Stookey Township

313 Eiler Rd., , Belleville, IL 62223
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Stookey Township

Stookey Township Highway Commissioner Responsibilities:

Maintain roads:

  1. Milling and resurfacing of road surface when it is no longer repairable
  2. Reconstructing the road cross section when the subgrade has failed
  3. Repairing pot holes
  4. Complete oil and chip operations
  5. Repair road embankment sloughing, not an uncommon occurrence especially on steep slopes and erodible soils
  6. Cut grass within Right of Way
  7. Pick up litter from the side of the roads
  8. Pick up dead animals in road right of way
  9. Plow snow

Replace road signage:

  1. Replace vandalized signs
  2. Replace stolen signs
  3. Replace aging signs

Maintain storm sewers:

  1. Replace aging culverts
  2. Analyze flooding problems (hydraulics and hydrology) and mitigate their effects by replacing and or improving upon the storm sewer system
  3. Replace large bridge culverts

Emergency road issues:

  1. Clear storm felled trees from the road
  2. Cut down trees that are deemed a danger to the traveling public

Hold public bidding when necessary for Road District Projects

Take residents calls and address their concerns.  We take numerous other calls from residents and others where we try to help or direct them to someone who can help them


  1. Maintain equipment such as dump trucks, tractors, pickup trucks, asphalt emulsion supply tank, chain saws, concrete saws, etc.
  2. Maintain record of equipment inventory
  3. Establish operational budget


  1. Direct, manage, discipline, inspire, and motivate employees, look out for their safety and well-being
  2. Negotiate labor union contracts

Public Reporting:

  1. Present a monthly report to residents at the Board Meeting informing them of operations of the Road District
  2. Attend Home Owners Association meetings at the invitation of residents.
  3. Inform Public of storm water protection in with NPDES

Agency Reporting:

  1. Responsible for IEPA-NPDES reporting and compliance