Dunham Township

107 Airport Rd, , Harvard, Illinois 60033
815-943-4444 | | 815-943-4600

Township Officials

John Pihl, Township Supervisor

Telephone: 815-943-5751


David Binz, Trustee

Telephone: (815)943-5751 


Dennis Bischke, Trustee

Telephone: (815)943-5751


Ruth Coffey, Trustee

Telephone: (815)943-5751 Term ended April 2021. Rest in Peace. 


Cory Scott, Trustee

Telephone: (815)943-5751  

Jennifer Pihl, Clerk

Telephone: (815)943-5751


David Nolan, Highway  Commissioner

Telephone: (815)943-5751


Geri Alten, Assessor

Telephone: (815)943-4444   End of Term  December 31, 2021


John Held, Assessor Field Agent

815-943-4444( not in photo)


Patricia Kennedy, Planning Commission

Telephone: (815)943-5751


Thank you for your years of Service, Ruth..


Darrell Perkins, Trustee

815-943-5751 (photo not available at this time)

Hugo Roland, Assessor, Start of term is Jan 2022 

815-943-4444 (photo not available at this time)