Green Garden Township

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Meet the Assessor

Green Garden Township Assessor

The Office of the Assessor is the only elected position that has statutory, pre-election
requirements. In Green Garden Township (GGT) the candidate must obtain the
Certified Illinois Assessing Officer (CIAO) designation from the Illinois Department
of Revenue. Incumbent elected assessors must complete continuing education
requirements before they can run for re-election.

The assessor’s responsibilities include the mass appraisal of all taxable property
within the township. Mass appraisal requires the assessor to perform three
fundamental yet vital duties:
1. Discover, list and value all new construction within the jurisdiction
2. Ensure that existing property is valued at the appropriate statutory level
of market value
3. Assure that similar property is valued in a uniform manner

Green Garden Township Assessor, Jane Bushong has resided in Green Garden
Township for over 20 years. She obtained her CIAO designation in August, 2019 and
was appointed as Green Garden Township’s Assessor in September, 2019. Jane
continues her education with the Illinois Department of Revenue and the Illinois
Property Assessment Institute as an Illinois Assessor requirement. Jane has a strong
background in business administration, automation software and public relations. She
is married, has 4 grown children, 8 grandchildren and a variety of rescue dogs and
cats. When not working for the township, she loves gardening and landscaping. Jane
is an active member of the Will County Association of Assessors and Townships of Illinois.

Jane’s goal and commitment is to provide an open, friendly and accessible Assessor’s
office and to automate all Green Garden taxable property so that the assessment
information is permanently maintained and stored on computer systems using
Assessor designed software integrated with Will County. This will help to ensure
accuracy, transparency and accountability of all Green Garden Township assessed