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Scott Health Resource Center


BLOOMINGTON, IL- As of July 3, 2018, John M. Scott Health Resources (JMS) will no longer provide individual client services at the City of Bloomington Township office and will instead transition to a grants only program through the City of Bloomington Community Development department.

On May 14, 2018, the Bloomington City Council, trustees of the JMS Trust, voted to approve the recommendations of the John Scott Health Care Commission to dissolve the relationship with the City Township and began the transition to use the John Scott Trust fund as a grants only program. Grants will be awarded to community entities serving health care needs of vulnerable residents of McLean County. The City of Bloomington’s Community Development Department will assume administrative oversight and will work with the John Scott Health Care Commission to develop processes for the new format. The eleven member Commission will establish the grant application process, and later this year, will notify community agencies eligible to apply for funds. The Bloomington City Council will continue as trustees with final decision making power. The goal is to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in meeting the healthcare needs of the target population.

The Scott Commission is made up of medical providers and individuals with financial and grant expertise.  All are committed to ensuring Judge Scott’s legacy provides assistance to those he intended to serve. More information about this program is available through the City of Bloomington website.