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General Assistance


General Assistance is available for individuals who do not have legal dependents or other residents in the home. If approved, a flat monthly grant of up to $340.00 per month is available for basic needs, such as:

  • Shelter

  • Utilities

  • Food

  • Transportation

  • Household and other personal essentials

    General Assistance is available for as long as the individual remains eligible. Eligibility is based on financial and non-financial factors and will be reevaluated every 30 days. Capable Recipients must also participate in the Township’s workfare program.


    Emergency Assistance is available for households with dependent children or individuals exceeding General Assistance guidelines and have an emergent need, such as:

  • A housing late payment or eviction notice

  • A utility late payment or disconnect notice.

    Eligibility is based on financial and non-financial factors. The amount of the Emergency Assistance grant has a limit of $680.00 and is only available once every 12 months with a 5-payment lifetime limit.

    To get Emergency Assistance each applicant must first complete the General Assistance application and provide the necessary records.

    The following documentation is required to continue to the next steps in our application process:

  1. PhotoID

  2. Verification of income, including recent bank statements (this will not hinder your application)

  3. Rent receipt and/or lease.

  4. Medical card (if applicable)

  5. Social Security card

  6. Last/current employer information

  7. Landlord: name, address & telephone

  8. Any court ordered documents (divorce/Marriage, Probation/Parole, evictions etc.)

  9. Verification of any other assistance received.

10. List of all members living in your household.

This process may take 30 days, some verification processing can take 45 days.

Please call the Township Office at 309-473-3900 if you have any questions or want to apply.