Washington Township

58 Valley Forge Drive, , Washington, IL 61571
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Township Relief

General & Emergency Assistance (Township Relief) is available to residents of Washington Township and is administered through the office of the Township Supervisor.

General & Emergency Assistance - What is it?

Township General Assistance or Emergency Assistance can provide a monetary bridge for persons between jobs or during illness. It is for those persons who are not qualified for and are not receiving other categorical assistance such as state or federally funded aid.  

Do I qualify for General or Emergency Assistance? 

Applicants must meet financial and non-financial factors for eligibility as contained in the Township's General Assistance Handbook. Eligibility for aid is generally based on financial income and/or other support resources as available to the applicant.

In addition to being a resident of Washington Township, information regarding you and your family, financial status, and registration with Illinois Department of Employment Security will need to be provided. 

General Assistance - to help pay for - 

- Rent
- Utilities
- Food
- Household/Personal Essentials
- Work related Clothing

Changes in income or job status must be reported immediately to verify if one is still qualified to receive benefits. 

Emergency Assistance - $ Amount depends on family size and is designed to address - 

- Legal Eviction Notices
- Utility Disconnect Notices

- Work related Expenses
- Emergency Auto Repairs

NOTE: Emergency Assistance is only available once every 24 months (maximum of three per lifetime)

How do I find out more or apply?

To request more information or to request an application to apply for Township General or Emergency Assistance, please call the Township Supervisors office at 309-444-2987. We will set up an appointment with you to discuss your opportunities to participate in these programs and/or refer you to other community assisting agencies for help if we cannot.