Eliza Township

644 156TH AVE, Community Center Address 557 155th Ave, New Boston, IL 61272
563-260-3255 | |


Teresa Schell, Supervisor

Cell Phone  563-260-3255          Email  eliza_township@outlook.com

The Supervisor is the Chief Executive Officer of the township and chairs the Board of Trustees.  The Supervisor Administers the General Assistance program and is the Treasure of all Town funds.


Tamala Parchert, Clerk

Cell Phone 563-260-7326

Custodian of the township records, keeps minutes of all meetings, and posting all legal announcements for the township.

David Frieden Sr., Trustee

Home Phone 309-537-3617


Christopher Bieri, Trustee

Home Phone  309-537-3376


Michael Sywassink, Trustee

Cell Phone  309-737-1431


Thomas Frieden, Trustee

Cell Phone  309-737-9142 

Trustee's represent the public on the Township Board, audit accounts, monitor the performance of Eliza Township, vote on contracts, personal matters and routine township business.