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Assessor's Office Our Vets Walls of Honor

"Our Vets"

The Township Assessor's office for years has honored "Our Vets" by filling the office walls with photos of the Men & Women who have served this Country in the armed forces. To date there are over 250 photos hanging throughout the Assessor's office.

Assessor Sandy Shaw, 

"I’ve been adding Veteran’s photos to my walls for about 6 or 7 years, and I have over 250 so far.

When someone comes in and starts looking at the pictures we ask if they are a veteran and if they would like their picture taken and put on the wall.

I take the picture on my phone and print it out and frame it. 

I might add that all of us in this office are much appreciative of their service to our Country and we always thank them for that service.

We love our wall of Vets!