Richwoods Township

4901 N. Prospect Rd, , Peoria Heights, Illinois 61616
309-688-2822 | | 309-688-2955

Special Services


The Township Assessor is responsible for establishing the fair market value of real property within the Township for use in the Illinois Property Tax Cycle.

The Assessor also accepts applications for Homestead Exemptions. In particular, the Assessor assists taxpayers with the filing for Senior Homestead and the Senior Citizen Freeze Exemptions.


In order to provide more services to the Citizens of Richwoods Township, You, the Citizens, have elected a tax collector. At this time, Barb Furkin is the elected tax collector, however, she is on-staff during the time frame of the first installment only. Further tax payments must be paid elsewhere. You may direct your questions to the Richwoods Township Office at 309-688-2822.


Richwoods Township is required, by State of Illinois Statute, to provide a General Assistance program:

1. General Assistance is provided to Citizens of Richwoods Township. It is income-based and provides a monthly grant which may be applied to rent, utilities, groceries or bus passes. An application must be completed, along with multiple personal documents submitted, prior to the interview process. Once the application is completed, then two interviews will take place before a final determination may be made. Stop by the Richwoods Township Office for an application.

2. Emergency Assistance, is also income-based and goes through the same application and interview process as General Assistance. To qualify for Emergency Assistance, an individual must be experiencing a life-changing event such as a "Five-Day Notice of Eviction", a utilities "disconnect" notice or a water shut-off notice. Individuals who qualify will receive a one-time grant and cannot reapply for a 12-month period. As with General Assistance, Emergency Assistance may be applied to rent, utilities or groceries. Stop by the Richwoods Township Office for an application.

3. In addition to General and Emergency Assistance, Richwoods Township also places a major importance on its Workforce Development program. Individuals may receive assistance with their job search including: resume development, job searching and effective networking.


Richwoods Township provides notary services, free-of-charge, as a service to Richwoods Township Citizens.