Danvers Township

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Community Room Rental Information



The Danvers Township Community Room Rental Fees (per day rate)

Village of Danvers and Township Residents  $50.00

Village of Danvers and Township non for profit organizations   $0.00

Non Residence  $500.00


  • If you are not sure if you reside within the Township, a Township map is available to view under the Road and Bridge District tab of this website.
  • A contract is required for all rentals, to be signed by the responsible party. This contract outlines the rules of use and the expectation of how the room should be left after each event.
  • A refundable security deposit is required; $50.00 local and $1000.00 non-local in a separate check payable to Danvers Township. Upon final inspection of the building the check will be shredded.
  • We provide tables and chairs, 25 round tables (60 inch) and 4 banquet tables (8 ft) are available for use.
  • A full kitchen is available as well.
  • Please contact Lori Merrick at 309-963-6065 for information on the Community Room rental availability.
  • A link to the rental contract and the rules of use are provided below. Once you have confirmed your date you may print the contract and mail a signed copy along with your two checks to:

Lori Merrick

PO Box 35

Danvers Il 61732


Rental Agreement.doc

Renter will not sell or permit the sale of alcoholic beverages in the Township building. Renter may however permit the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the Township building but shall indemnify the Township for any damages assessed against the Township because of this consumption of such alcoholic beverages. This indemnification shall include the Township’s expenses including reasonable attorney fees. Renter shall provide proof of insurance for coverage for any claims arising from the consumption of such alcoholic beverages in the form of either a “certificate of insurance” under a homeowner’s policy or a “dram shop” policy acquired to cover the rental period.

Refer to the rental agreement for additional information regarding the rules of use.