Washington Township

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Youth Services

Washington Township formed a Youth Service Committee to help address the needs of township youth with regard to homelessness, delinquency, transportation and literacy. This committee was formed and approved by the Township Trustees by Township Ordinance on September 8, 2021 following Illinois Township Code (60 ILCS 1/215-5) authorization.

The youth committee consists of a representative from each local school district (except St. Patrick’s per their request) and one member at large from the community.

The Youth Committee presents projects to the Township Board of Trustees for funding. If funding is approved, the committee proceeds with the projects. Project cost receipts are submitted for Board approval as they occur. Project progress and/or results are also reported to the Board on a regular basis.

Current Youth Committee members include-

District 50 – Cathy Trimble

District 51 – Trent Halpin

District 52 – Codi Conway

District 308 – Holly Davis

One Counseling – Amanda Wetzel