Richwoods Township

4901 N. Prospect Rd, , Peoria Heights, Illinois 61616
309-688-2822 | | 309-688-2955


 Peter E Pfaff, Tax Collector

Telephone: 309-688-2822, E-Mail:

Thomas Howard, Trustee

Telephone: 309-648-3905, E-Mail:

Don Gorman, Supervisor

Telephone: 309-688-2822, E-Mail:

Scott Shoop, Trustee

Telephone: 309-251-8901, E-Mail Shoop

Wigginton_Matt.jpgMatt Wigginton, Township Clerk, FOIA Officer

Telephone: 309-966-4777, E-Mail:

Kim Jaegle, Assistant to the Supervisor

Telephone: 309-688-2822, E-Mail:

Laurie Epkins, Township Assessor

Telephone: 309-688-2122, E-Mail:

The Assessor communicates with the public, answering questions and responding to concerns raised by taxpayers. Seniors are also able to receive assistance completing exemption forms.

Kelley O'Neil, Trustee

Telephone: 309-688-2822, E-Mail:

R. Don Furkin, Trustee

Telephone: 309-688-2822, E-Mail:

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