Eliza Township

644 156TH AVE, Community Center Address 557 155th Ave, New Boston, IL 61272
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General Assisstance

Darla Phelps, Court House Veterans Office

General Assistance Program PH: (309)582-2714

Food, shelter and emergency relief for the needy until they are able to support themselves.

Monthly Assistance:
Provided in the form of basic needs allowance for rent, food, utilities, clothing, personal and household supplies. All grants are paid directly to the vendor. Any resident needing help must meet state mandated guidelines and participate in the Township Community Work Program and Job Search Program.

Emergency Assistance
Financial aid for families with children to alleviate a life threatening circumstance or to assist in attaining self-sufficiency. Residents must have a late, eviction or disconnect (utility) notice in their name to be eligible for this program.

Residents are eligible once in a 15 month period.