Drury Township

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Special Services

Musser Library Contract

Drury Township contracts with the Musser Public Library in Muscatine, IA.  It is located at 408 E 2nd St Muscatine, IA. This means that the members of the Drury Township will have all of the benefits of being a member of this library.  This is a very up-to-date library with many learning tools.  The library is also connected with the Muscatine Art Center.  There is information on the history of our area located at both of these institutions.  Also, there are many activities that the whole family can participate in.  For more information, please visit their websites at either www.musserpubliclibrary.org for the Muscatine Library or www.muscatineartcenter.org for the art center.

The Board agreed to renew the 2023-2024 contract of the Muscatine Musser Library and the cost to Drury Township was $4577.37. There were 270 card holders and 2730 items were checked out in fiscal year 2022-2023.  If you use the library and it is important to you, please let your township officials know.

Food Pantry

The community food pantry is located in Edgington Illinois at the Edgington Presbyterian Church, 13228 140th Street West, Taylor Ridge, IL.  The telephone number is (309) 795-1713.

Fire Department Center

The Illinois City Fire Department is still renovating its new facility in Illinois City.  The township has provided funds for a new generator.  It is ready for use and can be used if there is a power failure.  Besides the generator, the facility also has available in times of emergency blankets, showers, washer and microwave.  Please contact Rex Danner -  309.791.0152 (home) and 309.791.2432 (cell) -  if you have any questions. 

Township Officials of Illinois Scholarship

The TOI provides a $2000 scholarship each year to qualifying seniors.  Applications must be mailed by March 1.  Information on the scholarship as well as the application can be found at www.toi.org or by calling 271.744.2212 or toll-free at 866.897.468

Heavy Trash Pickup Service

Rock Island County provides a free trash pick-up service to county residents.  This is not a replacement for your typical trash service.  This service is provided only for those items that your regular service will not do, e.g., too large, tires, paint, etc.  For further details, please contact the Rock Island County Waste Management Agency (RICWMA) at (309) 788-8925.  The following government website also provides more information http://www.rigov.org/index.aspx?nid=142.