Dunham Township

107 Airport Rd, , Harvard, Illinois 60033
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Highway Department

Some of the many tasks of the Highway Department:

    • Maintain, patch and repair township roads
    • Resurface the township roads
    • Trim and remove trees
    • Plow snow and spread ice control over 44 miles
    • Mowing of the township right away
    • Provide and maintain street lighting and road signs
    • Maintain waterways
    • Issue permits for the installation of culverts, driveways and overweight vehicles
    • Maintain culverts
    • Pick up trash in the right aways 
  • Participates in the Adopt A Road and Neighborhood Watch Programs (please contact Dave Nolan if you are interested in either of these programs)  Call 815-943-5751 and/or 815-482-5558


If you notice a tree down, sign missing, potholes, street lights out and/or litter on the roadways, etc. please contact Dave Nolan at 815-943-5751 and/or 815-482-5558. Thank you.

Are you interested in keeping the roads where you call home clean and litter free?  Contact Dave Nolan in regards to the Adopt the Road Program, please call 815-943-5751 and/or 815-482-5558. 


Civil Construction had completed the seal coating project on Dunham Road.

Four hundred tires from the township were dropped off at the tire drive.

The last mowing is taking place for the year. Please beware as you are traveling the township roads. 

IDOT shouldered the intersection of Route 23 and Lembcke Road.

Utv's are tearing up Fritz Road(is the road that just received new gravel and work done to it) and they are driving hazardly.  Be on the watch while driving that road. 

 The Highway department  purchased  a new Pick up truck and an used service truck. A 1999 International Truck was also purchased. 

The bond referendum passed with voter approval. You will be kept updated on how the funds are used.  The information will be found on this tab. Thank you again for voting yes. The cracks were sealed on Streit road this year. Repairing the asphalt over a culvert on Streit Road was completed.

Shouldering of the roads occurred during Spring  and Fritz Road received new gravel added to the roadway. 

New road signs were ordered.  The pick up and service trucks  were sold. 

750 tons of salt were ordered for this years winter season.

Gravel was purchased from Superior for Fritz Road.

State and County Information:

MCDOT  launched a online portal to report County highway issues.

To report an issue visit www.mchenrycountydot.org and click on Report a Concern.


Daily road conditions for the State of Illinois are under the Links portion of our website.


Please be watchful as traveling on Dunham Township roads, as mowing and maintenance to the roads are happening daily!