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POTS Recycling Program

The 2022 growing season is here!! The City of Bloomington Township would like to remind the community of the POTS Recycle Program.  Any pot that garden plants/flowers come in cannot be recycled with your regular recycling and our goal is to prevent ALL pots from ending up in the landfills.  Please look for one of our collections bins at any of these participating sponsors for drop off.

Collection site locations are: 

🌺 A.B. Hatchery and Garden Center, 916 E. Grove Street, Bloomington

🌻 Casey's Garden Shop and Florist, 1505 N. Main Street, Normal

🌷 Community Gardens at the intersection of Hershey & Ireland Grove Roads, Bloomington

🌼 Growing Grounds, 1610 S. Main Street, Bloomington

🌹 Jeffery Alans, 701 Towanda Avenue, Normal

🌲 Owens Nursery and Florist, 1700 Morrissey, Bloomington

💐 The City of Bloomington Township Office, 607 S. Gridley Street, Bloomington

🌸 Wendall Niepagen Greenhouses and Garden Center, 2010 Fox Creek Road, Bloomington


Under Illinois Public Aid Code (305ILCS 5/9-6) Townships are authorized to establish and operate workfare programs which will provide Township General Assistance recipients with an opportunity to enhance their work habits, experience and training.

As part of its workfare program, the City of Bloomington Township has created POTS, (Promoting Others to Succeed), Program which focuses on developing work skills while providing recycling services to the community at large.

Effective July 17, 2018, the electors of the City of Bloomington Township authorized a lease with Home Sweet Home Ministries (HSHM) to provide warehouse space for the POTS Program. 

The former garden pot recycling and Illinois plastic pot recycling initiative is now called POTS Program.  The City of Bloomington Township has revived the program for plastic horticulture waste recycling specifically garden pots and trays.

We would like to thank Henson's Disposal and Recycling for their donation towards the purchase of the collection bins.

The City of Bloomington Township wishes to thank the many supporters of the POTS Program: the City of Bloomington Township Board of Trustees, Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Home Sweet Home Ministries, Ecology Action Center, the City of Bloomington, and Kauth Design. 

For additional information, please contact the City of Bloomington Township at (309) 434-2730.