Gardner Township

1266 N. Bradfordton Rd, , Springfield, Illinois 62711
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Highway Department


Once again winter is upon us, and once again the Gardner Township Highway Commissioner and his crew are keeping our roads clear and safe for our families. The highway commissioner asks you to help make their job easier and your commute safer by observing the following common sense practices:
1. When you meet a snowplow, slow down, pull over as far as possible and, if you can do so safely, stop
until they go by. Plows kick up lots of snow making visibility difficult.
2. The snow plows have to put the snow somewhere. That may be in your freshly shoveled driveway. Please be
courteous and understand they have no choice.
3. The highway commissioner and his crew work long hours to clear the roads, but yours may not be the first
on their list. Please be patient and wait for them to get to you. Please don't call and ask them to do yours first so you can get to work.
4. A plow traveling at 30 or 40 mph and moving hundreds of pounds of snow and slush can exert a lot of
pressure on mailboxes. Mailboxes that are mounted properly can withstand this onslaught, but ones attached to their stands by baling wire and duct tape may not. Be sure your mailbox is firmly mounted before the snow flies.
5. NEVER pass a working snow plow.
6. If the roads look impassible, they probably are. If you try to go to work and get stuck, not only are you
inconvenienced, but you delay the work of the road crews. And remember, for liability reasons, they are prohibited from offering tow services to stranded motorists.
When not plowing snow, the highway commissioner and his crew are busy oiling and rocking roads in the summer,
mowing, cleaning up trees and limbs that fall onto the roadway, clearing debris, and a host of other tasks. If you need to contact the highway commissioner to report a dangerous situation like a fallen tree, the number is 217-546-9172.


Drivers are cautioned to watch for slippery pavement on Old Salem Road near Salem Estates as they approach Bradfordton Road. This section of the road is maintained by the city of Springfield, and the surface is different from the township-maintained road further west. There have been numerous accidents and cars in the ditch on this section of road, which IS NOT in Gardner Township. SLOW DOWN and drive safely as you go from Gardner Township onto the city-maintained street!