Wood River Township

49 S. 9th Street, , East Alton, Illinois 62024
(618) 259-2366 | |


Fieldworker wanted for taking pictures and measuring homes and businesses   

Must be able to withstand walking several neighborhoods at a time.

8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday, one hour lunch, insurance, sick, vacation and holiday pay.

Starting wage $14.50 hr.

Drop resume off at 45 S 9th St East Alton, IL 62024

No Phone Calls Please!


More Assessor Information 

                 People who have already signed up for tax exemptions, will receive a packet in the mail in January of the new year, for renewing those exemptions.


As always if there are any questions, please contact the Wood River Assessor's Office at 618-259-1532

Information below is provided as a courtesy, links are all to Madison County Tax Assessor's Website

General Homestead Exemption


Link for Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption Application

https://www.madisoncountyil.gov/document_center/Chief_County_Assessment/2022 Tax Forms/PTAX-324-2022.pdf

Link for Person with Disabilities Homestead Exemption

https://www.madisoncountyil.gov/document_center/Chief_County_Assessment/2022 Tax Forms/PTAX-343-2022.pdf  Application

Physician’s Statement for the Homestead Exemption for Persons with Disabilities

https://www.madisoncountyil.gov/document_center/Chief_County_Assessment/2022 Tax Forms/PTAX-343-A-2022.pdf  

 Link for Veterans with Disabilities Standard Homestead Exemption

https://www.madisoncountyil.gov/document_center/Chief_County_Assessment/2020 Tax Forms/PTAX-342-2020-2.pdf  Application

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More tax info found at this link