Fulton Township

408 11th Ave, , Fulton, Illinois 61252
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Highway Department

Fulton Township is responsible for 17 miles of rural roads not taken care of by the City of Fulton or Whiteside County, as well as several miles of bike trails and three rural subdivisions: Balk Subdivision, Manufacturer's Addition, and Indian Hills Subdivision. 

The district is ably served by Justin Knott, presently serving his first, four-year term as Road Commissioner. 

In 2014 the Road district was responsible for two major projects. After many years, all of the roads of the Manufacturer's Addition were resurfaced.  The one-ton truck that had served us for 12 years was replaced with a two-ton all-wheel-drive truck.  This has greatly increased our snow plowing capacity, and we are better able to serve our rural constituents.

Justin Knott, Road Commissioner