Hampton Township

209 19th Street, , East Moline, Illinois 61244
(309) 755-2944 Assistance, Clinic & Cemetery | Assessor's Office (309) 755-8141 | 309-755-9048

Cemetery Hampton Township

Hampton Township Cemeteries Association

Hampton Township owns and maintains 5 cemeteries, they are:

Hampton 1st -5th Cemetery
Hampton 6th Cemetery
Bowlesburg Cemetery, Silvis
Carbon Cliff Cemetery
Homeland Cemetery, Barstow Road

Board members meet on the 2nd Thursday of the Month at 9:30am.  The public is welcome to attend.

Board Members are:

Richard Thomann, President
Vivian Lyord, Trustee
Kerri Pancrazio, Clerk

For information on prices contact:

Office: Kerri Pancrazio 309-755-2944 ext. 223

To locate information on persons buried in these cemeteries, please view the documents in our Download Center