Pembroke Township

4053 S Main St, , Hopkins Park, IL 60944
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Board of Trustee

Board of Trustees 

The Board of Trustees are dedicated members of the Pembroke Community, the legislative body of the municipality. It is the functioning bodies of all municipal powers that have not been specifically delegated to some other office or board of the municipality. 

Herbert Lillard Jr



                             Catherine Vanderdyz 


Hi, I have been a resident and landowner in Pembroke Township since 2003. My family has deep roots in this community, my great, great Grandmother settle in Hopkins Park, this has always been my home. I remember as a child coming out running thrown the woods and ditches. We would have our family reunions at MLK Park. I returned and worked as Village clerk until 2021 and was also active in many community events geared to help and improving this community. I love it here and I became a Trustee because I believe in our community that we are more than what people say we are and will continue to fight for a better Pembroke and Hopkins Park.  


      Ida Thurman  



                                Lillie Spencer