Eliza Township

644 156TH AVE, Community Center Address 557 155th Ave, New Boston, IL 61272
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July 12, 2021

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

9:45 AM

Call to order/roll call

  1. Approval of minutes

III. Public Comment -

The Board of Trustees welcomes public comment during the Public Comment portion of the agenda. Those who wish to address the Board should limit their statement to 3 minutes.

  • State your name and the topic you wish to address.  The Topic must be on the agenda.
  •  In the case of multiple persons, the Chairman will call upon you to speak in the order you have signed in at the beginning of the meeting.

  1. Treasure report
  1. Approval of Bills

  1. Supervisor report

  1. Road commissioner report

VII. Trustees report

VIII. Clerks report

  1. Board of Manager

  1. Old business
  1. Musser Public Library

  1. New business
  1. Mercer County Better Together Donation