Limestone Township - Peoria County

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General Assistance

Limestone Township General Assistance Office

1501 W. Garfield Ave.

Bartonville, IL 61607


General Assistance is a locally administered program mandated by the State of Illinois, which assists those persons who are not eligible for any other state of federally funded program. General Assistance (GA) helps Limestone Township residents who do not have income or resources to meet their basic needs.

Limestone Township General Assistance is a “Flat Grant” program with developed written criteria as the program standards. To be eligible for Limestone Township General Assistance program, each applicant must meet financial, non-financial and workfare assigned requirements.

Workfare Assignments - A program in which general assistance recipients receive benefits by performing work for taxing districts or non-profits. Recipients are not paid but receive credit for hours worked based on the federal minimum wage level. Recipients may be required to work the number of hours necessary each month to offset their grants.

Please call the Township Office to set up an appointment. An application can be downloaded below and printed, or paper copies can be picked up at the Township Hall, 1501 W. Garfield Ave.

GA Application