Richland Grove

Township Hall, 3343 Meadow Gate Road, Sherrard, IL 61281 [in Swedona]
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Photo Gallery

This page is devoted to images showing why we love living in Richland Grove Township. Whether it's sunsets, backyard wildlife, roadside scenery or your favorite outdoor activity residents of the township are invited to send their photos to for posting to this page. Photos should present Richland Grove in a positive light and not invade the privacy of those living here. The page moderator is the sole judge of what images are appropriate to be posted.


RGT Aerial Photo from 2011, Courtesy of Steve Kline at The Economic Development Group.


Storm Warning submitted by Jane O'Melia


Shrooms submitted by Jane O'Melia


Cable Couples submitted by Jane O'Melia


November Sunset   Submitted by Jane O'Melia


Cable Hills  Submitted by Jane O'Melia


Swallowtail    Submitted by Jane O'Melia

Camp Creek Valley    Submitted by Jim Andrews

Geese submitted by Jim Andrews

Submitted by Jim Andrews