Dunham Township

107 Airport Rd, , Harvard, Illinois 60033
815-943-4444 | |

Contact Information

General Mailing Address:

Dunham Township

107 Airport Road

Harvard, Illinois 60033

Via Telephone/Fax #:

Assessor: 815-943-4444 (office phone #) 

The Assessor, No longer has a fax #. Please call or email!

Road District: 815-943-5751 (office phone #)

Road District: 815-770-0701 (fax #)

Road District: 815-482-5558 (cell #)

General Assistance: 815-943-5598 (phone #)

Via Email:

Hugo Roldan, Assessor


David Nolan, Highway Commissioner


For the Trustees and Planning Commission, please call 815-943-5751 or 815-943-4444 and leave a message. Thank you. Have a good day.

***There are two drop boxes at the Township building. One is located at the front of the building(south side) and the other drop box is located on the Highway Department side(east side).***