to answer back
to them, so I know it's a lot. Bushong: The way County explained to me when I was training, it is in our best
interest to get back to them ASAP or they will just FOIA it. If they FOIA it, I have a few extra steps, as for
legalities. So, I could just answer their questions and just get info to them as fast as possible. Nolan: I got ya.
Thank you.
TRUSTEE’S REPORT-Newton: I’d like to bring up website since Jane just mentioned it. Our website with TOI,
remember when I first started, I had a lot of problems and they dealt with me pretty good, struggled, but I finally
got it. Well, this last batch with agenda, and the minutes, it wouldn't let me copy. I thought it was done last
week, a few days later went to the website (I glance at it once in awhile) and nothing was there just empty. I
tried it again and it wouldn't work. So the other day, I retyped all the minutes and the agenda on our website,
clicked save, and guess what? Nothing, I entered a new tab for Assessor,I was simply going to put her name,
number, email, and PO Box, that was it. Did it, hit save. I could see it, look at it later, not there. So, I started
emailing them on Saturday, I know holiday weekend. I would think, at some point, when you're in charge of a
website a responsible person would look at it. I have not heard back from them. I don't know if we should
consider going with someone else, I don't need to spend 4 hours just to transfer agenda and minutes. Nolan: I
wouldn't have done it anyways, you got to understand, under law, we don't have to have a website. we do it for
economic reasons, plus not having a server and everything else. Newton: I like having, in a timely fashion.
Nolan: That’s part of hassle with that, that's why TOI was simplest one to go with, but they only charge us like
$350 a year. Newton: But it's not simple,it should be, but it's not. Nolan: Ok. Newton: Can I ask around, see
who other people use? Nolan: I thought Peotone, don't a bunch of them use that? Newton: No, Brian Cann
dropped them, I think that's what he told me. Wilton left and went to GoDaddy. I'm not a technical person I'll
have to investigate. Bushong: I used to use WordPress and I found it pretty easy for creating websites.
Newton: I'll have to dedicate time to look into. Bushong: it wasn't fancy but it was easy. Newton: When is our
lease up? What do you think? You want me to look for something else? Or you want me to just..Nolan: you're
actually the one doing the thing so whatever, you're volunteering to do, so. Newton: You want me to look into
something else? What do you guys think? Hellriegel: Ok with me, what works for you and easy for you.
Standish: Yep. Newton: Ok, I'll talk to you about it and look into GoDaddy, Ok? Answer: Yes. Newton: That’s it.
SUPERVISOR’S REPORT-Nolan:I'm going to pass, because we got some stuff coming up in Old Business
section to go through.
NEW BUSINESS-Nolan: Nothing on agenda.
OLD BUSINESS-Nolan:Park Donations Fund, you guys signed off on that today, we started that up so those
monies will be moved, we wrote check out, for Park Donation Fund was for $44,000 I think. As we talked last
time, that's where the monies belong so I pulled out of regular budget and put it in separately. It's not stuff that
we touch anyways, so when we get money from the farming we put into that Park Donations Fund. Ok?
Capital Fund we got 2 things to talk about, if we could just skip over to Levy first. For one part, because that's
more important than anything else right now. I sent this out you guys, just so we're all on the same page. Last
year we got 224,000 roughly ok for taxes, 20,000 from loan & 1,600 from farming property. so we had 245,000
that came in last year. last year we spent 180,000 of that. Right now, I kinda roughly did a little budget for you
guys to show you where we're at. We're at about 200,000 budgeted out for next year,I believe we're still going
to come in at about 185,000 to be honest with ya, when I look at these things back and forth. my question to
the board is, levies are coming up, instead of Levying for more money, my question was, do we stay at the
224, Jane, taxes are going up across the board right? Assessments 2%? Bushong: 2% on residential. Nolan:
2% across the board which is basically more or less what we're saying we don't... well, it's up to the board.
Newton: So you're saying, perhaps 2% increase on the 224? Nolan: I was going to say nothing, I was going
steady. Newton: But the projected… Bushong: Just be careful when you say 2% across the board, it's not on
industrial, commercial, or land, but is on home .I don't know what break down is right off the top of my head,
but is a huge portion. Newton:1.5% maybe? Bushong: Maybe, or 2. I don't know. 2% on all homes residential.
Hellriegel: You can't say it's 2% of the 224,000. Bushong: Right, that is my point. Hellriegel: it's not 2% of that
number.Bushong & Newton: Right. Newton: It's a 2% increase. Bushong: I don't know without going back and
checking right now, what percentage is our income based on residential buildings. Newton: I got it, yes, thank
you. Hellriegel: and this tax levy is strictly the Town Fund? Nolan: Strictly Town Fund has nothing to do with
Road Fund. Hellriegel: Not Road Fund ? Nolan: Correct, nothing to do with Road Fund, and I'll be honest with
ya,this 2019. 2020 you're probably gonna have for Road District for the longer, you're probably gonna have to
ask for more, because of all the new buildings which will start paying their taxes this year, cause there's been a
lot of new building, but they won't be on taxes for this coming up year. It will be 2021 I apologize. If that makes
sense, so a year from now, we'll be talking about actually doing a hearing, and going forward, from what I can
see from Road side of the business, because there is so many new buildings going in right now. We're not
voting on this tonight, it's more of a discussion, cuz we're coming in here next month for the Levies. I’m just
trying to get everyone's feed on where you guys want to be at, my personal opinion is that, stick with 224.
Normally, what people do is they'll ask for 2%, 3%, 5%, or you can ask for up to 15%, and go to hearings. I
wasn't planning on raising anything. Standish: Are we moving anything more to the Building Fund? Nolan:
That's a separate... that goes with Capital. That's why I wanted to start this before we go into Capital Fund.
Right now we're sitting if you take Town Hall Fund or Capital Fund that we actually have in budget. If you look
in budget it's says Park District monies - Park District Fund. Also says Capital Fund - Town Hall Fund in the
budget, we got 250,000 sitting there for Town Hall Fund,we really should put in separate account, and also in
the... which we’re gonna discuss, already moved the Park District Funds into a separate account all together.
So right now, when you look at this we're sitting at 180,000 for the Town Fund. If you look at books we closed
today. Standish: I'm all for lowering taxes or keeping the same. Is this going to help us to do this, or we going
to get hurt, and they drop the 224 down to say 220? Nolan: So basically, the taxes are going to go up 2%
nobody's gonna see that from the Township side, no one will see the 2% cause we're not going to ask for it.
does that kinda makes sense? Standish: So the people of the Township won't get hit with 2%? Hellriegel:
They're still getting hit with 2%. Nolan: the school gonna hit for 2%, the Fire District’s going to hit for 2%.
Hellriegel: Everyone’s taking a piece. Nolan: Everyone taking their piece of it. :Standish: Well if they get a meal
at Applebee's then I guess that's alright. Hellriegel: So you're going to ask for 224 like last year? Nolan: We all
have to vote on it next month anyway, either way you guys want it, I'll draft it up, I don't see value in…
Hellriegel: Ask for what you got last time. Nolan: That's all I'm saying. Hellriegel: If your budget will cover what
you got last year. Nolan:You’d be fine with that? Ok. Russ, your opinion? Standish: I think it's a great idea to
keep the taxes the same, I hope it makes a difference. Hellriegel: It's not us making the tax decisions though,
all we're doing is asking for the money that comes from the Taxes, the county makes the tax decisions.
Standish: I understand that, but the thing is, in his pocket, in his pocket, and his pocket, and I want to see
some money back. I mean if we're going to do it. Hellriegel: That's what she's doing with your appeal, we don't
make decision of taxes going up. Standish: No, I understand that part but you say we're going to stop the 2%
on the Township, is it gonna cut out anything on Road District? Hellriegel: No, this is not Road District.
Standish:That’s what I'm saying. Hellriegel: StrictlyTownship. Standish: Well, as long as we get the stuff we're
supposed to, and the people get a break, I don't see a problem. Hellriegel: The people aren't getting a break.
Masat: You're not gonna get a break. Bushong: Most people's taxes will go up slightly because of the 2%.
Standish: So what happens if we don't? They go up more? Nolan: Yes. Standish: Well isn't that a break?
Nolan: We’re not going to ask for the 2%. Standish: I understand. Nolan : So your taxes for the Township will
not go up. Correct, I think I said that right? Did I Cherie? Newton: I’m following. Nolan: Did I say it right or no?
What’s your thoughts? Newton: I asked for this for last meeting. Nolan: Yes, you did, that’s why I broke it out
like this. Newton: Maybe I’m confused with prior year, we asked for X% because we knew we would only get a
small, small, small, right? Remember what I’m talking about, what was that %? Nolan: Last year we asked for
almost 5%. Newton: Asked for almost 5? Hellriegel: Yes. Nolan: The year before that we asked for almost
14%. Newton: That's what I wanted to know, ok. Nolan: we want the budget, um.. levy we went for hearing.
Newton: So,14% in 2017 ? Nolan: Actually 4.9 or something like that from last year. Newton: In 2018? Nolan:
Yes. Newton: 14% in 2017 & 4.9 in 2018 correct? Nolan: Yes. Last year I know it was 4.9. Newton: Ok. Nolan:
Year before that, I wanna say it was 14, could have been 15. That's what I'm saying. Newton: I just had that
higher %, that's what I was thinking of,ok. Nolan: And this is where everyone always runs into problems, is that
government agencies seems like, if you don't ask for it, you don't get it, and if you don't ask for it, then you lose
it. Throws you off a little bit, I think we're in a position that we don't need to ask for it.We should ask for what
we got and that's problem with a lot of government agencies. Will County’s gonna tax the heck out of us this
year. They're going to levies too. I believe they're gonna tax the heck out of us this year. Fair? Ok. Hellriegel:
your taxes are going up next year. Nolan: I think we've done a very good job at spending money. I'll be honest
with ya. Hellriegel: Surviving within our means. Nolan: That's what it is, now keep going up, we don't need it all
so.. Hellriegel: Ok. Nolan: Second thing on there, was creation of Capital Fund, it’s more of a discussion right
now. If you remember from the attorney’s letter, was to start putting that...Hellriegel: Getting it out of the
General Fund. Nolan: Taking it out of General Fund, I haven't started the process with that one yet, I did one at
a time. I was going to start the process with this, but I wanted to make sure the wording, if you guys read that,
and there's any different wording we want. We can always adjust it as we go. I just wanted wording on it as we
go. Hellriegel: Well, we just can't leave it in that General Fund. Nolan: Correct, that can’t stay even attorney
and accountant say. Newton: So is your goal to do that one next? Nolan: Yes, you know me Cherie,I can only
do one thing at a time. Newton: I understand this. Nolan: Do you? That’s the way I was going to phrase it,just
didn't know if we wanted anything else on there, dates? long-term dates? short term dates? maximum?
Newton: Wait, read what you told you again. Nolan: I was just looking for his note. Newton: He was more
specific. Nolan: He was. Capital Fund basically what it says is the Township should have a plan for the
possible use of those funds, which may include for example, the construction of a Town Hall or development
of a combined Town Hall multi-use and Park facility. So I think this is phrased properly, cause basically it’s
saying for purpose to maintain, lease, or build aTown Hall/ Multi-use facility building. The reason why I put the
rest of these monies we’re a line item in the budget, and it should be placed in a separate account. They were
always line-itemed in. Town Hall Fund or whatever we called it back at that time. Newton: Ok. Nolan: I don't
know if you guys need any more discussion about it or not. Hellriegel: I don't. Nolan: You good? Hellriegel: I
think so. Nolan: Good Russ? Standish: I mean, I don't have a question, we've done this before, I understand
where it's going. Nolan: Just getting it in the books a little straighter. Newton: Do you have another set of these
2 for Sue? Nolan: Yeah, I have them right here. Newton: Can I have to put with my stack of stuff for her?
Nolan: Yes, you can. Newton: Thank you.
Nolan: Can I have a motion to adjourn the meaning? Hellriegel: Any public comments? Nolan: Sorry, I
apologize. Bushong: I have a question, we approved the PACE transportation deal, correct? Nolan: Yes, we
put money in the budget for it. Bushong: Is it effective? Can we announce it? Can people use it? Hellriegel: I
don't believe it is effective yet. Newton: No. Bushong: It is not effective yet? Hellriegel: No. Nolan: I’ll let you
know at next meeting. I apologize. Bushong: Ok.
Hellriegel: I have a question for the Assessor, do you like it? Bushong: Oh, I do. I love what I'm doing.
Hellriegel: Ok, because you volunteered for this. Bushong: I'm a little overwhelmed, I'll be honest with you, and
I didn't, and Jim knows this, I didn't quite expect to be appointed and then get hit within a week, bombarded
with appeals. So, it’s been interesting, and learning, I’ve learned hard & fast. Nolan: We made a mistake,
actually, I made a mistake. We appointed, we probably should have held back until after all the reviews were
all done and all that, before we did what we did. Bushong: Because the County would have, not solely me. But
you know what, In fairness, they have been great. I’ve had a ton of questions, and I've had to go to them a lot.
they provided me a lot of guidance. I actually really do like doing all the work and I'm still learning. the farther I
go in this, the more respect I have for what Joann did and knew. Hellriegel: You can resign. Newton: Thank
you for all your doing. Nolan: I'll be honest with you, from a board standpoint it's one of the best things we've
ever done, is appoint her to this position. Cause actually, one of the best things for the taxpayers of the
Township is getting this thing in line, because it comes down to assessed value. Regardless what anyone says
it comes down to assessed value, nothing else matters. You can't even start working the budgets without
assessed values. Bushong: It’s true. Nolan: It’s truly where it all begins and it doesn't matter if that's not right in
government. Newton: Have you gotten a bill from them yet? Nolan: Who? Newton: County. Nolan: No, she
keeps calling me. They cancelled their meeting, I didn't cancel the meeting. Am I wrong? Bushong: We’re
waiting now I guess. Nolan: I walked in the County building, at the time of the meeting and they said “Oh, we
can't meet with you guys today.”Newton: Ok. Nolan: Then they called and said can you meet next week? No,
I'm busy. Newton: I can meet. I don't mind going with to be an extra set of ears. Nolan: That's ok. Newton: Or
have questions.
Chris Russell: I have a question, is the Town Fund the same thing as Capital Fund? Are those the same?
Nolan: It’s in the same, here's the thing is, Park Donations, general Assistance Fund, it’s all in the Town Fund,
but it’s broken into separate checking accounts. That's what you're doing breaking down into separate
checking accounts. Russell: I’m sorry I meant Town Hall Fund. Nolan: No, it’s a...Russell: Is Town Hall Fund
same as Capital Fund? Nolan: Yes. Russell: Ok. Nolan: That’s what it’s being revised. Newton: It will be.
Nolan: It will be. Russell: That’s the next one being pulled out of Town...Nolan: Correct, sorry, yes. In the
budget line item it says Town Hall Fund. Russell: And that will be changed, the name will change to Capital.
Nolan: The name will change to Capital, Town/Multi-Use Fund or something like that. Did I adjourn? No, I didn’t
yet. Can I get a motion to adjourn the meeting? Standish: I make a motion to adjourn the meeting. Nolan:
Second? Hellriegel: Second. Nolan: All in favor? Board: Aye. Voice vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:51 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, (Hand notes by Trustee Newton & audio recording)
Susan Coffey, Clerk
OCTOBER 14, 2019
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:01 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Roll call - In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Newton, Standish, Hellriegel, Commissioner Massat,
Supervisor Nolan, and Clerk Coffey.
Clerk Coffey submitted the minutes of the regular meeting held September 9, 2019. There was a motion to
approve the minutes submitted by Trustee Standish, with a second by Trustee Hellriegel. Voice vote: Motion
PUBLIC COMMENTS - Schultz: At the end. Nolan: Ok, never stopped you.
PLANNING COMMISSION - Chairman Murday stated matter set for planning commission next month, it is
property on LaGrange owned by Tracy family. Map amendment from A-1 to I-1 thought being, would like to
lease under I-1 to become income producing. For sale sign posted, also interested in selling. Murday to have
conversation with attorney representing Tracy family. Will ask if they want I-1 before sale. Some confusion over
if someone wants to buy & put something up there, don’t know why they wouldn’t purchase and then come
before us and County to rezone, as opposed to Tracy’s rezoning A-1 to I-1. Chairman Murday will provide
Trustee Newton with information for the website. Newton: I have put it on website. Murday: I think they are
going to carve out 5-10 acre parcel fronting LaGrange to zone I-1. Will county ordinance has to be 10 acres.
Nolan: how many acres in all? Murday: I think 60-70.
Murday: A gentleman called me, he resides at 8045 W Pauling Rd., Bob knows him, has discussed flooding
issues, wants to know if township can help alleviate flooding issue in front of his property. Gave info to Nolan,
and advised he come to the board. Just wanted to let everyone know. Newton: I spoke with him as well, and
told him to come to a meeting. Wagner: I replied to an email, stating same thing. Massat: He wants to run
water, it all goes to the south and he wants to run it to the north, and head east. It does not go that way. He
can come here and talk to these people all he wants. Unless they can get a grant from County and put tiles to
go to south east, is the way it’s supposed to go. But when people build homes and put in pastures, all that,
fencing pole barns, they screw all that up and look for someone else to help drain their property. I talked to the
guy, I’m not diggin a 9ft ditch down the road to help him out. I’m not doing it. Hellriegel: The flow of water
across property from 1 side to other. Massat: I’m going from one watershed to another watershed and you
can’t do that, by law. Nolan: About 2 ½ years ago, I went with you over there. Massat: About a year and a half
ago I told him. Nolan: Wants to drain off his property into ditches back to creek, should probably talk to County.
Hellriegel: When creek right behind him. Nolan: I don’t think that’s his property. Hellriegel: It’s not, but go talk to
your neighbor once you send him the water, then they have to do something with it. Nolan: When you drive
down 88th Ave. before Offner, floods on each side, building house right in middle, how County is allowing, I
don’t comprehend at all. Land Use allowing them. Hellriegel: He’s kind of on a high spot. Wagner: Looks as if
he’s only inches above grade with his foundation. Massat: He is gonna put in a pond.
Murday: Ralph Dietz of 24824 S Harlem indicates his interest in serving on the Planning Commission, we have
been communicating, may meet this week. Currently he is an engineer at the University of Chicago, retiring
and has time, would like to do something for the Township. Murday: Still want a few more members. Last
inquiry from me, regarding large acreage for sale. Massat & Hellriegel: Watson ground. Murday: Just
wondering in case there is a development purpose. That’s all. Nolan: Thanks Don.
HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER’S REPORT - Commissioner Massat: Done paving, done tar & chipping, just
working on drainage tiles, a lot of culverts to replace, we haven’t even got to. That’s about it. Nolan: How many
culverts you got to replace? Massat: 4 or 5 on Offner, 3 on Kuse, 2 on 80th. Nolan: Is that personal or cross
roads, and you have to rip up roads? Massat: Yep.
ASSESSOR’S REPORT - Nolan: Jane was unable to attend. She sent me a report, I forgot to bring it. My fault.
Newton: You want me to bring it up on my phone? What do you want, the report? Nolan: Yes, she sent a
report. I’ll give you a little, last day for appeals is October 27th, everything has to be done. She is just swamped
right now, I know that. I will forward her report to everybody. Newton: (looking in phone) Was it the September
2019 Assessor Report and expenses? Nolan: No it was last week, sent report to me.
TRUSTEE’S REPORT - Newton: Had one minor thing, I’ve been trying to get us the handbooks from TOI, I got
a text from them, she said, she just sent them.
SUPERVISOR’S REPORT - Nolan: I’m gonna pass because New Business is all pertaining to it anyways.
NEW BUSINESS - Nolan: Park Donation Fund, I forwarded you guys everything from Weber (accountant) and
also the attorney. We talked before about separating everything out from the Town Fund. Couple questions I
asked: General Assistance Fund being used for Will Ride, that, in their opinion is “not acceptable,” so that
cannot be done that way. Park Donation Fund, what can they be used for & what they can’t, and if they should
be separated from regular Town Fund. They said, “They should be separated.” Another question, about real
estate taxes. That property is farmed, we pay taxes on it. Can the money generated from that be used to pay
taxes? So, suggestion was also to move that Park Donations into a separate Fund. I believe Bill, back in your
days, you did have that separated. Wagner: Yes, I don’t know when it got unseparated. Nolan: When I took
over it was all in one place and just line itemed out. Any suggestions? It’s the proper way to do it, but the taxes
could be paid. Wagner: So the rent will go into the Park Fund, does it actually have to go into the Park Fund?
Nolan: Yes, because it is park land, no different than having as a bank account. Park donations sitting in the
bank collects interest, interest cannot be used for anything in Town Fund, has to remain in Park Donations.
Wagner: I just know the law is specific, the Park Donations can only be spent on property, I don’t recall it being
specific on anything else. Newton: Did you see this from George Mahoney (attorney)? Wagner: I don’t think I
did. Newton: This was his response. Nolan: “Restricted to general use and purpose which may be permitted
under County ordinance required. These include using the fund for the park, public open space, or recreation
opportunities within the Township. Payments cannot be used for non-park related purposes.” So, property
taxes would be park related. We’ve been paying out of Town Fund for I don’t know how long. So I’ll be
changing that out. Other thing, Capital Fund, we talked about putting money, it just really needs pre-approval of
Town Board. Starting a Township all Capital Fund. So, I think we need to outline what Capital Funds are for.
We have them sitting in a Town Fund, we called it for a building, so we have money sitting there, it needs to be
moved out of Town Fund. Hellriegel: It can’t sit in there? Nolan: It should not sit in there, it’s got to be brought
out separately, but we got to design it and how the board wants to approve it for. Newton: The creation of the
Capital Fund. Nolan: Thank you. Can you read that for me, mine was cut off. Newton: His response? Nolan:
Please, thank you. Newton: (reading attorney’s response) I view the creation of a Capital Fund account to be
part of the Township budgeting an approval process and within the purview of the Township Board, in our
opinion it does not need to be approved by the voters. The Township should have a plan for the possible uses
of those funds, which may include, for example, construction of a Town Hall or the development of a combined
Town Hall / Multi Use and Park Facility. Nolan: And I think we created a line item, before everything was
bulked into one place. I don’t think we actually designed how we wanted it. So I think going forward we need to
figure out how to word this up. Hellriegel: These are Capital Funds coming in for this? Nolan: It’s Capital Funds
when we do the budget, how we allocate money out. It’s just always been put in one place. That’s not a good
way. You had everything separated at one time. Wagner: We never had a Capital. Nolan: Right, correct.
Wagner: I fully agree it should be in a separate fund. Hellriegel: Yes, if we’re asking for it that way, it should be.
Nolan: I’ll ask him to draft up, how to word it. I’m assuming, as a board we’re still looking at it for a Town Hall.
Down the line. Wagner: Right. Hellriegel: Airport’s coming, so they say. Wagner: They’ve been saying since
“78.” Hellriegel: If they approve that exit off Eagle Lake Rd. that airport is coming. Massat: They appropriated
165 million for that. Nlan: So for Capital Fund, I will throw something up, or write it out, ask the lawyer to
approve it, wording wise, and send out to board. Get your guy’s opinion on it at next meeting. Newton: And
vote on it at next meeting? Nolan: Yeah, if that's fair, we can always change wording at next meeting.
Nolan: Last thing, we have levies coming up, December we have to do levies, from Road District is one aspect,
from Township is different, from what we spent and everything else, I think we had a 2% increase if I’m not
mistaken. My suggestion, would be, and you guys all saw the budget and what we spent, and previous year.
That 224 we took in last year about 4000-4500 was General Assistance Fund, which we haven’t used since
i’ve been sitting here. We have like 30 grand in there, which hasn’t been touched, so levying for it, I’m not.
Wagner: Right. Nolan: So as we build this levy back up, or how we’re going to do this, going into 2020. It’s one
thing I don’t think we should levy for, General Assistance, right now. Hellriegel: You’re saying, leave it the
same? Nolan: Leave same for Township, minus the General Assistance. So, basically you’re saying about 224.
Hellriegel: Again, they say if you lower it you can’t get it back, so you don’t want to lower it. If you don’t want to
raise it then, levy for same thing as last year. Nolan: That’s what I’m saying, I think that’s where we had this
discussion last year bill, that’s why I don’t want to wait till last minute. Wagner: If you lower it to the point that it
lowers the tax rate, you can’t raise a tax rate without a referendum. Hellriegel: Yeah, you’d like to lower if not
using, but if you lower it, it gets you later. Nolan: That’s the discussions the board has to make on some of this
stuff. I know we look at long term too, just not for right now. Long term you don’t want to hurt the Township, in
15-20 years by doing something like this. Newton: Could we have like, what we did last year, and a column
proposal for coming year? So, we can see the difference or change? Nolan: One more time? Newton:
Compare the real numbers, not just around 2%. Actual percentage and the numbers? What we did last year,
and what we’re thinking this year? For 2020? Nolan: Ok, see that where the levies, I think skew us, you’re
projecting what you think is going to come in, you don’t have actual numbers until they come in. Am I wrong,
Bill? Wagner: Correct. Until April 1st. Nlan: That’s our dilemma, at times. You can take a good guess.
Hellriegel: That’s the reason you don’t want to lower it, they can even lower it more, they aren’t giving you what
you ask for sometimes. Wagner: You always estimate extremely high, then they lower to what we are legally
allowed to have. Newton: What did we ask , what was the figure last year? Nolan: The figure we asked for was
224 something. Don’t quote me on that exactly, that’s what I’m trying to say. 224 range and I want to say that
was only about 1% increase or 1.75% increase over or just say 2% over previous year. Hellriegel: And got it?
Nolan: When we went to levy we asked for 4.99 and got 2. Hellriegel: Ok. Nolan: Years previously, everyone
looked at 15% and still got 2, cause your asking for all that money coming in. Looking to see what direction to
kinda go on this. Hellriegel: So, you’d like to see some numbers in front of you? Newton: For our next meeting,
so we could see before we vote on it in December. Nolan: I got you, Ok. Wagner: It’s coming up fast. Nolan:
That’s why, if you don’t have conversations it sneaks up on you, that’s when mistakes happen. I want to be
proactive on this one. Put that back on Agenda for next month, conversation. We don’t have to make a
decision until December on this whole thing. Wagner: Kinda related to some of this, the info that Gearge
provided us about some of those funds, did George bill us for that? Nolan: If he hasn’t he will. Wagner:
Because, we also sent, looks like we sent Steve Weber $115 for his consulting with George? Nolan: Yes.
Wagner: Why do we do that? Nolan: Because, when you’re starting funds, I don’t think there’s anyone better in
the County than Weber, to be honest with you. Wagner: I understand, but if he needs legal help to do his job,
then why is he charging us for that? I mean we’re going to him as subject matter expert. Nolan: I went to the
attorney first. Wagner: Ok. Nolan: Let me rephrase some of this. Some of this was also Park District, which had
nothing to do with funding. So, there’s legal questions and then there’s accounting questions. Wagner: I still,
Nolan: Maybe I didn’t explain it right. Wagner: I’m still concerned about paying Weber for going to our attorney
to get an answer. I mean, we go to our attorney to get an answer. Nolan: Weber never went to our attorney.
Our attorney asked me if he could get in contact with our accountant. I said yes. Wagner: And he charged us
$115 (Weber) to do that. Nolan: Yes, which I, personally, have no problem with. Wagner: I don’t know. Coffey:
Would he have charged us, if it wasn’t the attorney that called him? If you would have called him, would he
have charged you? Nolan: I would assume when anyone calls, he would charge them. Murday: You’re talking
about 2 guys with separate disciplines. You’re talking one, an accountant, one an attorney, and you put their
heads together, and come up with the answer. To me, it makes perfect sense. The accountant’s not going to
give you legal advice, and the attorney’s not going to give you accounting advice. So, they put their heads
together and say, this is what we have to do. So, that one meets with accounting standards, and one meets
with legal standards. Wagner: I guess when I go to an accountant for accounting advice, he knows all the
legalities of the advice he’s giving and I shouldn’t have to go to an attorney, if my accountant knows what we
can legally do with the accounts. Murday: The accountant is not going to practice law. Wagner: Understand,
but he’s going to understand the law, so he knows how to do his accounting. He’s not a bookkeeper, he’s an
accountant. So, he should know what things we could legally do with accounts. Murday: But he’s never going
to give you an opinion, unless he knows, he has some kind of foundation on which he can protect himself. He’s
going to give you accounting information. If your accountant is giving you legal advice, then he’s overstepping
his bounds. An accountant gives you accounting advice. He may know how the law interacts or interplays with
the accounting function, but he’s not going to give you legal advice. Wagner: I understand. Murday: His
malpractice isn’t going to cover that. So, for malpractice purposes, I believe both of them confer, so that they
can come up with something together. So, the attorney has the accountant and his say, so he’s covered in that
aspect, and the accountant has talked to the lawyer, so he’s covered from his aspect. I see it all the time.
Interdisciplinary conferences to make sure you’re appropriately covered. If what they’re doing is making sure
our books, and our records are where they need to be then that’s worth $115. Nolan: Bill, I’ll be honest with
you, you’re talking about me moving $300,000 around, I want to get advice from a legal standpoint, and an
accounting standpoint. Wagner: I understand it’s not a whole lot of money, but I don’t feel like we should be
paying two people to come up with the same answer. Or, he should say, I think this is what you should do, and
we should be going to the attorney and say, “Is this legal?” Now that I know you had him call, so it’s kinda the
same thing. Nolan: Sorry, I wanted to double check everything. Wagner: Skip you as middleman, which is ok, I
understand better now. Nolan: Like going to doctor, and getting a second opinion. Wagner: yeah, but my
doctor is not going to charge me for the second opinion. Massat: That’s right. Wagner: Second opinion doctor
will charge you, and the second opinion doctor should not call my doctor to find out what he should say.
OLD BUSINESS - Nolan: I had Will Ride, cleared up with attorney. We can’t do that way with General
Assistance, just FYI, and Don was going to take over, and run this thing. Hellriegel: Nope. Wagner: How many
seats you have on that tractor? (laugh) Nolan: What if we vote on it? Wagner: Don’t miss a meeting. Nolan: As
soon as you don’t show up. Wagner: I make a motion (laughter)
COMMENTS - Schultz: Is 88th Ave a construction route? Massat: Huh? What? Is 88th Ave a construction
road? Schultz: Yeah. Massat: Sometimes, sometimes not, why? Schultz: All those trucks the other day.
Massat: They were going to a job for Green Garden Township. Schultz: They hurt that road. Massat: Yeah, ok.
Schultz: But you got a construction road they could have came up on, off of Center. Massat: Dralle That’s the
construction road, is Dralle. Schultz: But they didn’t use it. Massat: No, because it’s shorter straight 88th Ave to
Stuenkel, than to all the way down and around and back up Stuenkel. Schultz: So they hurt 88th Ave now?
Massat: It ain’t that bad. Schultza; Yeah it is. Massat: No different than what it was before. Schultz So the
people seen that, and a couple houses away, 2 days later, here comes all the semis haulin’ dirt in there.
Massat: Where did the dirt go? Schultz: I didn’t care. Massat: Well I know but, did you know where the dirt
went? Schultz: Sure. Massat: Cause I have bond on those people. Schultz: I know where it went, and the
house has been there for probably 50 years. Massat: Well then they don’t have a bond if house has been
there for 50 years. Schultz I walked out there when all the trucks were like a parade there, and you can see the
road moving under them. Massat: They all move Buddy. Schultz: And you know the guy from the County about
the water thing? Newton: Brian? Schultz: A private engineering firm drew it up, walked it up to County, Ok
looks good, and they never even looked at it. Then, Greg comes out and Bob knows Greg, he’s a worthless
piece of ...Nolan: Don’t write that down. Coffey: I, Massat: S**t. I’ll say it for ya. Nolan: Don’t say it! Schultz: He
didn’t even get out of the car, yeah, this looks good. Massat: They’re useless there at County, they won’t do
nothing for you. Schultz: He said once County stamps it, right or wrong, it’s done. Newton: Bob, what is the
appeal process? Massat: Ask Bill, we went out there and had a meeting with them on your little episode, there
the plans show a 7ft berm. He has an 18ft berm, so we ask County what you gonna do? They ain’t gonna do
anything, we don’t care. If he ever decides for us to come and look at it maybe he can draw up a new plan and
show us that it’s 15ft high and we’ll accept it. Schultz: How does he get in office or how does he get his job?
Massat: Probably appointed, been there a long time. Schultz: Who would appoint him? Walsh? Massat: Oh,
Larry, I don’t know how those guys get their jobs to be honest with you. Schultz: He don’t deserve nothing, he’s
terrible. Massat: I run into that issue a lot, like with Bill. Wagner: Problem I have is there’s no ordinance against
it. No ordinance against, they allow it. Massat: But his plans show 7ft berm, he’s at 15ft berm, they say “So
what.” Wagner: No ordinance against 15ft berm so he’ll just submit another plan for later on and say it’s 15ft
and they’ll accept it. Schultz: So we can’t vote him out ever? Has he been there for life? Massat: Been there
long time. Wagner: Are there actually County engineers? It’s same thing, they just go by whatever engineer
they hire, that’s the plan they use. Schultz: But Greg is not an engineer, is he? Massat: I don’t think.Schultz:
Just a yes man? Massat: I believe so. Wagner: You would hope they have an engineer on staff, that would
look at these things and say yeah. Massat: I don’t even think they do them themselves anymore. Schultz: They
don’t. It’s on 30 an engineering firm, and when they do it , they walk it up there and Ok, they don’t even look at
it. Nolan: I’ll be honest, you remodel your house or addition, and this is going back 20 years. If you have
architect or engineer stamp, you walk into building department and they see a stamp, it’s done. Schultz: Oh, I
know. Nolan: I remodeled my house 20 some years ago and had architect stamp and they said “done.” I don’t
know if they don’t have resources or people, I don’t know. Strigow: That was the Building Department your
talking about. Schultz: What does he do? The Brian guy? Nolan: Land Use or is he Code Enforcement?
Newton: He
S Land Use. Massat: He’s on drainage. Newton: He’s been helpful to us as a board in the past, when we had
questions, like with gun club, and I have asked him, if this isn’t your thing, can you tell us who we should be
talking to? He’s usually pretty good about saying, “That’s not me, speak to so and so.” Schultz: There’s
nothing they gonna do about it. Newton: The supervisor came out? Greg? And said? Schultz: He said, “Yeah,
that’s fine.” Massat: I can tell you, I think your road gets 3 inches next year. Schultz: Huh? Massat: 3 inches of
pavement next year. I think it’s on the list. Schultz: To tell you the truth, Massat: They’re gonna move faster!
Schultz: I don’t care about that. With the way the water problem is, it still ain’t gonna stay longer and there’s
nothing you can do. If you put across the road now right there on Brockman’s field is just like a swamp, you
know what it smells like? Massat: Sewer. Schultz: And somebody gotta be running sewer there and y9ou know
what County says, “No, that’s ok.” Striggow: Used to have dye tablets if they thought they were running sewer
there. Schultz: They told everyone they were going to do it. Massat: Was cold patch good on Stuenkel Rd?
Schultz: I don’t know. Massat: You don’t go that way no more? Schultz: I never did go that way. Massata: I
thought you went 45 to Stuenkel. Schultz: Oh, yeah, needs couple more holes filled. Massat: Yeah, well, we
ran out that day. Nolan: We filled some. Schultz: One of your generous workers filled a little whole right in front
of my driveway. I’m so happy about that.
Striggow: Park Fund, how many dollars are we talking there? Nolan: Roughly, $35,000-$40,000. Striggow:
That’s what’s left out of Park District Donation Fund? Nolan: They never separated it though, all those dollars
over the years, it was all funded into Town Fund. When I took over, I went back through records I could find
and calculated what was owed to that fund, to be in there. They kept in the Town Fund. Striggow: Park District
money I’m talking about is from house building. Nolan: That’s all gon, I think when, Wagner: When we bought
the 30 acres. Nolan: They never took the money and separated it out from Park Fund line item. When I took
over, I tried to calculate as far back as I could go to put it in. Striggow: How many thousands are you planning
to put into Capital Fund? Nolan: I think $250,000, what are you thinking? Schultz: Are we ever going to have a
park? I don’t need one. Nolan: Here’s where you get caught up on this stuff. We live out in the country,
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:00 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Newton, Standish, Hellriegel, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor Nolan,
and Clerk Coffey.
Clerk Coffey submitted the minutes from the regular meeting held August 12, 2019. There was a motion to
approve the minutes as submitted by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Newton. Voice vote: Motion
PUBLIC COMMENTS - Buddy Schultz will respond at end of meeting in case of controversy.
● Nothing for August, nothing on schedule for September.
● Need to populate Planning Commission. Chairman Murday asks for info to be posted on website, and
through word of mouth. Three openings for a board of 7, with hopes of representing all quadrants of
township, Massat: Used to be 5. Please direct responses to Don Murday. Asks to be excused early for
prior commitment.
● Schultz: How many acres for 2 horses? Murday: When questions arise, I look to the code. Massat: 2 ½.
Murday: Is that County ordinance? Nolan: I think, a horse per acre plus 1 per half. Massat: Used to be 2
½. Schultz: Realtor advertising 2 horses on 2 acres, property location 24750 88th Ave., what is the
zoning? Massat: Thought A-1, their A-2 residential, not AG. Schultz: You can have a horse per acre?
Massat: I don’t think so. Murday: Send me address, I will look at zoning and tell you what is permitted. It
is R-2 on map. Murday & Nolan to follow up. Wayman: Saddle Ridge 2 ½ acres, no horses allowed.
Nolan: Might be HOA regulations. Wagner: Might have covenants.
● Done Tar & Chipping, going back to mowing, changing culverts, and cleaning ditches.
● Tar & Chipped 4 miles A-1, 1 mile A-3. 5 mile total. Schultz: Still sweep chips on road? Massat:
Sometimes we do. We get chewed out for doing, people on motorcycles say they slip & slide, also on
cut grass.
● Trustee Newton states she contacted TOI for Trustee Handbook, sent letter to their contact 7-24-19.
Asked for next publication, response was, no impending publication. TOI agreed to send 4 of the latest
publications at no charge.
● AFR complete & filed with the state. Will give Sue copy to file with County.
● Contacted Attorney for: “Will Ride” if able to use General Assistance? Park Donation Property Fund
(not allowed to use), how to set up in different Fund? Can income on that property be used to pay the
● Sent email to Rhonda Novak (Supervisor of Assessments - County) to see what needs to be done to
close out that bill. Should have one final bill from County. Newton: What about getting our files back?
Nolan: Will figure that out after hearing back from County, files are to come back here (building).
Newton: Don’t they need to be locked? Nolan: Building is locked. Newton: I thought we discussed
building a wall, closet, or something? Nolan: There’s no difference between an office & the building. We
can still discuss, it’s going to take time to get everything back too. Newton: Doesn’t it say, needs to be
in an enclosed secure location? Not just a locked door? Wagner: Like a locked cabinet? Newton: Jane
(Bushong)? Bushong: I will check with County, but not supposed to be open access to everybody, any
information that could be requested in a FOIA would need to be protected. Newton: File cabinets with
keys? Bushong: Yes, that would at least be a good idea. To recreate data & information would be
● Nolan: Can I have a motion to Appoint Jane Bushong as Green Garden Township Assessor? Wagner:
So moved. Nolan: Can I have a second? Trustee Hellreigel made a second to the motion. Roll Call:
Wagner, yes; Hellriegel, yes; Newton, yes; Standish, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion carried, 5-0.
● Oath administered by Clerk Coffey and sworn to by Jane Bushong for appointment of Assessor. Phone
number discussed and to be posted on website.
● Discussion for “Will Ride”, will put on Agenda for next meeting. Waiting to hear back from Attorney.
Schultz: What’s going in on corner of Manhattan-Monee & 45? Massat: Used to be Davis Paving, still think it’s
going, no word from anybody, Davis & Sylvestri Paving. Sylvestri Paving just cores out roads, don’t have
paving plant. Davis Concrete bought in years ago, all equipment stored across street. Don’t think anything
different from other plans, but County jumps over Township. Nolan: Zoned industrial, abatement granted a year
and half or two years ago. Schultz: Do they get free taxes for 5 years? Nolan: 2 years, that’s it. Newton: I think
the 2 years is coming up. Nolan: Being taxed farm now. Schultz: Will new Assessor be qualified to assess
something like that? Bushong: Will work with County on something like this (industrial). I also have objective to
reach out to other townships, just for advice (guidance). Massat: When you apply for permit and they accept
what you’re gonna do, which they did 10 years ago. They should have never been AG. Should have been
taxed what they were zoned. They change zoning to Commercial, Tax Assessor should have already nailed
them Commercial, not AG. Bushong: Not professed to be an expert, my understanding is there might be an
exception on that. I am not to solely rely on zoning, like County. Example: I have a piece I’m working on now. It
was Farm, has home (Residential), farm buildings (Farm), and turned major Pole Building into a venue (renting
on weekends, for large price). So, now there is Commercial, too. County is handling zoning, I’m breaking into
portions (Farm, Residential, & Commercial). My concern, tax assessment. Massat: When approved for
subdivisions & market went down, they all (developers) went to County and cancelled everything. No longer
AG, zoning was already changed (Residential). Can’t change AG gotta change Residential. Wagner:
Historically, assessed for “use” not zoned. Nolan: Like property along 57, zoned Industrial/Commercial.
Changed back to AG, tax related.
Jim Hilliard: Last meeting I attended didn’t have a budget, did you fix budget problem? Nolan: Voted on budget,
still needs to be amended. Assessor coming on, we need Assessor Budget within that budget, still being
worked on and in touch with lawyers. Hilliard: How much was legal fees for that? Nolan: $1200.00 Newton: 1
bill for them. Nolan: $1162.50 paid in August to attorney. Hilliard: Did we receive any MFT funds for roads?
Nolan: Yes. Hilliard: How much is that, about a year? Massat: What does it total out to? Hilliard: Yes, what is
the estimate? Massat: $80,000.00 a year. Nolan: You don’t have to use all in a year, you can save that.
Massat: We don’t get that money, stays at County, doesn’t come to me. Hilliard: We get $80,000.00, how do
you use it? Massat: I apply, I go in, sit down with them, tell them I want to do a project. They send out for bid,
they do all engineering, they send everyone out to watch how it gets done, they pay it. Nolan: You can bank
that money for 3 years say, you can pave 2 miles of road (blacktop). You can’t use for equipment, has to do
with roads. Can’t use on Bridges, right Bob? Massat: No. Hilliard: You did 5 miles of road (tar & chip), do you
have a plan to do all gravel roads around here? As far as, so many miles a year? Reason I ask, I grew up in
Homer on gravel. There is not a gravel road there, I understand Homer is completely different than us with
residential growth, and the amount they have. Look at Kankakee County, I can go down a mile road with no
houses on it, and it’s tar & chipped. Not saying you’re doing a bad job, do you have a plan on how many miles
or what year you think they’d all be done? Massat: I came here, there were no paved roads, nothing except
Harvest Hills. We have 70 miles of road, I have 9 miles left. So there you go. Homer has a budget of 6.5
million, I have 670,000. Hilliard: I’m just asking what your plan is? Sounds like you should have this wrapped
up in 2 years. If you did 5 miles this year, you have 9 left. Massat: No, no, those A-1’s were miles I had done
last year, I did A-2 on them, so I did A-1 on them to make them A-3’s. I only did 1 mile this year and I did it A-3.
So next year, I’ll do overlay 5-6 miles, A-1 and maybe 1-2 miles A-2’s or A-3. Hilliard: So, 1 mile of road?
Massat: Maybe 2 in a year, you have to get base first, have to widen to 22ft. at least. You have to put $70,000
of base on every road. Nolan: I think last year we did 3 1/2 , but we got free base grindings, if I’m not mistaken.
Massat: Yeah. Nolan: Do you live on gravel? Massat: Yeah. Hilliard: I do, just asking out of curiosity. Everyone
has the same question about Kankakee County, and for some reason it’s tar & chip is holding up well. Massat:
Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know, but they told me years ago Kankakee County went with the Township
and helped them tar & chip all those roads, and then gave them back to the townships to maintain after that. A
lot of those townships got less money than I got, I don’t know how they got all that tar & chipping. Wagner:
They are not all tar & chipped. Massat: There’s still gravel. Hilliard: There is some, out in Limestone area, I
know they are not “all”, but I go down & farm, I can go down 4 miles and maybe 2 houses. It’s not wide but it’s
tar & chipped, less population than we have, by a lot, so I’m sure the budget’s a lot less also. That’s it, that’s all
I have.
Schultz: Stuenkel & 45, have someone fill the holes! Nolan: That’s State. Schultz: Couple ugly ones. Massat:
You want me to spend money on State property? Holes on edge of Stuenkel, if you want me to go ahead &
spend money on State road. Schultz: Take a couple of shovels of grindings. Massat: We do that. You’d be
surprised how many times. Trucks & trailers going to landscaper just tears it out of there. Nolan: Lot of traffic,
not his apron. Massat: We’ll take care of it for you.
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Hellriegel, with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice
vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
AUGUST 12, 2019
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll Call In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Newton, Hellriegel, Standish, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor Nolan, and Clerk Coffey. Clerk Coffey submitted the minutes from the regular meeting held July 8, 2019. There was a motion to approve the minutes as submitted by Trustee Hellriegel with a second by Trustee Newton. Voice vote: Motion carried. INTRODUCTION OF GEORGE MAHONEY​ (Mahoney, Silverman, & Cross) ● Attorney appointed at last meeting. ● 19 lawyers in the firm. ● Attorney Marron Mahoney introduced, short presentation regarding issues elected officials are interested in, Open Meetings Act, Governmental Ethics, and Freedom of Information Act. An informational page was distributed to the board (attached). Packets were also distributed to most of the board. ● OMA Training Required. ● Any questions that come up, feel free to contact their office. PUBLIC COMMENTS​ - None ● Schultz states, “About what? You haven’t done anything yet.” PLANNING COMMISSION ● No August meeting. ● Robert Norkus passed away last Thursday. Mr. Norkus was the longest serving member of the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission is grateful for his many years of service to the Township. Mrs. Norkus appreciated the acknowledgement from the Township. Bob will be missed. ● Applicant Peter & Tony Wiatr in attendance requesting approval for Map Amendment A-2 to A-1 for property located at 24018 Center Rd. Purpose for pole barn & lifting restrictions. Chairman Murday briefed board of history regarding this applicant. Stated notification was given to neighbors, neighbor to south voiced objection at Planning Commission meeting. Murday suggested less evasive way of variance, also 2 parcels do not equal 10 acres and there are set back issues. A-1 has no limitation on livestock. Discussed E-2, A-2, and some A-1 surround parcel. Planning Commission not in favor. Application tabled at last Planning Commission meeting. County notified Murday applicant was going through with application for Map Amendment. Planning Commission polled, 4-0 against. Applicant to appear before Township board. ● Peter Wiatr apologized for not being fully prepared at PC meeting, pointing out 70% of township is A-1. Parcels purchased 11 years ago at 10.13 acres. Highway Department took 75 feet for easement, leaving 9.82. 9 neighbors notified, only 1 objection. Supervisor Nolan asked if Wiatr was paid for easement? Wiatr: No. Nolan: You can’t just come & take my land. Commissioner Massat: Yes, they can. Wade Light wanted driveway, so they seize easement.
● Wiatr presents Will County chart of zoning districts & allowed uses. Discusses Commercial A-1 & A-2, Special Use Permits, stating A-2 allows orphanage, convent & half-way houses. Printed last 6 months Will County Planning Commission. 2 ½ acres in Monee on Harlem (Green Garden Twp) approved by Board and County to increase animal units from 2 to 13 on Residential. A-1 to I-2 located on Route 45 approved in May 2019 by this board and granted. Even though heavily opposed by the Highway Commissioner to the point that he walked down his letter of opposition to the hearing. Nolan: Harlem was Special Use for chickens. Why not just get variance? Wiatr: A-1 takes square footage restriction away, as well as other restrictions, ultimately restoring peace & quiet with neighbor. Trustee Hellriegel discusses difference between Production Agriculture & Commercial Agriculture. Nolan: Cut-off needs to be somewhere, 10 acres is the limit. Variance or Special Use and we’ll talk. Trustee Wagner questioned usage. Wiatr: Could be hay, and personal storage. There’s a 3 acre lot down Center and 5 acre lots on Stuenkel A-1. Wagner: When they go for building permits County will rezone. Massat: They will change when sold. Wiatr: Applied to consolidate 2 parcels in June. Hellriegel: So, it’s up to County what they do when they consolidate. Wiatr: Yes, but would much rather have neighbor approval. ● Murday states if the purpose is a pole barn, go for Variance. Concern for A-1, no restrictions. Wiatr: Not able to have Echo program, D-Plate restrictions, RV restrictions. The neighbor is that bad, I’ve erected fencing as well as another neighbor. Neighbor to north wrote letter on my behalf. Nolan: The neighbor with the 14 cars? Massat: Illegal here (something inaudible) Yeah, we saw it. Trustee Standish questions acreage before & after easement. ● Trustee Wagner made a motion to approve request for Map Amendment A-2 to A-1. There was a second by Trustee Standish. Roll Call: Wagner, no; Standish, no; Newton, no; Hellriegel, no; Nolan, no. Motion denied 5-0. Applicant appreciates being heard, just doesn’t understand. HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER’S REPORT ● Tar & Chip within next 2 weeks. TRUSTEE’S REPORT ● Standish: Cherie, are we gonna talk about lawyer or is that next meeting? Nolan: We can talk next meeting. ● Hellriegel: Cherie, did you get back to the guy about chips in the road? Trustees Newton & Wagner responded to him. SUPERVISOR’S REPORT ● Jane will be certified by September. Put on Agenda for next month to appoint. ● County should bill for ½ year. Will ask County for bill so we can fix within Budget, re-adjust Assessor Budget due to County only being listed. NEW BUSINESS “Will Ride” discussion on monetary specifications & vote. ● Jane Bushong questioned who receives applications? Response: We approve applicant lives in Township, and email PACE. Trustee Newton: Who’s going to approve? Bushong: Field in PAMS program asking if they qualify for PACE. If not too much, I can do it. Nolan: I nominate Hellriegel (laughter). Hellriegel: I ain’t volunteering. I think we should make a motion to approve. Trustee Wagner made a motion to approve “Will Ride” service for medical reasons, doctor visits, with an annual budget of $3000.00. There was a second by Trustee Newton. Voice vote: Motion carried. OLD BUSINESS ● Trustee Newton asked Buddy Schultz if his water issue was resolved with County? Schultz: No, I have to call Brian.  ● Jane Bushong reported TOI website has scholarships available, Seven $1500.00 scholarships, she would like to get the word out. Newton: Students, I think, apply with Guidance Counselors help. Maybe we can put a tab on website for the link. Bushong & Newton to follow up. ● Chairman Murday stated Clerk Coffey ordered flowers from the Planning Commission & Township for Bob Norkus. Is that something the township can help with? Supervisor Nolan: Told her to give me receipt.  ● Murday asks if we can get something on website for additional volunteers for the Planning Commission? Down to 4 members and himself. Nolan: How many do you want? Murday: I would like 7, let’s ask and see who volunteers. Ideally 2 to cover the 4 quadrants of the township. Bushong: Facebook? Nolan: Funny thing about social media in general, have a lot of idiots on there. I can’t manage through idiots, put that in the minutes. Trustee Hellriegel suggests going back to Public Comments. PUBLIC COMMENTS​ - None There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Hellriegel. Voice vote: Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Susan Coffey, Clerk 
JULY 8, 2019
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll Call In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Standish, Newton, Hellriegel, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor Nolan,  and Clerk Coffey. Clerk Coffey submitted the minutes of the Budget Hearing and Regular Meeting held June 26, 2019 as well as the Special Meeting held June 26, 2019. There was a motion to approve the Budget Hearing, Regular Meeting, and Special Meeting minutes as submitted by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Hellriegel. Voice vote: Motion carried.
PLANNING COMMISSION ● 2 matters before Planning Commission ● A-2 to A-1 located on Center Rd. - Tabled, need to discuss ● Special Use Permit approved by Planning Commission (4-0) for property located 24149 LaGrange Rd., previously zoned & approved by board as Industrial. Existing building being sold, Pleckham intends to build another building for his sewer & water company. Attorney Cass Wennlund spoke on behalf of buyer, the Special Use Permit is needed for buyer to rent & sell light and heavy equipment. Joe from United Rental states high volume rental shop, more specialized (less traffic). Wagner voices concern regarding how it will look. Mr. Wennlund responds, County has regulations for screening. Majority of it being high end trailers with methodical placement. Mr. Pleckham’s new building will be to the north, using the existing drive. Case did not have to go before Frankfort. Wagner asks if we can add stipulation for berm or trees for appearance? Wennlund states screening in plan goes beyond what County calls for. Standish asks if it will be taxed Commercial? Will be taxed for use. ● There was a motion to accept Planning Commission’s recommendation for Special Use Permit by Trustee Hellriegel with a second by Trustee Newton. Roll Call: Hellriegel, yes; Newton, yes; Wagner, yes; Standish, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion carried 5-0. ● A-2 to A-1 located 24018 Center Rd. Owner wants to consolidate 2 parcels equalling 9.8 acres citing easement taken would have given him 10. County concerned there will be no limitation on wildlife. Applicant wants pole barn for storing hay, currently using trailers (neighbors displeased). County suggests Variance. Applicant agrees to table. Applicant went back to County to renew his Temporary Use. County’s thought was, he would continue with the Map Amendment. Don thinks Planning Commission will deny, Variance better. County interested in the Board’s input. May appear before Board in August. Supervisor Nolan states if applicant comes before us he wants him to bring the permits for driveway & barn located in back. ● Nothing for August at this time.
NEW BUSINESS  Appointment of Township Attorney, Wagner: Duties? Nolan: Representing Township other firm members to assist. I thought I sent everyone contracts, questions, and amendments. Rate $225 an hour, law clerks $125 an hour, & assistants $50 an hour. Standish: Is he coming to every meeting? Nolan: If we retain, he will attend August meeting, answer questions, concerns, rules, & procedures. Wagner: Doesn’t know if he wants to appoint, having not met with them. Hellriegel: Concurs. Newton: Why didn’t he come & introduce himself? Nolan: He will come after appointment. Wagner: Always had good luck with TOI attorneys for free, those are the people that know township law. Township is different than municipality, might be better using TOI instead of paying 225/hr or paralegal 125/hr. Newton: Cheaper than Road District attorney hourly rate I saw. I think the stack of things we’re sitting on right now, we can’t just pick up a phone and call someone for free.  Nolan: Apologizes, thought he sent info to everyone. Wagner: I understand there are some legal issues, I don’t know if we as a board have articulated those legal issues enough to say this is what we’re looking at, now turn over to the attorney. Other words, I don’t want an attorney running the Township. I want the board to run Township, using attorney advice. If we have a question we have to articulate, so he knows exactly what our question is. Maybe if we do that well enough, we send it over to TOI, see if they give an answer off the top of their head, without having to  pay $225 or $125 to research it. Standish: I have good luck with Brian Smith, calls back within 1-2 hours, next day at the latest. Newton: If we had visited this some time ago, got on the ball, and been in contact with TOI from the get go, and didn’t have a back log of issues and questions, I could see that. I think we’re past point of picking up the phone & calling for free advice. We need someone who can come to the next meeting, explain to us as a board, what we need to do. Wagner: That’s where your problem is going to be, attorney’s rely on paralegals to do research on what is really legal. You put a guy here, he’s gonna take a pretty good guess at it. If you want a solid answer, better off letting him go back & research. Newton: I don’t expect an answer right here. Wagner: What are our top issues requiring legal advice? Newton: This resolution, going forward with accounts to be set up, transfers, funds, how we’re moving money around and we’re not sure. That needs to be addressed with attorney. Wagner: so I think we need to articulate what we intended to do, what we did, send off to attorney and say “Did we do it legally?” Newton: Agreed. Wagner: Maybe the first attorney we send to is TOI & try to get free advice. Hellriegel: We’re already paying them. Newton: Ok, who will come and sit with us as a board? I think we’re making it too simple wishing it away, to get free advice. Wagner: You’re making it too easy on us, we’re not taking responsibility if we just want somebody to come in and do our jobs. We need to articulate what our questions are, what problems we think we have and then send it off to them. They don’t have to be here to do that. Newton: They don’t have to be here at every meeting and answer our questions on the spot. I would assume they wouldn’t assume they would answer all of my questions, of course I’d rather he look up, research, coming back with a solid answer, not just tell us what we want to hear. What he thinks. I just don’t think it’s in our best interest to make a phone call to someone, one of us relay to the board. Wagner: I’m not saying a phone call, if we have this much of a problem, we need to articulate in writing and send it off. Get answer in writing, phone calls won’t cut it. Newton: What township in this county doesn’t have an attorney? Coffey: Actually, TOI, when I contacted them said “Where the hell”s your attorney? Wagner: Did they? I know I’ve contacted them before and Russ has. Nolan: They won’t represent us. Wagner: No, they won’t. Newton: It’s not the same thing. Nolan: They won’t put in writing. Wagner: They’ll advise us what laws and statutes are. Newton: Then it’s open to our interpretation. Wagner: Well, then we can take that to attorney and say this is what we did, here’s the law, are we good? I just don’t want attorney to run the township. Newton: I don’t like giving answers, assuming we’re doing it right and come back that we didn’t do it right. We should ask for advice. Wagner: Then we table it until we get advice. I don’t think we have to bring in an attorney and pay $225 to ask to his face. Newton: I don’t know 1 township that doesn’t have an attorney. Wagner: Do they come to every meeting? Newton: No, I never said I thought they should. Nolan: I don’t think this is about that, first thing, we have to have an attorney, currently we do not. Wagner: I agree. Nolan: That’s what this is. How we utilize him is at the boards discretion. Rules, regulations and how to use him, but we need to have one. We haven’t had one in 6 years. Standish: How many wrong decisions have we made? Wagner: You’ve already asked attorney for this (resolution) does this cost us money? Nolan: Yes. Wagner: Are your happy with this? Newton: No, because it’s not right. Wagner: There’s your problem, why pay attorney to do this? Newton: I’ll tell you, go back and read all the minutes, they are contradictory, and what I have been told to my face has been very contradictory on this $220,000 loan. Standish: That’s the name of the game called lawyers, everything is contradictory. Newton: Has Road District made 1 re-payment to the township? Bob? Massat: What? Newton: Have you made 1 re-payment on this $220,000 loan? Massat: We were in the course of the Townhall maintenance. Newton: So, No? Massat: And doing maintenance on that. Nolan: The answer is no. It was just put into the budget for this year, that we just passed. Newton: There should have been 2 payments by today, so this resolution isn’t right, if it’s going to be paid off by 2027. We’re going to have to increase terms of payments. Nolan: Correct, Cherie to be honest with you, payments are dictated by the board, through the budget. Wagner: Right. Nolan: So you could come back next year or amend budget and say we want $50,000, or $75,000. Loan has to be paid by 2027. Newton: Those terms need to be spelled out, and I’m not seeing it in the resolution. Do you know what I’m saying? Re-payment before November 2027. Nolan: Correct. Newton: Can we get a piece of paper, promissory note, something to that effect? (Nolan hands Cherie promissory note) Newton: Does it take into consideration he’s already made a payment? Nolan: Nope, promissory note has to be paid by 2027. Newton: So it will be budgeted each year, what he will pay back, projected? Nolan: Correct. Wagner: The way you can make that demand is don’t pass the budget, if you don’t pass the budget you get no more money after June. Nolan: Sorry Cherie, I thought I sent all this to you. Newton: Maybe I have, I do. So, $220,000 loan, did attorney see copy of check, voucher, or payment? Did he just go with what you said, the check was only for $210,000 something, right? Nolan: either way, loan still for $220,000. Newton: What was the $9,000 difference? Nolan & Massat: Trade in. Newton: And we have all that documented for posterity? If i’m signing this, I want it attached, everything that went along with this agreement. Then we won’t have this discussion again. Nolan: Ok. Going back to lawyer now. Wagner: What’s question posed to attorney? We’re going to an attorney, to ask him what? What do we want him to answer? Nolan: Question came up, you cannot loan money to Road District. Coffey: That’s not true,”transfer” not loan. Nolan: There is a statute that says we can do that, loan. Massat: (Inaudible) Newton: Stop that, It’s rude. Hellriegel: So we can? Nolan: Yes, Bills resolution originally stood, there’s no problem with the resolution originally put forth. Resolution we have now has more teeth in it, also has statute in there. Coffey: So it was legal? Nolan: Yes. Coffey: We all know the loan was legal, it was legal to transfer? Nolan: Yes, the loan. Coffey: They are two different things. Nolan: Ok, correct. Coffey: I understand the last meeting they said the loan money, there was nothing wrong with that. Nolan: Correct. Coffey: The statute states we can’t transfer the way we did. Nolan: Correct. Wagner: And we didn’t transfer it, we loaned it. Nolan: No, instead of writing a check. Coffey: They transferred. Nolan: I transferred money and didn’t write a check to do so. Wagner: Electronic funds transfer? Nolan: Yes. Wagner: That’s Ok. Coffey: That’s what I’m asking. Wagner: It doesn’t matter, the mechanics of getting the money from one place to another. Just transferring monies levied from one account to another levied account. That you cannot do. You can loan it, you just can’t give it. Newton: Did we vote on it prior to the transfer? Nolan: That’s where we come up with whether it was a discussion or a vote. Coffey: It was never brought up. Newton: It’s not in the minutes. Wagner: Ok, so it’s not in the minutes and we’ve beaten a dead horse enough. What do we need to do to rectify it? It’s not in the minutes, what do you want? Nolan: Everybody on this Board signed off on the Resolution in 2019. Wagner: Which was an attempt to correct the omission in the past. Newton: Right. Wagner: You’re still not satisfied, so what else do you need? Nolan: So, everyone signed off on the resolution there was no problems. I don’t know what else to tell everybody, you signed, you signed, etc. Noone forced anyone’s arm. We put it up for vote, resolution Bill wrote, we put together, everyone voted. Newton: So the resolution Bill did, was it identical to this? And we did not have a promissory note. I’ve been asking for months for a payment schedule of some sort. Wagner: That’s what you want, that’s missing is a payment schedule? Are we going to be flexible on payment schedule, or do you not want to be flexible on a payment schedule? Newton: I think not paying for 2 years doesn’t look like we are staying on top of what we’re supposed to be doing. Wagner: Ok. Murday: May I offer a suggestion, sounds like I understand concern, not putting somebody as Township attorney without meeting that person. I think that someone who wants to be the Township attorney should be here presenting him or herself, explaining why it is they have the background and experience. Ask if familiar with township law vs. municipality. Hire somebody and say, look, here are the facts, here are the documents, this is what happened. I hear everyone saying that’s lawful, that’s this. With all due respect I don’t know, if I was a board member, I would like the comfort in knowing I’ve paid someone who’s an expert in this, to tell us what’s right or wrong. If it’s wrong, this is what we need to do to rectify it. Then follow that advice, because you’ve now paid for that advice, and from the board’s perspective, you’re protected. If the 7 of you looked at the statute, you can come up with different interpretations of what that statute is. Pay the guy who does this for a living, who will tell you what case law is, interpreting that statute. As opposed to people reading it and trying to figure out what it means. To me, money well spent from township perspective to alleviate concerns. Spend the money, you don’t have someone sitting here every meeting, you have me, free legal advice. Bring that person in, have them look at it and say, this is what you need to do. Ducks in a row, tied in a bow, and put it away. Wagner: I think Jim did that. Nolan: Yeah. Wagner: He did exactly that. Murday: Sounds like there are still questions people have. $225 is reasonable. Newton: That’s low, attorney I work for is $300/hr. Striggow: Is that attorney versed in township law? Nolan: Yes. Striggow: What are his credentials? Where has he worked? Murday: Mahoney is very knowledgeable to my recollection, has he farmed this out? Nolan: He saw & signed everything. Newton: Who is Marron? It was signed by Marron Mahoney. Coffey: Son? Striggow: That’s his kid, that’s not George, thats why $225. Murday: Just make sure you’re not getting bait & switch, you’re not getting George. Newton: You would have thought, his son would have introduced or said my father relayed this. Nolan: He sent everything and talked to me on the phone. He has 8 townships, including housing authorities, and Frankfort itself. Newton: If nothing else we need to have an attorney. Wagner: I agree.  Newton: I’m not saying I’m going to pick up the phone and pepper him with questions, but something this big going on this long, and interpretation, that statute we can all interpret a different way. We need attorney to say this. Wagner: It’s not so much the statute, you don’t agree to the terms. Newton: What terms? Wagner: The payment terms. Newton: That it will be paid back in 10 years, that’s the only terms we have. Wagner: And you don’t agree with that? If all we need to do is discuss that, change resolution and then have him approve that. Jim’s already been through give the stuff to attorney, came up with these things, but doesn’t articulate what our concerns were as a whole board. That’s what my problem is, if you have a concern, let’s air it out and then turn over to attorney. Have him know what we’re looking for. Striggow: Does the attorney interview everyone on the board? The question that came up, who talked to him? Jim, did you? Nolan: I did. Striggow: I think the board , entire board is responsible for what happens. It takes more than 1 guy dictating his version of what has to happen here, and what’s going on. I think that resolution should have come forward from the entire board. Because right now if that’s not right, it’s your fault Jim. Nolan: It goes back to “It’s fine!” Everyone keeps going back & forth. Standish: We didn’t do anything wrong, we still haven’t done anything wrong. What we’re doing, figure out, it’s supposed to be 10 years, supposed to be able to “on demand” tell Bob to give back all the money. That’s what I was told by Brian Smith. So I go along with fact. Ok you wanna find out everything, ask attorney. I don’t see any need to buy attorney for the rest of our life. Coffey: We’re not buying. Standish: No, we’re renting. Newton: He only gets paid for what he does. Wagner: I guess we disagree to use him. Newton: We vote once we have to agree to use him, that way we have one, we might not talk to him for a month, maybe 8 months. Standish: So he doesn’t send us a bill? Newton: We only get billed for time he spends. Standish: So he’s just attorney on call? We’re not paying him? Murday: Like my clients, I don’t send them a bill unless I work for them. I don’t send them a bill because I’m their attorney. I bill because I’ve done something for them. Even if you have a retainer you’re not paying somebody for privilege of having attorney, they work to get paid. So what you’re doing today is just appointing, and if you retain him to do something, now you have an attorney. Standish: So for our pick is this Mahoney? There’s no problem if you’re gonna call him & he sends you a bill later, and it’s just for the 1 time thing & we don’t have anything for 3 years he doesn’t get paid? Newton: Right. Standish: Sounds like getting your car fixed. You pay for what you get done. Why are we arguing? Nolan: Russ I don’t know. Newton: So what are you thinking? At least meet him, have him interview us as well? Wagner: What I just heard, I’d be fine to vote for him now, but I don’t want us to just say here’s the thing go fix it. I want us to articulate, what do we think is wrong with this? Why not vote for it now? Murday: As the attorney, here are the thing you make sure you do, make sure you give him everything, not the things you want him/her to see, not the recollection that is the colored recollection you have. As I tell my clients, I want to know everything. What I want to know more wholly is the bad stuff, so I can figure out what we need to do. Don’t sugar coat things, don’t cherry pick things, as an attorney I want everything. Newton: I would think he’d want to see all our paperwork. Murday: I will say this, I’ve worked with George Mahoney in the past, very competent. Nolan: He knows municipal, township, state, and everything else with whole staff behind him. My personal opinion, no brainer. Pay him as we use him, I don’t get it. Coffey: Can I ask a question? Are we disputing the fact we need a township attorney? Or are we disputing something we need to discuss with him later? So no one is opposed to voting for one? Wagner: Correct. Nolan: That’s whole different issue altogether,
going forward, we have to put in rules, what we want, not disagreeing, but we have to have an attorney. Wagner: I just want to make it clear, I don’t want to pay for an attorney, and say here’s everything we got. Nolan: We have to be clear of what  we want. Coffey: I think that’s what Cherie was stating. Nolan: I think so.  ● Trustee Wagner made a motion to accept Mahoney and his firm as Township Attorney. Supervisor Nolan asked for a second. (Newton asked Hellriegel “Staring contest?”) Trustee Newton seconded the motion. Roll Call: Wagner, yes; Newton, yes; Standish, yes; Hellriegel, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion carried. 5-0. Vote for compensation for Attorney. Wagner: Do we really have a say in that? Nolan: Yep. I was instructed by attorney that’s how you do this. Wagner: Ok. Can we lower them a little bit and vote? Nolan: $225/hr, paralegals at $125/hr, and assistants at $50/hr. Can I have a motion? Newton: On compensation.  ● Trustee Hellriegel made a motion to accept compensation. (Stating,”Staring contest Cherie”) There was a second to the motion by Trustee Standish. Roll Call: Hellriegel, yes; Standish, yes; Wagner, yes; Newton, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion carried 5-0. Vote on resolution amending Resolution 2019-01. Newton: I have a question, did you forward to Mahoney the resolution we did January 14, 2019? Did he see a copy of that? Nolan: Yes. Newton: Does he have a copy of paperwork? Check voucher, trade-in, the difference between the $220,000 and $210,000? Does he have everything? Nolan: He has a copy of voucher, check, and I believe bill of trucks? Newton: Ok. Nolan: I’m almost positive I copied everyone on that. One thing I will tell you, this is on old one we all signed, says Green Garden Township Road District agreed to make annual payment each year during last month of the fiscal year in amount determined & budgeted by Green Garden Township Board of Trustees. So when you look at how it’s written, we go through budgets and determine how much he pays. Newton: I know but the transfer happened in 2017. In November of 2027 is wrapped up? Wagner: I can read it. (Bill read Resolution 2019-01 Amended) See attached. Newton: Does the attorney know that this was not voted on? Nolan: I told him I had not seen it in the minutes and it probably more than likely was not voted on, the original one. Newton: So if we sign this, even because that wasn’t right, this makes it all right according to the attorney? Nolan: The last resolution makes it Ok, all this has is more teeth in it, for on demand. Striggow: So there’s no annual payment, unless it’s in the budget? Nolan: Has to be in the budget Monroe. When you look back you’re gonna say for whatever reason Road District comes up short one year, we may pass him at making a payment. May come back following year $200,000 over and take $40,000. That’s something the Board decides, we’re the ones doing the budget. That’s philosophy on it. Hellriegel: So we can’t ask for payment schedule, cause it would be budgeted every year. Newton: To be paid back in 10 years. Hellriegel: So Road District Commissioner needs to budget every year. Nolan: We have to approve budget every year,if we don’t like the payment, we don’t have to sign off on his budget. Hellriegel: If he budgets $30,000 a year it gets paid off before. Nolan: Yes board has to approve. Newton: So why was there talk in the minutes he’s paid $20,000? Where did that come from? See why I’m hesitant? Nolan: It’s got to be in the budget and we didn’t pass a budget. Coffey: But this was done in 2017. Nolan: Yes, but it wasn’t in the 2018 budget, but it is in the 2019 budget. Wagner: I think we have to concede on January 14, 2019, we admitted not having all our ducks in a row. That was our best effort at that time to put all our ducks i a row, the only thing lacking was the demand. Nolan: Yes, that was it. Wagner: Now
is there a reason not to move forward? Newton: Reading the attorney’s letter, he says go ahead, but I don’t know if he knew the other stuff. Wagner: Russ you made original motion to accept the resolution, did you want to make the motion to accept the amendment? ● Trustee Standish made a motion to accept the amendment, with a second by Trustee Wagner. Roll Call: Standish, yes; Wagner, yes; Hellrigel, yes; Newton: If this is final, final from the attorney and this is what he says I’ll vote yes. I guess if we have to have an amended, amended we’ll do that. We can amend the Resolution in the future if need be, is that correct? Nolan: Yes, you can always amend it. Nolan, yes. Motion carried. 5-0. Nolan: I want to have a discussion on CPA handling financial tasks, managing outgoing monies, vendor payments, and payroll processing instead of doing it on our own. I want to bring it to accountant, have him do payroll, all vendors, vouchers, everything. I have some prices from him, basically costing us doing payroll also. $313 a month which is $4.55 a voucher, annual cost about $3700, $3756. Newton: What’s the budget right now $4,000-$4,500? Nolan: $15,000 for accounting services. Newton: You’re estimating it at what? Day to day? Nolan: $3756 yearly. Standish: How’s that square with Sue and signing your name? Newton: Same way. Nolan: Same process. For you guys basically seamless, walk in here sign off on bills like you always did. Voucher statements, bank books, whole nine yards. Hellriegel: So we’re paying someone $3600 a year for how many checks a year? Jim, you have 10 checks, Bob has 40. Nolan: This is for both. Hellriegel: Ok, isn’t that what we pay you for? Bob’s got somebody that does his work, your budget is for someone to do, you know, to do the checks. Shouldn’t we keep this in the township? Shouldn’t you see everything, instead of just sending it off? Newton: Well he wouldn’t be getting reimbursed for that any longer. Hellriegel: But he already gets it. His pay is to be the Supervisor, and do township stuff. Newton: You get paid separate though, right per year? Hellriegel: Bob is the Road District Commissioner and gets paid to do Road District stuff, you’re just spending money to do things. Coffey: We’re also paying someone else to help with finances. Newton: It’s not just that. Hellriegel: But you’re already doing that, but adding to it. Newton: He (Jim) gets paid to do it, Penny gets paid to do it. Hellriegel: Correct. Massat: As the secretary. Hellriegel: As the secretary. Newton: I get that, how does Penny get paid to do the town’s? Hellriegel: She don’t, Jim does. Coffey: No. Wagner: Technically Penny does do it. Coffey: She gets paid for that too. Hellriegel: Ok, but I don’t see taking the checkbooks, or register for writing checks away from us. Face forward, you see every bit. Newton: The bills aren’t going to go directly to CPA, right, obviously. Jim still gets them in the mail, Bob still gets them in the mail. Nolan: Bring to the accountant, make sure everything is right. Let me tell you something, we’ve been doing it this way for 8 years before I was here. How come I still have problems with the IRS from 2015 then? Hellriegel: That was previous guy. Nolan: Doesn’t matter though, that’s how mistakes happen. Certified CPA doing your stuff, that knows government really well, makes common sense. Wagner: There could also be division here, separating basic bookkeeping from CPA work. When you hire a CPA company you’re not really getting a CPA doing the work, your getting a bookkeeper going to do all that for you. Maybe, to keep us out of the biggest headache, payroll taxes and send those off to the accountant to deal with. Nolan: 941’s. Wagner: Yes, that’s what my wife does, my wife does her own payroll and she has 35 employees. She pays weekly payroll taxes, she prints out her report and sends off to accountant. They pay all payroll taxes. I share Don’s concern. Hellriegel: I’m sorry, I mean you know Bob pays his bills, Jim you pay your bills. If your issue is payroll taxes I can see that. Nolan:
Don to be honest with you Bob doesn’t pay his bills, I pay his bills. Hellriegel: You’re picking on me now. Nolan: I’m not trying to pick on you. Hellriegel: You’re getting nit picky on what I’m {....}. I just think we’re giving too much of the township away. Murday: I would think the flip side to that is you’re going to an independent and  relying on someone’s expertise. Yeah, you’re divulging yourself of responsibilities you’ve had in the past, but you’re giving it to someone who is a totally objective person, who is going to do things by the book, because that’s what they get paid to do. Most importantly in my mind, you’re buying protection. Same thing buying a lawyer. You hire a lawyer, follow his advice, and if they’re wrong, then you have recovery against them, you have malpractice. Same thing with the accountant. You say “handle this” and if something happens with the IRS or something goes off the rails, you turn to the accountant, CPA and say “guess what? You have to fix it.” So it relieves that burden from the township and it gives the appearance of objectivity too. I don’t know whether price is fair or not, but to me it’s money well spent. At that point in time there is no appearance of impropriety, because everything is out of your hands. It’s in someone else’s hands, they take care of it, so there can’t be any second guessing or what about this, what about that. Even today, you’re obviously unaware of who was paying what on behalf of who. Now, you give it to someone and say, you don’t have to do it forever, but maybe you do it and see how it goes. You can say, maybe, this hasn’t really helped us at all and pull it back, it’s not as if you lose it forever. You can certainly fire people as easily as you hire them. Striggow: I take opposite side of this, I agree with Don & Bill. If 941’s are filed timely you ain’t gonna have a problem with the IRS, that’s where the problem lies. You should get them done timely. If she (Bills wife) could do 35 employees, and I have a few of my own, if you’re late you’re gonna be getting paid for it back until this gets straightened out. In 2015 if this happened and you were all on the board, then something fell through the cracks, didn’t get done timely. You pay for that for a long time. I think day to day is good. I agree with Bill, I think, let that report go to a CPA. I think you give up some of your duties then what the hell do we need you guys for? That’s what you get paid for. Thank you. Wagner: I think township ordinances say you have to have a voucher, you can’t make a payment without a voucher. We’d have to implement voucher system and hand it over to an accountant. Striggow: Isn’t that what you have now, vouchers? Wagner: Voucher and check print out on same page. Striggow: So when you sign a voucher, does it tell you what your buying? Wagner: No, it pretty much tells you who you’re paying it to, general idea. Striggow: How do you know what you’re paying for? Wagner: Well all the bills coming through now, have the receipt attached to the voucher. Striggow: So you do know? Wagner: You do know, we sign the receipts at a board meeting. Hellriegel: I just think we should keep the board’s hand in it. If the payroll taxes are that much we should try that for a start. Just me speaking out. Nolan: $4,000 and you guys are gonna argue over $4,000? Wagner: Does that include doing all payroll, filings, and everything? Nolan: You were already paying for payroll filing. Wagner: So it doesn’t include that? Nolan: You were paying that. These laws change all the time, you know as well as I do, the laws change on a record basis, and we’re dealing with a million bucks. Writing checks every single day, no different than the loan shit that happened. Excuse my language. I’m sorry, it (loan) was on the wrong vouchers, the vouchers weren’t signed right. We never went through and looked back. That doesn’t happen with a CPA. Wagner: It does happen with CPA, who do you think is writing the vouchers? We are, you are, your writing voucher and sending to CPA. Nolan: No, no, no, you’re handing the thing, he’s pulling it all up. Wagner: No. Nolan: $4.50 a voucher. Wagner: You have to look at, he doesn’t write vouchers, you do. Nolan: He prints it all out, does everything, vouchers & everything. Wagner: You have to present him with a voucher to write a check. Nolan: A bill. Wagner: No, a voucher, and we used to have 2 part forms of vouchers. I remember everything was paper, then you had to go and write the checks based on vouchers. Murday: Is there money in the budget earmarked for somebody to do this right now? Is the $4,000 cost or is it a savings up for something someone is no longer doing? Nolan: It’s a wash. Murday: So it’s not an expense? Nolan: It’s a wash. I’ve told you guys before this, I’m not comfortable writing out all the checks on a regular basis. No offense Bill, it’s your program, that program crashes, we’re S.O.L. I brought this up to you before, I’m not yelling at you, it’s already $4,000 we’re already spending. Wagner: It’s not as easy as saying give all bills to accountant and they’ll write them. It’s much more complex than that. Nolan: Ok. Hellriegel: You say it’s $4,000. Bushong: I used to be executive director for a chamber of commerce, I did all payroll, I did all bills, but I did have an accountant, a CPA that oversaw what I did. So he didn’t do data entry or issue checks, but he did scrutinize me. If he saw anything at all that was kinda amiss, he would question me about it. Which was good because it gave my board the comfort that we had a CPA checking everything I was doing and that’s what this kind of provides us. Wagner: But, how does a CPA check, I think that’s our job as a board of Township Trustees to sign off on those bills. That’s kinda our check. Nolan: Which you guys would. Wagner: Can a CPA really determine whether a bill should be paid or not? I understand you come up with questions for him. You say hey, we want to do this transfer. Bushong: I don’t think that’s what they’re doing. I don’t think they’re determining what bills need to be paid, I think they are over seeing it from an accounting standpoint. Hellriegel: But they’re just paying them, if he’s issued a voucher, they’re just paying them. Bushong: But you guys are still doing your same job, just like you are now. I don’t see it really being any different. We just have a third party out there that’s a CPA that’s overseeing the process. Wagner: If he’s a CPA maybe he ought to approve them too for us, just being facetious. Hellriegel: Jim, you threw out “just $4,000” I work my ass off for $4,000. I don’t think it’s just. Nolan: Don, I’m already paying $4,000 to have him process regardless right now, so it’s a wash for us. I’ve told this board before, either cut the taxes or do something right with the money. I said it last year and year before that. Cut the budgets, do something. Wagner: That’s off topic, what’s $4,000 being spent for now? Nolan: Penny processes all of our bills. Wagner: And she gets paid $4,000? Massat: I think it’s $3,000. Nolan: It’s $3,600. Hellriegel: $4,000 is just a number? Nolan: $36 something. Wagner: For $3,700 they’ll do all that plus the payroll filings? Nolan: They already do payroll filing. Wagner: Is $3,700 in addition to what he’s getting paid now to do payroll filings? Nolan: Payroll filings are $189 every 3 months, I believe, we also paid him last year $4,500-$4,600 for our AFR. Wagner: Ok. Striggow: Who’s the CPA you use? Nolan: Steve Weber, he was the County Treasurer knows government very well. Coffey: He was the auditor for 8 years. Nolan: I don’t think you’ll find anyone more qualified, be honest with you, in this county. Standish: Is there a lag time from when we sign bills to when he gets it? Nolan: It all needs to be worked out, discussions. I’ll be honest bills are not going to come on Saturday and be paid Monday. That’s no different than any other business. Massat: That’s problem I have, a lot of times you get bill on Friday or Saturday, and if you don’t pay, then you get a late charge. If Penny gets on Saturday, she makes out a voucher for Board Meeting on Monday. With this system, if I get bills on Friday or Saturday they’re gonna have to wait an extra month before they get paid. They’re gonna charge you a late charge, instead of getting paid Monday. Newton: They will work on terms with you. Massat: No, I get late charges. Newton: If you work with them, they can be avoided, I’ve worked in accounting. Hellriegel: We still have to approve the bills. Newton: We do, we will. Hellriegel: It’s a month before, even Jim’s bills, it’s a month before they’re presented at board meeting. Wagner: That’s kinda always been a problem with utility bills too. You go ahead and pay them anyway. Newton: I know what you’re saying. Coffey: How do you do the ACH’s then? Wagner: True, probably illegal, how does IRS or State of Illinois collect payroll taxes? Same way. Nolan: They say we have to cut checks for everything, but State of Illinois won’t let you pay taxes by check, you have to do online. By the laws they wrote, it doesn’t work. It’s a double edged sword, you’re fighting all the time. That’s why I’d rather have an attorney that knows what he’s doing, an accountant, that knows what he’s doing. Going back some years the last accountant we had quit. Wagner: But Jim, it doesn’t matter, it was bad accounting practices. Hellriegel: You’re going backwards. Nolan: I’m not going backwards, but I’m not repeating the past either. Wagner: That’s the key. I totally agree with making future easier and identifying those problems like payroll taxes, it is a big headache and problem, get rid of that. Nolan: Some of these things you can’t do anymore, gets to a point, the laws are changing. Monroe, I know you do your own thing, that’s great, how many people here have been audited? (Several hands raised). I don’t want to put township in that predicament. Striggow: We know you better than that Jim, you wouldn’t do that. Nolan: It’s a wash. Striggow: What you going to do give up your payroll funding and put toward other thing? Nolan: I’m paying $4,000 now, just doing same thing. You know what I’m doing differently? I’m driving to accountants and handing him everything, explaining, he prints checks, makes sure everthing is in right categories, and I come back a couple days later, pick up vouchers and come back. That’s what I do now. Striggow: (Jokingly) Maybe Penny don’t want to do it anymore for $4,000 (Cheap ***) (laughter). Nolan: Not up for vote, just discussion. OLD BUSINESS ​- Will Ride ● Overall less than $3,000 a year cost (Hellriegel) ● Budget $2,000 & we sign Authorization for people (Standish) ● Budget 20 rides/month, 60 day out, not up for vote, put on August agenda (Nolan) ● Can always amend budget, What fund? Township Fund, vote in August (Nolan) Wagner: Newspaper asked about MFT, probably could use some clarification. The reason we don’t show as Revenue every year in our budget is because we don’t get the money from the state, the money goes to the county. The county will give it to us when we ask for it. If we have a project going on, then we’ll tell the county. We’ll budget MFT, we’ll budget say, $1600 MFT money and get money from the county. It’s kind of goofy, but the reason we don’t budget is they don’t have money in our accounts and it is not a levied amount. We’ve been advised not to budget MFT. Striggow: I thought there was always a line item for MFT. Wagner: If Bob decides he’s going to do a project and use MFT, Striggow: How do you do that? Wagner: You let it build up until you get enough to do a paved road, then you hit the county. County will reimburse you. You send all your bills to the county, and they will reimburse. Nolan: They might, they can deny it. Massat: We don’t even get the bills, they go straight to the county. Nolan: For reimbursement. Wagner: When Bob sends all bills to county, they review and reimburse. We call it MFT Reimbursement. Newton: Do you get a letter from the State or County? Massat: When we bid a job, it’s all handled through county. They do the engineering, bid letting, they write the check, and their engineers are out on job site. We basically have nothing to do with it, all handled through
county. And do I get monthly statement? Newton: Does the county say we have X amount of money for you? Massat: Once a year they tell you how much is in your fund. May vary, State may say we need X amount of money and cut their budget in half. Schultz: Does it accumulate? Massat: Yeah, it does accumulate. They handle all that, I don’t get nothing. Chris Russel (Vedette)l: Usually they allocate by population of taxing district. Massat: Based on your miles. Russell: That’s how they do in village, not sure on township. Massat: Based on miles within township, some townships have 30 miles, 20 miles, so theirs may be $4,000 a year, a month. You have 80 miles in township you can get $7,000 a month from state. We don’t get it, it goes to county. Newton: They will be making payment to every township, every Road District with this new “Incentive” it’s going to be a lot of money, a one time thing, sizable from what I hear. Massat: I haven’t heard anything about how much money, and that isn’t gospel yet. Striggow: So on prior budgets was that a live number that we had? That came back from the state, we had $60,000 from MFT, was that a real number? Nolan: What that is, is money he’s looking to see if he can be reimbursed, if you’re doing $100,000 in stone for a road, you may be able to get back $20,000 in reimbursement. So really you’re spending $80,000, but you’re budgeting $100,000. If the county signs on it, you can get 20 grand back on it. Striggow: I guess without line item in there, it doesn’t look like we’re applying for it. Coffey: So is the amount you use 1 year to the next, what you have received from the prior year? Wagner: The amount we show in budget is just how much of that money has accumulated at county, that we intend to spend this year. So if you don’t have a big project, you may not spend any of that MFT money in 1 year. You may have enough since it’s accumulating, to do an entire mile. The following year you’ll budget that entire mile. Striggow: Why wouldn’t you report your accumulated MFT tax revenues? Why wouldn’t that show? Wagner: Because if your budget gets to a certain amount, your status changes in TOI. Things like assets aren’t sitting in you bank account, you’re not levying for them, so you don’t show them as revenues. Same with bond money, you don’t want to show that in your revenue. To get State monies you don’t want your revenue to look higher than what they really are, for taxes. Then you get into a whole different category of what you have to do, hoops you have to jump through. Nolan: Can I have a motion to adjourn? There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Newton. Voice vote: Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
JUNE 26, 2019
The special meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:00 p.m.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Newton, Standish, Hellriegel, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor Nolan,
and Clerk Coffey.
● Roberta Schultz of 8543 W Dralle voiced her dismay regarding her neighbors, meth lab to the west,
and horse stable to the east. Horses always on her property (she has video). She has called & went
to Sheriff’s Dept, called Dept. of Agriculture, and acquired “Crime Stopper” signs. Last Saturday 18
horses ripping apart her property, citing they need to have “Animal at Large” tickets issued.
Supervisor Nolan stated she was over 2 minutes & promised to speak with her after the meeting.
● Vote to adopt Township Budget
Trustee Hellriegel made a motion to adopt Township Budget with a second by Trustee Wagner.
Roll Call: Hellriegel, yes; Wagner, yes; Newton, no; Standish, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion passed 4-1.
● Vote to adopt Road District Budget
There was a motion by Trustee Wagner to adopt Road District Budget, with a second by Trustee
Roll Call: Wagner, yes; Standish, yes; Newton, no; Hellriegel, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion passed 4-1.
● Vote to Amend Budget on August 12th meeting if needed.
Murday asks to explain? Supervisor Nolan responds “in the middle of this right now, wait til I’m
done.” Hellriegel asks if you want to vote to changing what we had before to today? Nolan states
“amend if needed.” Trustee Hellriegel makes that motion, Supervisor Nolan asks for a second?
Trustee Standish was the second.
Roll Call: Hellriegel, yes; Standish, yes; Wagner, yes; Newton, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion passed 5-0.
Trustee Wagner asks if July meeting is 30 days prior to the August meeting, stating amending has to follow
same process as passing budget. Supervisor Nolan states yes, hearing beforehand. Trustee Newton verified
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Wagner, Supervisor Nolan going back to Public
Murday always expressed concern over Public Comments before meeting. Is purpose for July meeting to revisit
budgets approved today? Nolan states correct, there are funds inside Town Fund like Park Property which
should be in its own Fund, not Town. Sometime after Bill Wagner they went in Town Fund. Once accountant
instructs what to do, we’ll be in a better spot. This may require amending in August. Murday: Thought to confer
with council & accountant. Murday: Special Meeting was to pass budget so bills could be paid? Nolan: Needed
to be done by end of month. Striggow: Is Park Fund the only amendment for August? Nolan: So far, probably
will be on July agenda to discuss. Russell: Are tonight’s budgets same budgets presented at last meeting?
Nolan: 1 change in whole entire budget, money moved to legal services. Russell: Does that mean 30 day lead?
Nolan: No, can amend budget during meetings too, not amend, change with same appropriations.
Russell: Motor Fuel Tax Funds, is there a line item for those or lumped together? Wagner: Believes it’s under
Replacement tax. Nolan agrees. Striggow: Wasn’t there always line item for Motor Fuel? Wagner: Thinks
always under Replacement Tax. Clerk Coffey presented last years budget, Motor Fuel, line item under
Supervisor Nolan states he will look into that. Russell: Can you comment about legalities of how money was
moved? Nolan: Attorney will probably be at next meeting, all legal citing statute codes. Russell: So your allowed
to move funds not reported at an Annual or Regular Meeting? Nolan: cites statute code, stating they are
moveable without general meeting. Supervisor Nolan apologizes, he meant they could be loaned under those
statutes. Russell: Will that be reclassified & paid back? Nolan: Yes. Wagner: It was always a loan. Nolan:
County deposits into 1 Fund, this is first year County offers more Funds. May be up to 4 accounts.
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Hellriegel. Voice vote:
Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:18 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
JUNE 10, 2019
The Green Garden Township Budget Hearing was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 6:45 p.m.
Supervisor Nolan read the Road District Budget & Appropriation Ordinance RB2019-02, and the Township
Budget & Appropriation Ordinance TF2019-02.
Comments- Murday: $230,000 balance not spent. Revenue $659,000. Expenses projected $877,000 about
200,000 plus over revenue. Is there a way to balance? Are we trying to use surplus? Massat: Always make
sure you have enough money in those accounts in case something comes up, you can only spend what is in
the budget. Stone 90,000 if I need 100,000 where from? Murday: Have we ever spent only what is
anticipated? Not project 200,000 over revenue? Massat: We always go over, do we spend over? Sometimes
we do, sometimes we don’t, depends on how bad winters are for salt & payroll. Murday: Understand need for
emergency money, question is we have budgeted 220,000 over revenue, if we didn’t have surplus it wouldn’t
be balanced. Wagner: It is still a balanced budget because you are not going into a deficit. Always start with
carry over, add revenue, subtract expenditures, ending carried over to following year. Last year carried over
20,000 had less snow, so carrying 230,000. If it is not in the budget, it cannot be spent. Murday: If we budget
220,000 over revenue, reason being surplus, and spend rainy day fund, we may not carry anything over if
spent, my concern is being a zero budget. Spend what you bring in. Fiscally responsible way, and if we don’t
use the 230,000 will we lose it? Wagner: What do we do with it? If we don’t put it in the budget we can’t use
it. Murday: Can it go back to the taxpayers? Striggow: Yes it can. Stoub: Reduce Levy to account for surplus.
Wagner: You can reduce levy for next year, what if that’s not enough? Massat: What if there’s a big rain
storm & half the roads wash away? Wagner: Or the snow of “67?” Massat: All the salt, where do we get the
Stoub: How’s credit rating for emergencies? Wagner: Why would you want to borrow? Murday: A lot of what
if’s, to his point, we’re budgeting to overstep, so how can we get it back to the taxpayer? Stoub: Can it, was
the question, how, is a different question. Murday: I don’t think anybody doesn’t want to prepare for rainy day,
what I see is 230,000 sitting there from taxpayers, and I want to know where it’s going, and if any of it can
come back? Then I look at budget proposed 220,000 over revenue, yes it’s balanced but would it be, without
it, or 230,000 to the red? My thought, to be fiscally responsible. Here are revenues, here are expenses, if you
need to build in that expense, build it in somewhere within that revenue, but we have 230,000 cushion
already sitting there. Whether you give it to the taxpayers or not, is up to the board. My concern is, where can
we tighten ship? Wagner: We also have to look at over time, do we want roads to improve or degrade? If we
don’t continue to increase levies & raise road funds (not tax rates) we’d still have gravel roads. If we have
surplus it gives opportunity to improve worst roads, tar & chip some, and pave some that need paving. I think
we always need to be improving roads. Murday: Not disagreeing, then should be built into budget, spend
what you have. If taxpayers complain, you tell them “that’s what we have.” Problem I have is your sitting on
230,000 surplus and the roads are what they are. Rainy day fund, build into budget. Then still balanced.
Wagner: That’s what we’re doing, we don’t want people to say we gave it back & now the roads have
degraded. It was this year, that much carried over. Stoub: What were budget expenses last year, compared
to this year? Point, revenues were 600 couldn’t have been much more last year, expenses this year
budgeted at 800, were they budgeted for 800 last year, and came in at 400? Resulting in 200 surplus?
Wagner: That’s exactly what happened, we always try to leave about 13,000. Stoub: Has this been
continuously building, and are we budgeting to spend all or anticipate surplus at year end? Wagner: Typically
have surplus, at the end of the year we are coming off winter with snow plowing, salt, or washouts, we
always budget everything we have, and carry some. If really bad winter, we may not have any to carry.
Nolan: Joint Road & Bridge we always have surplus regardless, have to have it to look at what bridges your
going to do, to balance. Part of this is also equipment fund we’re saving money to repair equipment also.
Wagner: The 230,000 they’re talking about is outside of those. Murday: Other line items- 22,000
miscellaneous income, source? Massat: If I have to hire guys, correct Bill? Wagner: Example: Like when
Com-Ed comes in and pays for damage to roads, these are revenues not anticipated. Striggow: Was that
based on last year’s? Wagner: Most based on last year’s, have it now where last year’s come out exact on
these items. Striggow: 230,000 would “Retained Earnings” be a better way to put on budget? So it doesn’t
look like your spending it, when holding for a rainy day? Murday: Problem now is you’ve budgeted to spend,
instead of retain. Contractual Services (largest expense item) What is that 300,000? Nolan: Tar & chippers,
pavers. Murday: Is it for material? Massat: Material, labor, contracts, to pave, and tar & chip. Nolan: Average
mile road to tar & chip is 145,000 if I’m not mistaken. Murday: So to Bill’s point, to make sure money is there
so is it already budgeted? 300,000 is for road upkeep, already part of budget, we don’t have to worry about
rainy day. Other road materials 40,000? Massat: Culverts, working on bridges. Murday: You already have
culverts listed on material 15,000, the other commodities lower. Massat: Guardrails, it could be anything.
Wagner: If gravel comes in at 130,000 we’d be covered with the 40,000. It subsidizes the other items. Stoub:
So it's actually a rainy day fund. Wagner: Unforeseen, 40,000 buffer. Striggow: Contractual Services are
about 70,000 more than last year, are we doing more paving? What roads are designated? Massat:
Bruns,Dralle, overlay 14 miles tar & chip. Nolan: Can I stop to start Regular Meeting and pick back up in
Public Comments?

JUNE 10, 2019
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:09 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Standish, Newton, Hellriegel, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor
Nolan, and Clerk Coffey.
(Change in Agenda) PUBLIC COMMENTS- Murday: Concerned as resident, people are going to look very
closely, need for transparency. I see 220,000 in expenses exceeding revenues, are we going to eat that up?
Is that the way to go? Same concern for Township budget, can that go back to the taxpayers? People live
here because taxes are less than incorporated areas, mine are comparable. Wagner: Are you talking bottom
line? Murday: Bottom line monies, most coming from taxes. Try to see what we can do to lighten load. The
school District being lionshare, but this is important. People would welcome any relief. Tightening the budget
should be looked at, we talk about it and gloss over. I think people are going to start looking closely at
expenses. Do the right thing for people, benefit the township. We are here to represent interests of the
people , whether monies can go back to the people, I don’t know. We should figure it out, 5,000 budgeted for
legal fees. Biggest concern, spending surplus instead of balancing. Nolan: Everyone knows where I stand on
taxes, first step, is to make sure everyone is paying their fair share, and assessments are correct. Once we
have an Assessor we can go back & see if we can cut rate, problem is you cut rate you can’t get it back. New
Lenox had the lowest rate, they didn’t want to increase, now they have a problem. Industrial property over
here paying $300.00, that’s wrong in my belief. That’s what Assessors will do, once corrected we can look at
rate. This is all part of the PAMS system, it takes all that in. Taxes are key in everything. Murday: Makes
sense, and thank you & board for going down the road, but it doesn’t answer the question before us now. I
want elected officials to know that people are looking at this and if it doesn’t make sense, they will have
questions. Not balanced bothers me, rainy day fund for roads, but 300,000 for roads. Then what did you just
tell me 10 minutes ago? Open, honest, specific. If past needs to be changed, let’s change it. Massat: I’ll tell
you one question, you’d be surprised how many people call asking when I’m paving their subdivision? All
Canterbury 1-5, Links Edge, Saddle Ridge, all want to know, and there’s no money to do their subdivisions.
Soon they will all need to be done, if not budgeted, you’ll all be on gravel road in 10 years. Murday: You’re
sitting on 230,000, could that money have been used to do those roads? Then act on it. Massat: We are
paving roads this year, unfortunately, not yours. There are roads being paved. Murday: My road is fine.
Massat: We’ll be at zero, watch and see, may have a bad snow. Murday: My response to taxpayer would be,
we can only spend what we budgeted, if money is not there, we can’t do it. For the money to sit, you lose
credibility, surplus there, roads still not fixed. Massat: We’ll spend that 200,000 this year to pave. Murday:
Hopefully not just to get rid of it. Wagner: Are there roads in Green Garden needing to be improved? Murday:
I don’t know. Stoub: If you live on gravel, yes. If you live on Harlem, no. Unfair question, based on
perspective. Wagner: If you drive around, hit pot holes or gravel, always need for improvement. Murday:
Absolutely, we have 300,000 budgeted. Wagner: Only reason 300,000 is because of 230,000 carry over.
Murday: Or maybe other places to cut it.
Schultz: Proposed subdivision on 45? Nolan: Green Subdivision actually industrial park (Pleckham). Schultz:
Township have any say? Or only Frankfort? Nolan: We zoned for industrial, he’s breaking for industrial park,
he has more acreage zoned industrial. Frankfort has jurisdiction for 1 ½ mile, so now amendments have to
go through Frankfort before county. Striggow: Doesn’t courtesy start here? Nolan: We did our part, already
zoned. Striggow: Why’d you give him 10 acres, if he can spin off 7 ½? Nolan: Comprehensive Plan had
industrial & commercial on 45, he bought from foreclosure. Striggow: He’ll probably split more. Murday: It will
be before Planning Commission in July. Pleckham is selling his building, and wants to subdivide (2) 5 acre
parcels to build another shop for himself. Selling existing parcel to Venture Capital Co. from Minnesota, does
all landlording for United Rental. They will store generators I-1 zoning does not permit the storage for these
generators. Special Use Permit hearing before Green Garden July 1st. No other road than what exists now
on to 45, Pleckham has right of access to existing road. Massat: 45 is a state road. No different than
shopping mall. Murday: Buyers & Sellers will be at meeting if anyone has concerns. Nolan: Frankfort has
jurisdiction Manhattan-Monee to Stuenkel, that’s why they went to Frankfort.
Schultz: When people post road bond, is that actual money? Nolan: They write check, we deposit. Schultz:
So you have money & don’t give back? Massat: I don’t want to cause problems, but your farmer lady didn’t
get a nickel back. That other guy shouldn’t either. Those 6 wheelers not going to him, the pool company
going to Dralle, some guy bringing dirt onto his lot. Not all the traffic was going to that guy. I ran him down.
They put money down for every pool they put in township, I told him, “Don’t plan on getting it back.” Schultz:
Where does that money go? Massat: Bank. Schultz: Bank to what fund? Massat: In the bonding fund.
Schultz: How does that get spent? Massat: It don’t get spent, if no damage, you get money back. Schultz:
When they don’t get money back? Massat: It stays in that bond. Schultz: It doesn’t get used? Massat:
Sometimes I take it out, yeah. You have to show now the damage to the road. Schultz: I can show you.
Massat: So now when he comes out, I can say, you’re gonna have to post 10,000 bond, for every year. If I
catch damage, you’re not getting your money back. So it works not only 1 way, it should work all the way,
correct? Schultz: Yeah. Massat: I don’t make him (Striggow) put up 10,000 bond. Does he damage road?
Yes, he does, tires & all. Striggow: I’m coming in empty. Massat: You know that everybody damages the
road, big tractors with lugs on tires, everybody damages the roads. We all know that. Striggow: Have a
farmer use tax. Massat: Yeah, ok.
Schultz: Still have water problem. Newton: I spoke with Brian Radner at Land Use, gave all information to
him including neighbors address with the pond. He is to call back. Schultz: I’m going to have to fix my fields,
how does that go? Newton: This is the first step. Massat: County would not make that guy east of me fix his
drain tile. They knew everything flows that way, he wanted me to get in 3 feet of water & show him it goes
that way. Schultz: You’re downhill you take all the water. Hire a drainage attorney. Newton: I didn’t hear from
them today. I will follow up, let you know, and willing to meet them out there.
Stoub: Mine’s coming back to money, a few questions came up. First, January 2019 minutes state in
November of 2017 220,000 Township Fund (tax money) used to purchase Road District equipment. Under
what statute in Illinois is this permitted? Same minutes, you pass a Retro Active Resolution, what statute
allows retro resolution? What statute allows loan from Township Fund to another fund? Statute is very clear,
you can transfer from 1 fund to another, very specific about the procedure. There is no statute for retro active
resolution, heads to next question, by doing it, circumvents referendum process. If the roads need more
money there is a referendum process. Come to the people, we vote whether we agree if roads need
improving, or was it done to circumvent the referendum process? Statute also calls for surplus limit. In
Township fund, 2 ½ times 3 previous years expenses (Rauner). If that money had not been loaned or given,
we would have hit that surplus limit. Triggering immediate response from board to massively cut levy, to get
the surplus under law, or issue refunds to taxpayers. All of these are large questions, I’m not a lawyer, not
with the State’s Attorney, this is for them to decide if it’s criminal. Retro acting a loan? Statute, specific on tax
collected money. Nolan: Not a retro active resolution, it was put into play when we did Annual Town meeting,
it came up, you’re suppose to do a resolution for it. So basically, we corrected our issue. We should have
done a resolution, instead of a vote, we did actual loan on November 27, 2017. Moved monies over but
never did resolution. Coffey was correct, should have done resolution and cut checks, not transfer funds.
Resolution was to correct. Don’t need a resolution so he could go buy trucks, loan, cheaper if we had money,
rather than getting a loan. Nothing underhanded about it. Stoub: Still against Illinois statute, making it illegal.
Nolan: No, it’s not. Stoub: It absolutely is. It is against Illinois statute, there is not a statute that allows it.
Nolan: Tell me a statute that says, “I can’t.” Striggow: You can’t loan money between 2 funds without coming
to an Annual Meeting. Stoub: You can transfer by coming to an Annual Meeting, and having voting bodies
vote. Massat: You guys did it the first year I was in office, transferred 25,000. Striggow: Yes, we did at Annual
Town Meeting. Stoub: Statute clear, Annual Meeting or Special Meeting. Massat: Annual meeting was long
Nolan: City of New Lenox loaned fire district 1 million dollars. Striggow: Don’t care about that, we’re talking
Town money moved, Bill, you’ve been on the board long enough, hell, you know that. This is pretty basic
stuff here. Wagner: From a business point of view, makes more sense than the alternative of Road District
going out and getting loan, and interest. Striggow: The way it was moved, is the problem. Wagner: When
road gets widened Hall gets torn down, and we need to build. Do we want to borrow money, and pay
interest? Why pay interest, if we don’t have to. Striggow: Why not move money the right way? Stoub: The law
says so, knowingly violating it is different than unknowingly violating it. Still violation questions all of it.
Wagner: Thought we were making a smart decision, don’t pay a bank interest if we have money set aside or
Town Hall. Stoub: Not arguing financially makes sense, it’s the way you go about it. Include the taxpayers in
the decisions at an Annual Meeting or Special Meeting so we can weigh in on best financial decision. By
knowingly side stepping the very clear law written to prevent bad things from happening. If you are doing
things to go around the law, it questions the very integrity of this entire board. Wagner: Intent wasn’t to go
around the law and give the Road District money, it was a loan to be given back & everything to go back to
how it was. Stoub: I get township surplus, save money for a new town hall, probably a good idea. You can
establish a Capital Fund and legally transfer surplus into Capital Fund with voter approval, then money sits
safely to build building. Just to move money around is illegal. Wagner: So we need to establish a Capital
Fund? I like to do things legally and smart. Stoub: The trouble comes from undoing past 2 years of this
behavior, now the new budget to be voted on is to spend 200,000 more than money you have. Easiest thing
for you to do to correct (without any other fallout) is to move money back while you have it. Redo budget,
don’t vote today, get it all corrected first. Wagner: Best thing to do, do we need to call a special meeting to
redo resolution and create Capital Fund? Stoub: Might be a good time to use 5,000 legal fees. Murday: Go
to attorney you have on retainer and see what has to be done to rectify. Is there anything requiring this
budget to be passed tonight? Wagner: Only if you want to spend money. Can’t spend if there’s no budget.
Murday: Budget hearings start April 1st, have we not spent any money? Pretty confident, we have. Coffey:
Last day to conduct Budget Hearings and adopt Township and Road District Budgets 6-30-19. Murday: Does
it say last day to approve? June 30, 2019 last day to conduct budget Hearings & adopt Township and Road
District budgets. Budgets may be adopted in the 1st quarter of the fiscal year. (Do not adopt at Annual
Meeting) Township budget may be adopted at Public Hearing. The Road District shall be adopted at Public
Hearing. Newton: So we could hold a Special Meeting before June 30th deadline. Murday: You have
thankless positions, you’re trying to operate in the best interest of the Township with lots of moving parts, this
not directed at individuals, just making sure we’re doing things properly, so that people can’t second guess
later. Twenty years ago, maybe people weren’t looking so closely, with the age of social media, people see
and ask questions. Is it cumbersome? Sure, it makes things transparent. Advice: Call attorney, see what they
have to say to rectify. Stoub: Missed last meeting, had the option to contact State’s Attorney, go on social
media, make a big mess, and get people here. I chose to come here, and believe in you, you are elected
government body, we want to have faith. I do plan to turn all of this over, but wanted you to have a chance to
understand it. Get in touch with whoever you need, to make it right. Not disagreeing about financial aspect,
but there is a right way to do it. Wagner: Is that somewhat hypocritical? Your going to turn us in basically, is
what your saying.
Stoub: I think it’s the job of the State’s Attorney’s office whether they do anything with it or not. It’s Illinois,
lots going on, if you get it corrected, what are you getting? A stern talking to. It’s our money. Nolan: My
money too! Stoub: Do I think it had malicious intent? No, but I really don’t know any of it, or your intent.
Wagner: Intent was clear, save money, don’t pay to bank. We thought we were doing something smart,
budget would have needed to be increased to pay bank. Striggow: Money coming back interest free?
Wagner: Yes. Striggow: Intent was well, process was not. Wagner: We knew if we were giving money to the
Road District the process was different, we weren’t giving, it was a loan. We’ll let the attorney figure it out.
Striggow: Would Township Officials (TOI) be of any help? Wagner: Don’t know, our attorney could call them.
Schedule a Special Meeting to pass this budget? Newton: We have to, plenty of time before the 30th.
Striggow: Doesn’t notification have to go out? Murday: I would think attorney would tell you what you have to
do with notices etc. Wagner: No question, money has to go back, right? So what would impact be? Massat: It
ain’t gonna do no good, ain’t gonna help. Cut stone, tar & chip, who knows what weather’s gonna be.
Newton: Was any payment made (loan)? Wagner: I don’t think so. Nolan: 20,000 for this year. Newton: What
about last year? Nolan: I don’t think it was. Newton: There should have been 2 payments at this point. I think
only 1. Can we look at true balance? Stoub: Suggestion- pass budget as is, if it has to move back to a deficit
budget, or pass a deficit budget. Then you have time to move money right way. Newton: I want to consult
attorney. Nolan: I understand what Stoub is saying. Wagner: We can take 220,000 out of surplus caring over
13,000 (discussion). Massat: You’re gonna run into problems Bill, salt, stone, everything else. I don’t have to
push snow out of subdivisions this year. Nolan: I think we need to call a Special Meeting. Stoub: Multi-tier
ramifications. Murday: Ripple effect in Town Fund, thats 500,000 in surplus. Nolan: Reason you don’t want
Funds is they can be taxed. Stoub: You can open Capital Fund and levy for serious long term plans, if
demonstrating long term plans. Standish: If harm’s been done, does it make sense to pass if it won’t do
anymore harm? This was 3 months or last year, doing no more harm if we pass? Murday: We’re talking road
District, we haven’t even started with Township with the ripple effect. Capital Fund may help. Might behoove
us to take a time out and connect with council. Figure best course of action, pass next week, as opposed to
creating another layer of crap needing to undo, to get us where we need to be. Nolan: We can always amend
budget. Newton: Lets not do just what we think, we need attorney to see this through. Murday: Smart, curious
what other board members think? Hellriegel: Table it. Newton: I’m not signing it. Nolan: Fine, let's close
Public Comments.
(Agenda Change)
APPROVAL OF MINUTES- Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held May 13, 2019. There
was a motion to approve the minutes by Trustee Hellriegel, with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice vote:
Motion carried.
PLANNING COMMISSION- Resident told by County to go from A-2 to A-1 (24018 S Center, 10 acre parcel)
for the purpose of erecting structure for farm equipment. Massat: It’s bull, he doesn’t farm, and he’s asking
County, not the other way around.
Also, Application for Special Use Permit (Pleckham). Buyers and sellers to be present.
NEW BUSINESS- There was a motion to “Table” budgets by Trustee Wagner, with a second by Trustee
Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried.
OLD BUSINESS- There was a motion to “Table” Will-Ride by Trustee Hellriegel, with a second by Trustee
Wagner. Voice vote: Motion carried.
Supervisor Nolan was asking for motion to adjourn, Chris Russell interjected with a question. “Is the State’s
Attorney’s office investigating the Township?” Newton states, “Road District”. Massat responds, he has
cooperated in turning in fuel bills over 2 months ago. Stoub: Why? Massat: Don’t know, the gates are open
all day, while they work, he can’t be responsible for anything when gates are open all day.
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Hellriegel, with a second by Trustee Wagner. Voice
vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:11p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
MAY 13, 2019
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:01 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Standish, Newton, Hellriegel, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor
Nolan, and Clerk Coffey.
Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held April 8, 2019. There was a motion to approve the
minutes by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Newton. Voice vote: Motion carried.
● Wendi Garlich, mobility manager for “Will-Ride” was in attendance to explain program & answer
● Green Garden Township, one of few not participating in program.
● 16 passenger busses coming out of Alsip, using scheduling software based on booking, also offering
subscription trips.
● Riders qualify under RTA or NEIL grants. Example given, RTA cost per trip at 50%:
○ Total cost / total rides per month. Starts at $38 to $42 paid by township. After applying grants
and $2 to $4 donations, average cost to Township $10 to $12 a ride one way. Another
example given was $25 round trip.
● Questions: Jim asked if we can restrict to Dr. appointments only? Wendi suggests set policy
beforehand. Cherie asked best way to reach residents, due to many not using internet. Answer:
May still post on website and word of mouth. Bill asks, which fund “Town” or “General Assistance?”
Answer: To be decided. Russ questioned insurance. Answer: Pace carries insurance.
● Examples of other Township costs:
○ Peotone budgets $3000 a year (not to exceed). Crete about $500-$600 a month. Monee
about $200-$300 a month. Washington about $70 a month.
● “Call Center” handles scheduling, Township need to approve (usually the Supervisor), Calculation
agreement, with a 60 day “out” clause.
● Wendi Garlich was thanked. Board tabled for now, Supervisor Nolan to contact TOI on how to
proceed. “Will-Ride” pamphlets attached.
● Water issues on 88th Ave reported by Monroe Striggow & Buddy Schultz. Neighbors ponds not
holding water, washing over road & Striggow’s field. Commissioner Massat responds “County’s
problem.” Monroe responds, water on road is Township’s. Buddy said “cleaning culvert to north
PLANNING COMMISSION - Don unable to attend.
● Budgets need to be handed out. Supervisor Nolan stated, pretty much the same as last year, very
much in line, budget ending at $25000.00. Assessor aspect looked at the most.
● “Will-Ride” tabled.
● Budget tabled.
● Trustee Newton discussed purchasing a “Trustee Handbook” for $30.00. The 2013 being the last
issued, Cherie made phone calls trying to find out if another publication is coming out soon.
Supervisor Nolan suggested to purchase the 2013 to view.
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Standish with a second by Trustee Hellriegel. Voice
vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:16 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
APRIL 8, 2019
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:00 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Newton, Wagner, Standish, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor Nolan, and
Clerk Coffey. Trustee Hellriegel attended voucher signing, excused to attend another meeting.
Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held March 11, 2019. There was a motion to
approve the minutes by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice vote: Motion
● Fire District discussion regarding Frankfort & Monee service area on 88th Ave. Buddy Schultz’s
property being the dividing line.
PLANNING COMMISSION - Chairman Murday unable to attend.
● “Will Ride” coordinator Wendi Garlich to attend May meeting.
● Comprehensive Plan update, nothing to report. Trustees Standish and Wagner to meet again
with Chairman Murday.
● Trustee Newton presents “Dollars for Scholars” asking for donation to PHS, citing Peotone
Township & Wilton Township donates. Board thinks donations are not allowed. Supervisor
Nolan to further investigate.
● Projected distribution from County being $229,195.00 Township and $749,000.00 Road District.
● Supervisor Nolan preparing accounts for end of fiscal year and audit.
● Supervisor Nolan received over $12,000.00 in checks from the IRS, another one received today
over $3,000.00. Thought being these are not refunds, but 2015 & 2016 back year clean-up and
form 941 had not caught up with the payments. Prior Supervisor Mueller was filing at that point,
without form 941 - IRS may think we overpaid. Supervisor Nolan deposited in Road District
account. Trustee Newton inquired what CPA advised? Supervisor Nolan to follow up.
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Standish with a second by Trustee Newton.
Voice vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:22 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
MARCH 11, 2019
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:00 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Standish, Hellriegel, Wagner, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor
Nolan, and Clerk Coffey. Trustee Newton was unable to attend.
Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held February 11, 2019. There was a
motion to approve the minutes by Trustee Wagner, with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice
vote: Motion carried.
PLANNING COMMISSION - Chairman Murday not in attendance.
● Trustee Standish stated he and Trustee Wagner met with Chairman Murday to discuss
shaded areas of the Comprehensive Plan. Reporting same pages (17-24) needing
attention, open space, buffer zones, removal of 355 project, adding Stuenkel Road
interchange. They are to meet again.
● Trustee Standish to contact Will Ride coordinator Wendi Garlich regarding discussion for
May meeting.
● Supervisor Nolan stated end of fiscal approaching, hope to have everything to
CPA/Auditor by May 1st.
● Supervisor Nolan asked Clerk Coffey if she could find out when County is sending
projected disbursement paperwork.
● Renew Bill’s Landscaping contract for same price of $75.00 a cutting.
● Annual Meeting Agenda was read aloud by Supervisor Nolan. There was a motion to
approve agenda as read by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice
vote: Motion carried.
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Hellriegel with a second by Trustee
Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:11 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
FEBRUARY 11, 2019
The regular meeting was called to order by Trustee Newton at 7:04 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Trustee Newton stated Supervisor Nolan was out of town and he asked her to conduct meeting.
Trustee Newton asked if anyone objected? None opposed.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Newton, Standish, Hellriegel, Wagner, Commissioner Massat, and
Clerk Coffey.
Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held January 14, 2019. There was a
motion to approve the minutes by Trustee Wagner, with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice
vote: Motion carried.
● Mr. Striggow questioned the money loaned to the Road District from the Township.
Trustee Wagner responded New Town Hall monies used for interest free loan. Mr.
Striggow asks if it will be paid back? Board responds: yes.
● Nothing for February or March.
● Chairman Murday reports pre-application Special Use Permit for firearms dealer with
indoor shooting range on A-1 located at 23430 S RT 45, they have been instructed to
meet with Board. Contact Josh Cassidy with inquiries. Commissioner Massat states can’t
be A-1 selling guns.
● Trustee Standish supplied information regarding Will Ride Dial A Ride program, Wendie
Garlich (mobility manager) willing to meet with Board to further explain program.
SUPERVISOR’S REPORT - Supervisor Nolan out of town, left Road District checklist.
● Mrs. Bushong reports insightful meeting with Joe Kral (Frankfort Assessor)
● Has received laptop, County information loaded as of Feb. 5. Her responsibility here on
out with county to oversee & stay in play until certification is complete. County to still
handle new construction. Jane to enter data with regular updates to County, we are
responsible for data and costs for any lost data needed to be retrieved.
● File cabinets with previous Assessor records need to be picked up from County. Jane
concerned about security at Town Hall for the files. Commissioner Massat explains
HOA’s and football program have keys. Jane has expressed to Supervisor Nolan, she
cannot have residents coming to her home, and insurance issues regarding files at her
● Mr. Striggow states, all Township offices should be in a public place and feels TOI will
have issues with her not being a certified Assessor and County is placing burden on
Jane. How are they charging?
● Further discussion about county software system, amazing tools, Quad year
approaching, need for more programs, virus protection, back-up, and costs.
● Trustee Newton to follow up with Supervisor Nolan to contact County Assessor
regarding charges.
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Hellriegel, with a second by Trustee
Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
JANUARY 14, 2019
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 6:59 p.m.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Standish, Newton, Hellriegel, Wagner, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor
Nolan, and Clerk Coffey.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Clerk Coffey read the minutes from the December 10, 2018 meeting including Levy Hearing & Regular
Meeting. There was a motion to approve the minutes by Trustee Wagner, with a second by Trustee
Newton. Voice vote: Motion carried.
Supervisor Nolan asked Board if they wanted Approval of Bills to Agenda, response; No.
● Clerk Coffey addressed the the Board & residents, stating if at anytime a board member or resident
has issues regarding how she conducts herself as the Township Clerk, it is to be addressed with
her, not her family. Leave them out of it.
● Mr & Mrs Piecuch of Stuenkel Rd., concerned about speed limit. Commissioner Massat explained
process in which to post lower speed, including county engineers, radar, & length of time.
Commissioner Massat agreed to call county, per their request.
● Planning Commission approved Map Amendment request for 8686 Dralle Rd., from A-1 to E-1.
Parcel to be 5 acre and 11 acre. Trustee Standish asks if any is in Floodplain? Response: prior
owner addressed drainage issues with pond, no floodplain found by engineers. Pole building will
remain, no driveways as of yet, and easements taken into consideration.
● Supervisor Nolan asked for a motion to approve Map Amendment A-1 to E-1 for 8686 Dralle Rd.
Trustee Wagner made the motion, with a second by Trustee Newton. Voice vote: Motion carried.
● Nothing for February.
● Trustee Newton reports 21 new homes constructed in Township, Mrs. Bushong interested to attend
when county comes out for Educational purposes. Supervisor Nolan asked to call Rhonda Novak
for reminder.
● Received farm lease checks from Bettenhausen Farms, 3 checks, each for $3192.00, totaling
● Map Amendment voted on in Planning Commission.
● Trustee Wagner read Resolution 2019-01. Resolution for loan of $220,000.00 to the Green Garden
Road District for purchase of 3 used plow trucks from Lakeside International. Summary of
Resolution: Monies lent November 27, 2017, no interest, payments yearly in March (end of fiscal),
determined & budgeted by Board of Trustees, additional monies may be paid without Board
approval, and paid in full no later than December of 2027.
● Trustee Newton asked if a payment was made last March? Supervisor Nolan responded
“No” due to fiscal year end. Trustee Newton asked if any payment has been made and if
there is a schedule of payments attached? Response: No payment made yet. Planning
Commissioner Murday asked if there were no funds available in the Road District budget for
this? Commissioner Massat responded he is making payments on 2 other pieces of
● There was a motion to accept Resolution 2019-01 by Trustee Standish with a second by Trustee
Wagner. Roll call vote: Standish, yes; Wagner, yes; Newton, yes; Hellriegel, yes, Nolan, yes.
Motion carried 5-0.
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Hellriegel, with a second by Trustee Standish.
Voice vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
DECEMBER 10, 2018
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:04p.m.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Hellriegel, Newton, Standish, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor
Nolan, and Clerk Coffey.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held November 12, 2018. There was a motion to
approve the minutes by Trustee Wagner, with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried.
● Chairman Murday’s Comprehensive Plan meeting with Trustees to be rescheduled.
● Jan. 7, 2019 Map Amendment for property at 8686 Dralle Rd. from A-1 to E-1 before Planning
Commission. Commissioner Massat asks if there will be a split of PIN? Don responds, “entrance
on 88th, sounds like split to 5 acres (from 22). Estate may split in future for in-laws”. Bob reminds
of 33ft easement as well as 7ft County requirement.
● Pre-application before County regarding property on 45 near Bruns. 5-10 year plan to include
growth & selling of Christmas trees, build home, going Commercial if tree farm prospers. May
acquire adjacent property as well.
● Planning Commission wishes all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
● Trustee Newton reports 2019 Board & Planning Commission meeting schedules on website.
● Mrs. Bushong back on track with the Assessor’s Office. Attended appeal hearings, Quadrennial
year - review every parcel, lots of work to do. Software access would be beneficial at this point.
Supervisor Nolan wishes to move forward with “PAMS” program.
● Mr. Copeland brings up subject of assessments for multi-family homes & the impact. Suggests
support from the Sheriff’s Dept., Fire Dept., & Schools.
● Trustee Wagner speaks of property next to the Tack Shop concerned the 15ft berm on C-2 may
bring conceal & carry, shooting, and training guard dogs. Worried owner will ask for variance to
shoot. County responds no shooting on C-2, however no ordinance limit on berm height. Trustee
Wagner would like to adopt a berm resolution and also make the change within the
Comprehensive Plan.
● AFR complete. Audit complete, will file with County, not yet filed with State (state website not
accepting filings yet). Levied for 4.999% this year, 35,000.00 increase. Switched General
Assistance Fund.
● Amendment to Comprehensive Plan tabled.
● Trustee Wagner read proposed Resolution 2018-01 (See Attached). There was a motion to adopt
Resolution 2018-01 For The Support Of Managing The Size And Placement Of Berms In
Developments Within Green Garden Township by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee
Newton. Roll call vote: Wagner, yes; Newton, yes; Standish, yes; Hellriegel, yes; Nolan, yes.
Motion carried 5-0.
● Supervisor Nolan read the Annual Township Tax Levy Ordinance TF-2018-02 for the tax year
2018 collectible in 2019. He then read the Road District Tax Levy Ordinance RB-2018-02 for tax
year 2018 collectible in 2019. There were no questions or comments from those in attendance.
● There was a motion to adopt Township Tax Levy Ordinance TF-2018-02 by Trustee Hellriegel,
with a second by Trustee Wagner. Roll call vote: Hellriegel, yes; Wagner, yes; Newton, yes;
Standish, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion carried 5-0.
● There was a motion to adopt Road District Tax Levy Ordinance RB-2018-02 by Trustee Wagner,
with a second by Trustee Standish. Roll call vote: Wagner, yes; Standish, yes; Newton, yes;
Hellriegel, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion carried 5-0.
Supervisor Nolan asked for a motion to enter into Executive Session. Trustee Wagner made the motion,
with a second by Trustee Hellriegel.
The board returned from Executive Session at 8:43p.m.
There was a motion to adjourn the regular meeting by Trustee Wagner, with a second by Trustee
Hellriegel. Voice vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:44p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
NOVEMBER 12, 2018
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 6:59 p.m.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Newton, Standish, Hellriegel, Wagner, Commissioner Massat,
Supervisor Nolan, and Clerk Coffey.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held October 8, 2018. There was a motion
to approve the minutes by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Newton. Voice Vote:
Motion carried.
● James Francis of 27716 80th Ave, in disagreement with Commissioner Massat over
culvert costs.
● No hearing for December and January. May bring map amendment for parcel on Dralle,
east of 88th, for a 5 acre homestead.
● Only variances should go through County, without coming to us.
● Nothing to report. Supervisor Nolan complements Bob in regards to road maintenance,
and only 1 bridge left.
● Website has a new look.
● Trustee Standish unhappy with Comprehensive Plan completion. Chairman Murday
reiterates same pages needing attention, keeping in mind what residents wanted.
(Example: lot size) 3 major issues, open space, lot size, buffer zone. Discussion
followed, citing lot sizes mentioned in survey, industry, & Frankfort’s input. Agreed,
Canterbury is attractive. Bob states 1 acre lots with 10% open space is what Russ
would like to see. Chairman Murday invites Trustee Standish & Trustee Wagner to
meet, and report back to board.
● Trustee Wagner reports of berm south of Tack Shop on 45 being higher than original
plan submitted to County. Further research regarding C-2, C-3 specifications and
contact with County for follow up.
● AFR coming through.
● Researched “Will Ride,” will get figures, may start budgeting for.
● Mrs. Bushong has not worked with County or heard from them. Supervisor Nolan &
Trustee Newton also received no response. Will reach out again & report to Jane.
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Hellriegel, with a second by Trustee
Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
OCTOBER 8, 2018
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:00 p.m.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Standish, Wagner, Hellriegel, Newton, Commissioner Massat,
Supervisor Nolan, and Clerk Coffey.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held September 10, 2018. There was a
motion to approve the minutes by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Newton. Voice
vote: Motion carried.
● Turnstone Group going before Frankfort for the Crystal Brook subdivision regarding
covenant relief for less ornate bridge, parkland, & access road to adjoining subdivision.
Group would like to see momentum going before completing.
● Turnstone Group also owns Palomino Trace, questioning quality of housing, smaller lots,
vinyl siding, roof pitches, Zach Brown does not support the changes, nor does he think
frankfort will. Chairman Murday has met one of the individuals from the development,
and will keep this on the radar.
● Trustee Newton gave status update for Mrs. Bushong (prospective Assessor), discussed
reimbursement for estimated expenses pertaining to Jane’s certification. 6 courses,
around $300.00 a course, $6000.00 in computers, $1000.00 yearly maintenance. New
laws may require increase in costs. Trustee Standish questions $1800.00 in classes &
suggests vouchers to be paid back. Supervisor Nolan wants to move forward citing
inaccuracies regarding farm & residential. Trustee Newton supports reimbursement.
Trustee Wagner states “no disrespect” but he paid for his own education, worried what
residents will think.
● Trustee Newton made a motion to reimburse certification costs to Mrs. Bushong with a
second by Trustee Wagner. Roll call vote: Newton, yes; Wagner, yes; Standish, yes;
Hellriegel, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion carried 5-0.
● Trustee Standish passed out a revision to Comprehensive Plan, wanting approval for
submission. One document was different than other 4 submitted. Commissioner Massat
stated he met with County, and Trustee Standish typed proposal. Supervisor Nolan
stated this was not on agenda, no vote.
● AFR extension may not be needed this year.
● Pre Truth in Taxation discussion for 2019 budget. Supervisor Nolan would like to see a
10 to 15% reduction, Commissioner Massat opposed, Trustee Standish would rather
see homeowner rebates, Trustee Newton stated that would be a costly endeavor.
Trustee Standish opposed. Trustee Hellriegel stated this would not decrease taxes and
we would not get the money back, suggesting to look into offering social & senior
services to the community. Further discussion on how cuts do not make sense.
● Mrs. Bushong brought up the topic of building & improvements made on some properties
without pulling permits. Some have been reported to County, with no follow-up. Where
do we stand? Bob responded “County doesn’t care.”
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee
Hellriegel. Voice vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 9:11 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
SEPTEMBER 10, 2018
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 6:59 p.m.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Standish, Wagner, Newton, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor Nolan, and Clerk Coffey.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held August 13, 2018. There was a motion to approve the
minutes by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Newton. Voice vote: Motion carried.
● Pre-application for modular classroom/Senior center for Sauk Trail Baptist Church.
● Application of Special Use permit for The Ranch Sports Club LLC located at 7703 Steger Rd. purpose
of sports facility focusing on local team practices and individual instruction.
● Mr. Kalman and counsel in attendance to answer any questions has been in compliance with County.
● Mr. Kalman estimates 30 athletes/coaches at a time, evenings & weekends. No maximum capacity has
yet been issued.
● With a 5-0 vote the Planning Commission approved Special Use application subject to 3 conditions
outlined (see attached).
● Discussion followed Special Use vs. Commercial. Special Use fits within Comp. Plan. Mr. Clark
concerned over outdoor lighting. Mr. Kalman has no intentions now for outdoor evening sessions.
● There was a motion to approve the Planning Commission’s recommendation as set forth for Special
Use permit by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Newton. Roll call vote: Wagner, yes; Newton,
yes; Standish, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion carried 4-0. Board recommendation will be sent to Land Use.
● Comprehensive Plan - same pages cited for concern.
● Nothing for October.
● 2017 Audit complete. No fines thus far for 2016.
● Concern over thefts in area - more Sheriff patrol needed, hold Sheriff Kelley accountable.
Supervisor Nolan asked for a motion to enter into Executive Session at 7:42 p.m. Trustee Wagner made the
motion, with a second by Trustee Standish.
The Board returned from Executive Session at 8:23 p.m.
There was a motion to adjourn the regular meeting by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Standish.
Voice vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:24 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
AUGUST 13, 2018
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 6:59 p.m.
ROLL CALL-In attendance were Trustees Standish, Hellriegel, Newton, Wagner, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor Nolan and Clerk Coffey.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held July 9, 2018.  There was a motion to approve the minutes by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Standish.  Voice vote: Motion carried.
PLANNING COMMISSION-Matter set for September 4.  Chairman Murday not in attendance.
HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER'S REPORT-Tar and chip approximately 3-3/4 miles. Cutting grass and trimming tree limbs.
Trustee Newton working with Mrs. Bushong trying to reach county regarding Assessor position.  Mrs. Bushong has researched software, certification procedures and supplied a preliminary budget.  PAMS software used by County mainly based on formulas, currently used in DuPage, Lockport and Crete to name a few.  $6,500 budgeted in anticipation to purchase program.  $1,000 a year to maintain.  Hardware, servers and clouds discussed.  Dell desktop, workstation, servers, 2 external hard drives as back-ups (1 off-site).  Final budget to be submitted later.  Supervisor Nolan and Trustee Newton to contact Rhonda Novak.
SUPERVISOR'S REPORT-2016 AFR and audit completed late, will ask for reduction in fines.  2017 AFR filed, audit due in 2018 underway, will ask for December extension.  Just about caught up.
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Hellriegel.  Voice vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m.  
Respectfully submitted, Susan Coffey, Clerk
JULY 9, 2018
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:00 p.m.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Newton, Standish, Hellriegel, Wagner, Commissioner Massat,
Supervisor Nolan, and Clerk Coffey.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the Budget Hearing and the Regular Meeting held June 11,
2018. There was a motion to approve the minutes and vouchers by Trustee Wagner with a
second by Trustee Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried.
? Keith Ogle, Frankfort Village Trustee & currently running for County Board reported
Frankfort working on Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Development needs. Will
keep us informed.
? Supervisor Nolan stated nothing for August. Chairman Murday unable to attend.
? Working roads, grindings, planning more tar & chip, (no mileage given).
? $31,000.00 moved from Town Fund, $21,000.00 to General Assistance, $10,000.00 to
Road District.
? AFR filed, missing audit. CPA to complete & submit with Comptroller.
? Township over $850,000.00 audit will be yearly.
? Discussion for new computer for the Road District (not Apple).
At 7:09 p.m. Supervisor Nolan asked for a motion to enter into Executive Session. Trustee
Wagner made the motion to Enter Executive Session with a second by Trustee Hellriegel.
The Board returned from Executive Session at 7:58 p.m.
There was a motion to adjourn the regular meeting by Trustee Hellriegel with a second by
Trustee Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:59 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk
GREEN GARDEN TOWNSHIP BUDGET HEARING JUNE 11, 2018 The Green Garden Township Budget Hearing began at 6:47 p.m. Supervisor Nolan read the Road & Bridge District Budget and Appropriation Ordinance #RB2018-02 and the Township Budget and Appropriation Ordinance #TF2018-02. The Budget hearing concluded at 6:54 p.m. with no comments. GREEN GARDEN TOWNSHIP REGULAR MEETING JUNE 11, 2018 The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:00 p.m. Roll call In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Newton, Standish, Hellriegel, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor Nolan, and Clerk Coffey. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held May 14, 2018. There was a motion to approve the minutes by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Newton. Voice vote:Motion carried. PUBLIC COMMENTS ? Mr Ruppel of 25551 Scheer Rd. voiced his dismay regarding the condition of said Rd. citing childlike antics by the Road Commissioner. Heated discussion ensued. Commissioner Massat responded, “Past gravel application had been skimmed off the road, and he will not waste money for stone prior to the bridge project.” PLANNING COMMISSION  Nothing for June or July.  Trustee Hellriegel questioned zoning sign on Stuenkel. Response: 50 ft vs 20 ft off lot line, hearing before county. HIGHWAY REPORT? - Grindings & stone applied on certain roads. TRUSTEE’S REPORT ?- Trustee Newton certified as FOIA Officer. SUPERVISOR’S REPORT - Bypass OLD BUSINESS - None NEW BUSINESS  Budget Approval There was a motion to approve the Road District Budget & Appropriation Ordinance #RB2018-02 by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Standish. Roll call vote: Wagner, yes; Standish, yes; Newton, yes; Hellriegel, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion carried 5-0. There was a motion to approve the Township Budget & Appropriation Ordinance #TF2018-02 by Trustee Hellriegel with a second by Trustee Standish. Roll call vote: Hellriegel, yes; Standish, yes; Wagner, yes; Newton, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion carried 5-0.  Prevailing Wage A copy of the 2018 Prevailing wage was not available (TOI posted 2 days after meeting). There was a motion by Trustee Wagner to approve the Prevailing Wage Ordinance for the Road District with a second by Trustee Newton. Roll call vote: Wagner, yes; Newton, yes; Standish, yes; Hellriegel, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion carried 5-0. There was a motion by Trustee Hellriegel to approve the Prevailing Wage Ordinance for the Township with a second by Trustee Standish. Roll call vote: Hellriegel, yes; Standish, yes; Wagner, yes; Newton, yes; Nolan, yes. Motion carried 5-0. There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Hellriegel with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:21 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Susan Coffey, Clerk
GREEN GARDEN TOWNSHIP REGULAR MEETING MAY 14, 2018 The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:00 p.m. Roll Call In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Newton, Standish, Hellriegel, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor Nolan, and Clerk Coffey. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held April 9, 2018. Trustee Hellriegel stated the wrong date was read. Typed minutes had correct date, just misread. There was a motion to approve the minutes by Trustee Wagner, with a second by Trustee Hellriegel. Voice vote: Motion carried. PUBLIC COMMENTS - None at this time, may revisit. PLANNING COMMISSION  No matters set for May or June. ? Board sent pictures of Frankfort’s intro to revamp their Comprehensive Plan.  Frankfort consultant willing to address questions regarding our Comprehensive Plan. Gun Club -  Meeting at County May 1st.  If in compliance with lighting, may result in exploring other avenues with Co Exec & Board.  No grasp on how Club got where they are regarding Special Use.  Residents question “Shooting Stations” not there in 1988, recent work done & live shoot.  Supervisor Nolan to speak with States Attorney to define “Special Use”.  Meeting June 19, lighting follow-up, same speaking format. HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER’S REPORT - None TRUSTEE’S REPORT - None SUPERVISOR’S REPORT  AFR still in progress (about 2 weeks) will revisit 2017.  County Assessor meeting, Supervisor Nolan & Trustee Newton in attendance. 16 of 34 sections scanned. Cost $3,000.00 to $5,000.00. “PAMS” system discussed for Assessor in which all information would be available online.  Land Use conversation for Town Hall - Preservation or New Preservation may entail huge costs, new Hall must have Senior Center.  Budget Hearing June 11, 6:45 p.m. adoption to follow, Prevailing Wage Ordinance, state has not updated numbers since 2015. OLD BUSINESS - None NEW BUSINESS  FOIA Officer - Trustee Newton let it be known she was willing to fill the vacancy. There was a motion to nominate Trustee Newton as FOIA Officer by Trustee Hellriegel, with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried.  FOIA requests to be in writing,1st-50 pages free, not to exceed 15 cents a page thereafter. 2018 Budget discussion -  General Assistance levied for years by Supervisor Mueller and never used. Supervisor Nolan suggests moving back to correct fund, and not levying for this moving forward.  Park Donations & Property was previously budgeted, attorney advised to keep in Park Fund. Supervisor Nolan wants line item in Budget. Trustee Wagner discussed Park Funds, Property Donations, and proper uses. Will discuss further.  Looking ahead, Supervisor Nolan would like to move $10,000.00 for Maintenance & Service Building. Revisit Public Comments -  Paul Chiocca feels the Township is way behind other’s regarding aspects of accessibility to bike/walking paths. Comments:  Commissioner Massat - Who maintains Supervisor Nolan - Out of Township realm. Trustee Wagner - Moving forward, have development implant. There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Hellriegel, with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:53 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Susan Coffey, Clerk
APRIL 9, 2018
The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:00 p.m.
Roll Call:  In attendance were Trustees Newton, Wagner, Standish, Hellreigel, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor Nolan and Clerk Coffey.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Clerk Coffey read the minutes of the regular meeting held March 12, 2018.  There was a motion to approve the minutes by Trustee Standish with a second by Trustee Newton.  Voice mote, motion carried.
*Brian Bettenhausen asked if property near 88th & Dralle (pole barn) is a business, concerned for road deterioration-Commissioner Massat responded building is commercial and County did not feel it necessary to contact public.
*Riverside Health and Five Oaks annexed into Frankfort, we receive tax dollars.
*Nothing for April
*Pages 14-19 of Comprehensive Plan need to be looked at more closely.
*Frankfort retained consulting firm regarding their Comprehensive Plan.
*Gun Club-Permits for building and lighting not issued properly.  Lighting not in compliance, exceeds County limit by one foot.  Remedian structure issues.  Violations issued, result: fix or appeal.
*Gun Club appealing, hearing in Joliet May 1, 6:30 p.m.  If committee finds in favor of landowner there is no counter appeal.  General public may speak, focus on lighting.  Petitions created.  Chairman Murday to speak on behalf of Planning Commission, Supervisor Nolan for the Board and Glenn Clarke for residents.
*Website redirect working.
*County meeting for Gun Club posted with Don as contact.
*Trustee Newton wants signed contract in compliance with County ordinance from County Assessor.  Supervisor Nolan to follow up.
*April 30 meeting with County Assessor.
*AFR not yet complete.  Will ask for back-to-back audits.
*QuickBooks program discussed.  Trustee Newton asked for who's use?
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Standish.  Voice vote, motion carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey Clerk