Randolph Township

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Randolph Township

Approved Meeting Minutes and Meeting Agendas are Posted on the "Information Center" at 104 W. Main St, Heyworth.

All Regular Monthly Meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month starting at 7:00 PM unless otherwise rescheduled, postponed or continued.

Notification of the date and time for all additional, rescheduled, or special meetings will be posted and published, as required by law.

Voting Precincts: 3 (all at the Heyworth Christian Church - Old Rte 51 North)

CREEKS: Burlison, Short Point, Little Kickapoo, Mud Creek, and Heyworth Lake at Centenniel Park.

CEMETERIES: Heyworth Cemetery, Randolph Township Memorial (Passwater), Shiloh, Stewart, Spaid-Bishop, Miller-Rutledge


Randolph Township is located in McLean County, Illinois. As of the 2010 census, its population was 4,375 and it contained 1,636 housing units.

Randolph Township was named for Gardner Randolph, who settled in the area in January 1822, near a thick grove of trees later referred to as Randolph's Grove. The village of Heyworth is part of the township.

Randolph Township was formed in 1858 and sent its first supervisor to Bloomington, the county seat, on May 17, 1858. It is Township 22 North, Range 2 East and part of Township 21 North, Range 2 East of the Third Principal Meridian. It has part of the north tier of sections in Township 2, which were taken by McLean County between 1844 and 1849, instead of giving them back to DeWitt County, when it was formed. It is 6x8 instead of 6x6. It is bounded by Downs Township on the east; Bloomington Township on the north; Funk’s Grove Township on the west; and Wapella Township, in DeWitt County, on the south.

According to the 2010 census, the township has a total area of 49.62 square miles (128.5 km2), of which 49.48 square miles (128.2 km2) (or 99.72%) is land and 0.14 square miles (0.36 km2) (or 0.28%) is water.

CLICK HERE for a 1924 history of Randolph Township, taken from the book "History of McLean County" by Jacob L. Hasbrouck.