Richwoods Township

4901 N. Prospect Rd, , Peoria Heights, Illinois 61616
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Township Services


Richwoods Township has three charges, which are set by the State of Illinois statutes.  Those are:

1.  General and Emergency Assistance: this is meant for the Citizens of Richwoods Township to assist in the financial needs of its Citizens.  It is income-based and follows the State of Illinois Statutes.  If you have a financial need, stop into the Richwoods Township Office for an application.

2. Township Assessing and Tax Collecting:  The Township provides both to the Citizens.  If you have questions regarding the assessment of your property, come see Laurie Epkins, the Richwoods Township Assessor.

3. Maintenance of Roads and Bridges: This is set by statute, but Richwoods Township has no roads or bridges to maintain.