Danvers Township

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Township Officials

Township Officials

Township Supervisor
The Supervisor is chief executive officer of the township and chairs the board of trustees. The Supervisor also administers the general assistance program and is treasurer of all town funds.
       Cindy Gillis  
       Home 309-963-4464
       Cell 309-824-1730
       Email mgillis@frontiernet.net

Highway Commissioner
The highway commissioner is responsible for maintenance of all roads and bridges in the district that are not part of any other government road system.

      Aaron Elgin 
      Township Shed 309-963-4411

Township Clerk
Custodian of township records except for active general assistance case records. Handles voter registration, keeps minutes of all meetings and posting legal announcements for the township.


       Lori Merrick
       Home 309-963-6065
       Email lorimerrick@ymail.com


Trustee's represent the public on the Township Board, audit accounts, monitor the performance of Danvers Township, vote on contracts, personnel matters, and routine township business.


     Randy Meseke
     Email  Meseke83@gmail.com


     Curt Glaser  
     Home  309-963-4525


     Mike Lemons

     Home 309-963-6596

     Cell    309-275-8981


     Mike Ott

     Home  309-963-4997

     Cell    309-275-8986