Fulton Township

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Township Assessor

The Township Assessor establishes market value for all properties in their jurisdiction, discovers omitted structures and determines values for new construction.  The market value is then multiplied by 33 1/3 for the assessed value.  The Assessor also maintains property information on an electronic record system which is available to the public through the Whiteside County Court House or can be viewed on the following website whiteside.maps.arcgis.com. This information gets updated once a year by the County Assessor's Office.  If you see information that is incorrect or missing, please contact your local assessor to update or correct the information. 

The Assessor does not determine taxes.  Taxes and tax rates are determined by the levies set by the local governing bodies.

The Assessor is responsible for Home Improvement Exemptions.  These exemptions defer the increase of assessed value on the property due to new construction on the owner occupied property.  The exemption maximum is $25,000 and lasts for four years.

The County Assessor's Office is responsible for all other exemptions.  Questions should be directed to their office at 815-772-5195. 

Owner Homestead Exemption

Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption

Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze

Returning Veteran's Homestead Exemption

Disabled Veteran's Standard Homestead Exemption

Disabled Veteran's Homestead Exemption

Disabled Person's Homestead Exemption

Tenant Homestead Exemption