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Drury Township


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Drury Township Regular Meeting will be held on November 8th, 2023 at 7:00PM.

The Drury Township notices can be seen under the Drury Township Agenda/Notices tab to the right.

Buffalo Praire-Drury Multi Township Regular Meeting will be held on November 8th, 2023 at 6:00PM.

The Buffalo Prairie-Drury Multi Township notices can be seen under the Buffalo Prairie-Drury Multi Township Agenda/Notices tab to the right.

All the above meetings will take place at the Township Building.


Drury Township participating in Illinois City-Buffalo Prairie Fireman’s Festival 2022 - theme was Jurassic Park
We won in these categories!
First place Best Business
First place Best Theme Use
First place Best Overall Parade Entry
A big shout out all to the Community for attending
and supporting our local Fire Departments!


Your Drury Township Board:

Kim Freyermuth    Township Supervisor       

Lisa Starkweather Township Clerk

John Wiegel           Road Commissioner         

Charles Calvert      Trustee           

Robert Danner       Trustee                   

Jon Merritt             Trustee

Sam Bieri               Trustee


Veteran's Memorial Dedication - Illinois City 

We are proud of all the veterans in our community and proud of the group who tirelessly supported getting this memorial completed and with such beauty for this small corner of Illinois City.   

We thank all the veterans for the sacrifices that you have made to keep our country safe and free.  And we pray that more brave men and women will continue to be willing to put their time and lives on the line for us in the future as well.  Our constituents in Drury township sincerely thank you for all you have done. 



A couple of instances have occurred in the township regarding right-of-way for our roads typically occurring in the winter months as it relates to snow removal and keeping our roads clear and safe.  Please refer to the Highway Department section on this website for more information as it relates to the right-of-way for your township roads.  It's important for all citizens of the township to understand the rules and regulations regarding this. 


See information about our Drury township roads in the Highway section of this website.

The following are some highlights of how your tax dollars are spent:     

  • We have hauled 4300 tons of rock.
  • We plan to haul 250 tons of cinders for the upcoming season.
  • This year we hauled 290 tons of chips to resurface 1.3 miles of seal coat roads.
  • Dust control (tree sap) at 24 locations is costing 240.00 per location, the township is covering 110.00 of this, leaving a cost of 130.00 for the resident, thus keeping the cost the same as in years past for the residents.

TOWNSHIP TIPS:                           

  • Have a high school senior that needs more money for college?  Check out the Special Services Section of our website for more information on the Township Officials of Illinois (TOI) Scholarship Program.  This is always due in March.
  • Have trash that your regular service won't pick up?  See the Special Services Section for more information about free services provided by Rock Island County.
  • The Fire Station now has a warming site with supporting facilities.  See the Special Services Section of our website for more information. 


Drury Township was established in 1857.  It had served the constituents of Drury Township for over 150 years, working hard to make sure the people of this area have the government services they need.  We have the original minutes from 1857 until today.  Anyone interested in viewing these can contact one of the elected officials.

Drury Township is in the southwest corner of Rock Island County, located in western part of Illinois. The township is boarded by the Mississippi River on two sides.  Illinois Route 92, which crosses into the state of Iowa, is the main state highway access into the township.

The township has approximately 53 miles of roadway.  There are over 800 people located in the township. 

Please join us for the monthly meetings which are held on the second Wednesday of the month.  Meetings are held at the township building at 8:00 pm every month except for November through February when they are held at 7:00 pm.

Click on Calendar of Events at the top of the page for specific meeting dates and other events.

Click on Officials at the top of the page to contact any or all township officials; their addresses and phone numbers are listed there.  The elected officials who are serving today have a wide variety of skills which you can find out more about on the Officials link.

Click on Special Services to read about ongoing and new projects in the township including Musser Public Library usage.

If you have any questions or concerns about this website, you may contact Kim Freyermuth @ 309.781.4023.